Today’s Biggest Brands Are Being Built By Influencers

Along with winning followers on social media, influencers have joined the now-trending business of building the biggest brands in town. It is no longer surprising to see them reinvesting their money in brands and businesses instead of living extravagantly as often seen in the past. Even some have found ways to survive even when the odds are against them. Take for instance the Nelk Boys who built a multi-million dollar streetwear empire after being demonetized by YouTube due to their edgy content. 

Here are some of today’s most popular brands that are owned by influencers:

Full Send – Nelk 

Full Send is a streetwear and accessory powerhouse owned by the Nelk Boys. After many ups and downs, legal cases, and the imminent demonetization of their videos, the Nelk Boys decided to launch “Full Send.” The phrase has gained popularity worldwide as it is consistently repeated throughout their videos and is often displayed on their merchandise.

Mr Beast Burgers – Jimmy Donaldson 

Mr Beast Burgers is a virtual restaurant owned by the famous YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson. Mr Beast launched in December of 2020 and opened with 420 locations around the United States. The company’s app immediately grabbed the top spot on Apple App Store among the food and beverage apps, taking a lead ahead of massive chains including Wingstop and Panda Express.

KKW Beauty – Kim Kardashian 

The KKW Beauty line is owned by one of the internet’s most famous celebrities, Kim Kardashian. The reality television star made contouring a viral make-up technique that was being taught in sold-out masterclasses. After the infamous collaboration with her sister’s brand, Kylie Cosmetics, Kim launched her own make-up brand which sold out just minutes after its first release.

Teremana Tequila – Dwayne Johnson 

The rock’s Teremana Tequila is one of the fastest-growing celebrity spirits in history. Since its launch, the tequila has been everywhere. According to Shanken News Daily, Teremana Tequila had depleted 300,000 nine-liter cases by the beginning of December 2020 and easily beat the 400,000 mark by the end of 2020. These rising numbers are highly due to Dwayne Johnson’s strong social media presence. 

The Maverick Club – Logan Paul 

The Maverick Club is an exclusive group of Logan’s most loyal fans that have access to behind-the-scenes content that your typical subscriber doesn’t get to see. In joining the Maverick Club, fans get access to “exclusive, uncut content, to real-life hangouts, insane giveaways, limited edition Maverick Clothing, site-wide discounts, free shipping, and a ton more” according to the site.

ITEM Beauty – Addison Rae 

ITEM Beauty is a Gen Z beauty brand that is co-founded and promoted by one of TikTok’s superstars: Addison Rae. Since launching in August 2020, Rae and her group of loyal fans have helped boost the popularity of this make-up line to an insane level. The brand describes it as “a mix of clean, lush ingredients, free from any bad stuff, so you can also feel confident about the love and care that goes into each product.”

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