Tomorrowhub: The Venture of Influencing the Influencers is Attracting Attention Worldwide

We live in a world where the influencers call the shots. They are the teachers, the celebrities and the experts. You want to know which product to buy, you rely on their opinion. You want to know how to solve a problem, they provide the solution. Social media is crawling with influencers. But, while many are becoming successful on the internet, there are few who despite the talent are unable to make it big. 

Richard Orlinski, the famous French Sculptor and visual artist has taken upon himself to become the shepherd of the lost sheep. It means he aims to train young talents or influencers into becoming the best versions of themselves. His talent agency “Tomorrowhub” has been a long time in making, and 2020 is the year when it has become fully operational. 

Why did Richard Orlinski create “Tomorrow?”

He is an exceptional artist. He has a lot going on for himself, so why did he feel the need to start this venture? Orlinski is an artist at heart. He has gone through the unimaginable struggle that every artist faces -the curse of being unseen. Orlinski struggled for many years before his work started to be appreciated. So, he knows how important it is to find the proper mentors who can hype you up. 

In this age of talent agencies, when you need a great exposure, there are many agencies out there that scam newbie artists. It is a riot out there. Orlinski wanted to create a safe space for new talents. He wanted to genuinely help young talents who had the potential. That is why he created “Tomorrow,” a talent incubator that educates the aspiring influencers. 

Influencing as a Legit Job

People who are on the other side of the screen believe that it is all sunshine and rainbows in the life of influencers. But that is not the case. Many young people who aim to be influencers are smitten by the glamorous life they see on social media. But it is not all fun and games. Influencing is a legit job, and Tomorrow trains young talents for the job. 

Like for being a doctor, one needs to go to a medical school, and for being a journalist, you need a proper education; in the same way for being a great influencer, one needs to be trained. Tomorrow is the launchpad for young talents. Orlinski and the team handpick young talents and take them under their wing. 

These young people are then given ample chances to grow – like they get to interact with popular brands, they attend various social events, they attend carefully crafted masterclasses by influential people. Tomorrow has become a trusted talent agency that not only gives influencers a bunch of new contacts but builds a long-lasting symbiotic relationship of growth. 

Influencing and Beyond

While Tomorrow is a talent incubator primarily focused on nurturing upcoming talents, it is also notorious for its ahead of the curve marketing strategies. Orlinski, who has been an active figure in the art and business world for the past 20 years, has made worldwide connections. 

It is due to his amazing contact book and the efforts of the team of experts at Tomorrow, that the agency has worked with some remarkable giants. Tomorrow has some very high-profile clients like Maserati, Coca Cola, Shein, Boohoo, Paramount, Neutrogena, Warner Bros., and many more. 

The lucky and chosen few influencers who work under the tutelage of Tomorrow get the once in a lifetime chance to do business with high-end brands. On top of that, Tomorrow aims to assist advertisers who seek to take their brands to the next level. 

Tomorrow’s team helps clients in their communication strategies. They offer clients with 360-degree support. The team overlooks the entire communication process, from the implementation of a strategy to its deployment. 

Orlinski is a man who stands out in the art arena. His “The Born Wild” campaign, that blends animal instinct and human truth, is one step ahead of its time. Tomorrow is a venture by Orlinski that aims to equip the next-gen influencers for the ever-changing social media world. In the end, “Tomorrowhub” is all about influencing the influencers of tomorrow. 

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