Time Management is the Crucial Step in Getting Fame and Success, Shima Katouzian Proves it

Shima Katouzian

Every now and then, you find a woman who you think is going somewhere, not just because of her vision but also because she influences other people’s lives. Shima Katouzian, the creator of Herosheema, is one of these individuals. She has it all: she is a well-traveled humanitarian, a cultural admirer, an activist for women’s empowerment, and a fashionista.

Herosheema is also an online platform that enables women all over the globe to tell their tales, express their emotions, and engage via art. Women may contribute paintings, drawings, and writings of any kind on Herosheema as long as they are honest personal realities, emotions, and viewpoints that will bring women together. Art and fashion remain 2 factors that cannot exist without each other, and Shima Katouzian encourages women to harness this potential.

The major aspect of Herosheemaz Personality

It’s easy to figure out what motivates this prolific woman carries with her: positivity. Her success as a businesswoman, media personality, and investor is based on things she was told she couldn’t achieve as a child.

Not to make a point, but her competitiveness and positivism leave no place for critics, and you can guarantee that if there’s anything she can do about it, she will. Her career as a humanitarian volunteer has impacted much of what she’s doing now. She was born in Iran and has overcome most of the traditional restrictions she may have encountered.

How does Shima manage time and her daily life?

The most important thing to remember is to plan ahead of time. She meticulously plans out her whole day and week ahead of time. She is asking herself things like where she’ll be, whether it’ll be an outdoor or indoor setting, how many people she’ll be meeting with, and why she’ll be there. The right clothes will then be prepared and ready to go for the entire week.

Smartphones have made scheduling a lot simpler. She makes a note of every appointment on her calendar to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Her calendar is also linked to all of her emails. There are very few last-minute appointments or activities that can be crammed in between.

As a result, she has also made time for surprises most of the time! Every Sunday evening, she looks through the forthcoming week’s schedule. After that, she arranges her outfit as well as her business documents. The weekend is also used for meal preparation. She cooks enough for four days’ worth of meals. The remainder is up to the restaurants’ discretion.

You can visit her Instagram Herosheemaz for more on Shima.

Working of HeroSheema.

Getting noticed and drawing the correct type of attention is the most challenging obstacle for many aspiring musicians. Without exposure, skill is meaningless, and Shima encourages women to stop waiting for attention and start generating it for themselves, citing Herosheema as an example.

With the support of her thousands of followers, the objective is to build enough awareness over female artists’ work by inviting artists from all over the globe with diverse styles, cultures, and backgrounds.

An artist may submit a piece for review to Herosheema’s curators, and each site’s users shall await their response. If the artwork is accepted, it will be used on anything from carpets to scarves and commercial campaigns to help the artist raise his or her fame. Aside from the profile, it links women to a network of creatives who may later be tapped for various freelance and private tasks.


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