Tips That can Help Make Your Press Release Heading go Viral

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It is a well-known fact that people open the press release only when they find the headline to be catchy. But unfortunately, most of them are pretty boring. It may be the case that the press release contains all the useful information and the relevant facts, but still, people will not read it if the headline fails to capture their attention.

So, in a way, the press release headline is basically the most important element that decides its quality and reaches. However, it is also important that apart from a catchy headline, your press release also contains all the useful information that you wish to convey to your readers. But first, let us have a clear understanding of what a press release is?

What is a press release?

A press release is a briefing of news that a person finds worthy of sharing with the public. The news is sent to the journalist to use them as their next news article. Afterward, the journalist can decide whether or not they want to write the whole or just a part of the event. Moreover, the press release can appear in both offline and online mode.

When you put a lot of thought, money, and energy into writing the best press release content, you would want it to reach millions. Not just that, it’s also natural to want a return on investment and a maximized profit by making it viral.

Wondering what exactly is viral content? Well, any content going viral means it has been shared so many times online that everyone is talking about it. If you are looking for ways to make your next press release title go viral, make sure to consider the following tips:

#Tip 1: Focus on powerful words

It would be best if you focused on the words you are using in the headline. This is because some words can make a better impression than others. For instance, instead of using ‘verified methods’, use ‘proven methods’. Moreover, once you are ready with your powerful headline, work on the body also, as it too needs to be impactful. 

#Tip 2: Use emotion as your tool

Humans are full of emotions; in fact, they make every decision of their life driven by it. This particularly shows its effect on people’s buying decisions. But it is also true for other decisions like what to read, where to comment, and when to share.

So, if you use emotion as a tool in your headline to reach more and more people, they are more likely to open your press release and start reading it. If the body of the PR is as good as the headline, then they will not only read it but also share it with others. 

While talking about using emotion as a tool in your headline, there are two ways to use it. First, you can use it directly by adding emotional words in the heading. For instance, “say goodbye to the increasing environmental pollution.” Or you can also touch the emotion of individuals indirectly, without mentioning them aloud.

For instance, “The proven ways to decrease environmental pollution.” This headline is also likely to arouse curiosity among readers, as they will try to know how they can reduce the level of pollution in the environment with the help of the solutions offered by your PR.  

#Tip 3: Make it short and crisp

Always treat your press release heading like a tweet. In a tweet, people try to fit in as much information as possible in as few characters as possible. In other words, the headline must be crisp yet informative.

Try to fit the title in just 6 to 8 words, but in the process, do not forget to give the readers the general idea of the Press Release. In fact, for people’s convenience, there are also tools available that can make any headline, quote, or factoid tweetable with just one click. 

#Tip 4: Choose a trending topic

A common thing about any viral content is that they all cover trending topics. So, you can choose to write about things that are always viral, for example, money, health, environmental issues, and more if they are relevant to your brand’s offerings. Moreover, you can also capitalize on trends you find on the top search results, like covid vaccination, or Donald Trump.

But remember, the topic should always make sense and make your brand seem relevant to your target audience. You can’t just mention aliens in the headline just for seeking the attention of readers and not talk about it anywhere in the PR. Also, make sure to relate the heading with the body of the content and convey your brand’s message to the readers efficiently. 

#Tip 5: Present it as a social media release

This is one of the best techniques to make your press release headline go viral. It is important to form a press release headline in a way that you can also present it as a social media release. In other words, you must format your press release in a way that people can easily share it on social media.

This way, it will benefit from all the functions of social media which include liking, sharing, following, and tweeting. This also gives your viewer the impression that he/she can engage with your brand anytime through the phone. You can even invite the target audience to engage in your press release through comments. 

#Tip 6: Make proper use of keywords

People often forget that the most important strategy to make your press release trending is the proper use of keywords. Not just in the content, you need to include the most appropriate keyword in the press release headline too. It will help in making the release more search engine-friendly. You can also research the headline that gets the most share. Then, try to use it as the topic for your press release or use the common words in your headline. 

Once you have accommodated all the above suggestions, don’t forget to track your results. When you are able to track what your audience wants to know or read, it will help you connect with them. Thus, there will be more engagement and better reach in the next PRs published by your brand. 

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