Tips on How to Stay Fit this Holiday Season from International Fitness Trainer Sarah Louise Rector

We’re approaching that time of the year again, you know the one. Cookies, mashed potatoes, and probably an unhealthy amount of pumpkin spice lattes. As we transition into the cozy, wonderful and eventful holiday season however, it can also be hard to maintain the routines that we worked so hard to create for ourselves throughout the year.

That’s why Sarah Louise Rector, celebrity fitness trainer and founder of the successful fitness program The SLR Life, is here to help us prepare for this year’s festivities, while keeping healthy workout habits in mind. Here are her tips.

Sign up for a workout class in advance / book and set a workout time

Sarah knows that often, we get so wrapped up in the craziness of seeing all our friends and family around the holidays, and from dinner to dinner, party to party, we forget to make time for ourselves at the gym.

That’s why Sarah highly recommends that you sign up for a workout class in advance or book and set a workout time for yourself prior to the season. That way, you can be sure that throughout the coming months, you have already committed yourself to a specific time where you will be showing up for your health and fitness.

Do shorter workouts

Sarah also knows that sometimes, time can be limited and of course, priorities should be to spend quality time with loved ones. That’s why she reminds us that doing shorter workouts is totally okay! It’s really not about the quantity, but really the quality of the workout. She states that “it’s really all about showing up for yourself everyday”. It’s better to do a short workout than not to do it at all.

Switch up your workout, Try something new

To stay motivated, even when cozying up with a good book sounds like the more attractive option, Sarah recommends you switch up your workout and workout routine. “Be excited about fitness, enjoy it!” she says, when talking how good we feel after a good workout. “Lay out your workout clothes the night before, create a playlist with all your favorite songs, list out your favorite exercises and do them” she adds. “This will make you fall in love with your fitness routine all over again and keep you motivated throughout the season”.

Get your friends/family involved

Lastly, get your friends and family involved! Whether you have family in town visiting or you want to use your fitness time as a good time to join in with friends, invite them to work out with you! Whether it’s going on a long walk together or even taking them along for an SLR Life class, they’ll be sure to enjoy cheering you on in your journey. Follow Sarah Louise Rector for more great tips on Instagram @theslr_life

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