Tnk G​roup of Companies, Gearing up to Introduce 3 New Portals to Ease Your Lifestyle, Stay Tuned

TNK Group of Companies manage, maintain and look after various companies along with enhancing theirgrowth and overall development in different industrial sectors followed by expanding their reach in the globalmarkets. With Talemahmadkhan D. Tunvar as the honorable chairperson and Shehzad Khan as a Managing Director, the primary objective of TNK Group of Companies is to give utmost priority to delivering the best quality. Some of there already successful ventures are:-

N&T Engitech Pvt. Ltd.
Admech Equipment (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Clacom India Pvt. Ltd.
Steel Hind Impex LLP
Red Maple Production Pvt. Ltd.

The brand is gaining immense popularity in our country India, as well as in the global market worldwide, all thanks to the sincere efforts taken by the chairman Talemahmadkhan D. Tunvar and Managing Director Shehzad Khan.

TNK Group of Companies assure you excellence in quality, accompanied by knowledge of product and process with extensive research. Undoubtedly, their promising features are the key reasons for the trust they have garnered from several international business over the years. Currently, around sixty percent of their business comes from overseas clients.


Setting a benchmark, and continuing their tradition of success, TNK Group of Companies are gearing to come up with not one, not two, but three brand new portals to ease your life, in the near future.

The portals are:-

This portal is going to be designed exclusively for garments, fashion apparels as well as home accessories. TNK Group of Companies have always believed in celebrating nature, and their aim is to present day-to-day household accessories with a unique twist.

They anticipate being an integral part of every household. You can sell and purchase a broad spectrum of day-to-day life products along with several decorative itmes for your home. can be your one-stop destination for garments, outfits, essentials and other home accessories for sure. 

This particular portal is being prepared to fulfill the needs of engineering materials and parts.
Here also, you can buy and sell from a vast collection of engineering materials and parts, with the ease of your comfort. is a crystal clear and user-friendly manifesto for all types of business.

This portal comprises of  sale and purchase of steel scraps and re-usable steel materials.
Being environment friendly, the company is doing their way best by recycling products and resources into everyday items, via this particular venture.

The customers can buy and sell the already used steel materials and scraps at their own convenience. Moreover, there is an availability of an authentic trade portal designed for the purpose of uplifting the businesses of scrap-dealers.

With the three new ventures of the prestigious TNK Group of Companies under the guidance of chairman, Talemahmadkhan D. Tunvar and Managing Director Shehzad Khan, you can be assured for the quality products of wide range being delivered at your door step. It would not only enhance your lifestyle but also it would help you to increase your reach to a wider platform.

Stay tuned for more updates about their ventures.

Matthew Thomas

Written by Matthew Thomas

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