Tinto Jose Koikkara To TJ, The Journey Of A Gujarat Based Marketing Consultant

Tinto Jose Koikkara popularly known as TJ is the founder and current director of StormForz Digital LLP. Though the entrepreneur has made an eminent mark in the industry now, it was not a cakewalk for him to make it to what he is today. TJ originally hails from a small village named Vazhakulam situated near Cochin, Kerala.

He had spent the early 20 years of his life living in the village trying to explore and learn new things. His interests in the digital field made him finally relocate himself to Baroda, Gujarat at the mild age of 20. This is when his original journey began!

His wide interest in integrated marketing fields led him to work for several brands like Hewlett Packard, Dubai Port World, and several other digital marketing and branding agencies. His marketing strategies and his role as a communication leader started becoming pretty popular in the industry.

After working for a few more years in the field as a consultant, analyst, leader, and strategist, he finally shifted to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and started working on his dream project. In the year 2020, he launched his own digital marketing and branding agency, “StormForz Digital LLP”. With his excellent skills and expertise, he has worked with over 200 plus clients from all over the world.

He has even worked with several stalwarts from the entertainment industry. This includes Bollywood celebrities, foreign celebrities from countries like Italy, several models from New York, and various other creative directors and people from the fashion industry in India. He has also worked on personal branding for many celebrities. He also worked for the online promotion of the 2020 sci-fi TV show ” Raised by Wolves”.

TJ’s incredible journey from a small village in Kerala to the entire world is an inspirational anecdote for many youngsters now. With his sheer expertise in his field of work, he still keeps on thriving and inspiring daily. You can check him out @tjkdigital on Instagram.

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