Tips to Be More Productive in the Workplace

Most of us are working professionals who try harder every day to make it worthwhile. We wake up in the morning, check important emails, attend meetings, and take on a mile-long to-do list. However, many of us fail at productivity and time management irrespective of how hard we try.

Here are some useful tips to be more productive at work:

Write It Down

You need to make a note of every task and commitment to live up to them. This will help free your mind of the unnecessary burden of trying to remember everything.

Getting Things Done, a famous book by David Allen, points out how each uncompleted task takes up psychic energy. Each such task makes you more tired by a bit and keeps you more distracted, even after the office.

The best way to manage productivity in time is to take the tasks out of your head and put them into a reliable system. Make a note of tasks to complete and do not push things into a single day.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

This is self-explanatory. Several studies conducted over the years have confirmed the importance of a healthy breakfast for maintaining good health. Start your morning with a glass of freshly squeezed juice of seasonal fruit.

Many people will complain about not having enough time in the morning to prepare fruit juice, as they have to hurry. Why not explore various juicers plus blenders online and buy a portable one to prepare your juice on the go? There are multiple such options available on Amazon. Go look!

Needless to say, healthy people turn out to be more productive at work as well as at home. Having a healthy breakfast keeps you full and energetic in the workplace.

Turn Off All Distractions

When you are working, one of the factors that kills productivity is constant interruptions, such as phone calls, emails, and different people appearing at your desk. Unfortunately, the technology applications that have made our lives easier and better over the years are unable to help us keep the focus that is necessary for completing our work effectively and efficiently.

Here’s what you can do to control the technology.

Every time you get a notification of an important task, schedule it and do your best to complete it. Whether it is a client/colleague meeting, responding to an important email, creating some handwritten notes, or a piece of art that you wanted to create, block your calendar to complete the task and turn all other distractions off in the meantime.

Take Breaks Whenever You Need

No matter how focused you are on your work when in the workplace, there is a limit to how long you can work continuously.

Irrespective of the efficiency of your focus, after a certain time, you experience the law of diminishing returns kicking in. You start experiencing physical/mental stress that impairs your efforts.

Simply schedule your breaks for the day, including the busiest day, to come back to your desk well energized. Take a 10-minute break after every 2 hours of work – stretch, drink a glass of water, and take a walk around, and then sit back down to work.

Every time you take a break from your busy schedule, you will return to your workstation both mentally and physically refreshed. Then, you are even more productive at your work.


No matter how busy you are in the workplace, taking a break to walk around the block with a cup of tea/coffee can help you get refreshed again. In the meantime, stay away from screens (smartphone/tablet), relax your mind, and come back more productive.

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