Tips on Architecture From Sarvenaz Sharifi, Iranian Architect

Sarvenaz Sharifi, born in 1984 architect and interior designer of more than 50 luxury and modern Construction projects in Iran, Qatar, USA and Canada. She is the CEO of Abraj sustainable structure Construction and Design Company for the past 10 years. She was invited to teach at the Islamic university in Tehran in 2019.

Every architect’s design process is very personal and varied. They may even have special tools to achieve what they want a favorite pencil or whatever they come up with while each architect’s habits are individual and unique, we share broader architectural habits here that are the foundation for starting a good design. There are some of the many habits that will help guide successful architects throughout the design process: Architects are good narrators.

Our memories of a place go back essentially to its story a home that tells the story of a particular place at a particular customer, in a particular place, at a particular time, enriches the experience and gives it a reason to be.

Architects soon learn to define Concepts for projects by telling a story in a university or school of architecture a in fact, it is like a code of Conduct that we refer to in the design process when we do not know what to a do next. It organizes our thoughts and guides us in telling the best of our narrative through design.

Narration can flow from something special like your favorite tree to keep or something more general like “All rooms must get natural lights”. This can come from the employer saying: for example, nothing should be white.

Concepts can enter into any level of design problems, even small alternations or renovations or decorative find bigger and more guiding ideas and create a narrative around it that accompanies every design decision with meaning and concept. They take risks. Risking to do something beyond the usual habits is part of the renovation taking beyond the usual habits is part of the renovation.

Taking risk beyond your usual habits is part of your activity. Revision of equipping and targeting new methods for doing on the same old work while the laws of nature and Physics Continue to apply even the law of gravity can be challenged. This does not mean that even the law of grating can be bold action but look at innovation always requires innovation or bold action.

Looking at problems from a different architecture, and often interesting solutions emerge that do not rely on Standards at their heart of their architecture, the attention seekers pay attention to the details in Simple language, but the way they choose to solve the problem is the point that creates good and bad.

This box could be solved in different ways, but what the designer has chosen is this minimal design Thin steel cabs with gray color of concrete stairs are well coordinated. Details are important because we often deal with them on a daily basis. In fact, what puts the components together in a structure is the details.

Regardless of the strongest traction of the strongest traction of the project, it should always be in interaction with the site, special landscape and topography of other buildings are important points that should be considered.

Before deciding on the form of the building, we should think about the placement of the spaces from the most public to the most private part and how we enter the buildings and the sequence of how these spaces will be opened. In the reconstruction of a building, attention is paid to the existing building and how to adjust the natural light of the space and Flow to connect to the outdoor area, etc.

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