Times Applaud announces Skill Enhancement Program for UG students- Taushif Patel

As a fresher, it is very important to learn while you earn, as what you learn remains with you forever. Times Applaud understands this very well and is helping freshers to learn while they earn.

Experience in a particular field matter, and major companies look for experienced people as they help the establishments run their business without any hassle. In doing so, the major companies do not give an opportunity to freshers to work with them and build their careers. The companies forget that you cannot gain experience, without an opportunity to learn.

Moreover, many people have lost their jobs during Covid-19 and the lockdown has caused more problems. Due to all these factors, freshers are finding it very hard to start their careers and are desperately looking for a work opportunity. Freshers need such an opportunity as it helps them learn and earn, dream big, and live their passion, while in a job people just earn and live their lives.

Taushif Patel, founder of Times Applaud says, “They learn and earn opportunity being offered by Times Applaud will enhance the employability of freshers. It will improve the competency, foster professional skills and thereby, enhance the employability of the freshers in the fields of content writing, graphic designing, web development, digital marketing, and business development.”

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