Tips From Hani Zeini About Maintaining Your Wellness During Covid19

Maintaining your wellness during Covid19 is perhaps more challenging than combating the coronavirus, as prolonged confinement at home necessitated by the unprecedented infection spread takes a toll on our mental health.  While trying to isolate ourselves to cut off the spread of infection, we feel like spending time in jail has changed many aspects of our behavior.

With unlimited time in hand and the absence of a routine, people indulge in binge eating. They are spending more time in front of televisions and getting hooked to mobile phones. The habits harm our health, feel Hani Zeini and pose a bigger danger for our survival.

We must avoid the pitfalls of ill health while following the lifestyle restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to stay healthy despite spending a long time at home. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to focus on maintaining good hygiene while remaining as active as possible so that the body and mind can work in unison to maintain our wellness and wellbeing.

Stay active, says Hani Zeini

Even if you cannot exercise at home, there are many other ways of staying active by doing some household work like doing the laundry or cleaning the kitchen. However, it is never a solution in the long term for which you must exercise regularly.

Despite the limited spaces at home, you can select exercises that do not require any resources, and even a small space is enough to do the movements that you will enjoy. Doing aerobics is entertaining and enjoyable, besides being highly effective in keeping your body fit and toned.

According to Hani Zeini, sit-ups and push-ups will increase the activity level, and if you find time, doing some gardening will be good for the body and mind.

Mind what you eat

Feeling holed up at home for days together can develop considerable mental stress. To find some relief, people turn to binge eating, which can be dangerous. Keep your stomach full by following some diet plans recommended by CDC to eliminate the craving for food.

Create a diet that is nutritious and tasty and follow it strictly. Eat lots of green and leafy vegetables and fruits rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Keep away from processed foods and snacks and increase the intake of wholesome foods that provides the nutrition that your body needs, suggests Hani Zeini.

Have good sleep

Have some rest during the day but ensure that you sleep for 7-8 hours daily at night so that your body and mind get enough time to recover from the stress endured during the day. When you are sleeping, your body can repair the immune systems and relieve stress from the muscles and other organs while stimulating the hormone system. Good sleep improves memory and allows the immune system to function at its peak, which gives better protection against the coronavirus.

Limiting your exposure to news and information by focusing only on authentic sources will reduce mental stress considerably.


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