Tony Lit – Setting Benchmark For the Upcoming Music Industry

Music Industry is evolving at a great par. Not only the music, it is observing some fresh young talents, artists who are raising the standards of the music industry. These artists are coming up with something unique, different and charismatic which is magnetizing a large amount of audience.

When it comes to the music industry of United States, a country which is known to create some of the bright musical legends, one knows the kind of talent it can give birth to each passing day. To make a name in the same and move forward in building a strong fan base is no walk in the park, and very few have been successful in doing so. One such personality who is making a great contribution towards the music industry is Tony Lit.

Tony Lit, coming all the way from Lakewood, New Jersey is making a mark in the music industry. He is an audio engineer and a music artist in the genre of hip hop. This young lad is acing and making sensation by being in the rap game for a little over 7 years. This is something that helps him stand apart from others. He is still sweating harder than ever to deliver hit after hit, taking a break from his music career but still doing numbers on his biggest break out single “LAPDANCE”.

Tony Lit

Tony Lit is also the founder of Detox Studios his home studio and brand where they push artists to excel on their music career journey. He currently works endlessly and effortlessly with his business partner Jay Fray. The duo continues to push Detox to its limit above and behind to make sure every artist gets the best sound for what they are looking for.

Tony Lit-Setting benchmark for the upcoming Music industry

Tony is a passionate guy who continues to boost artists all over New Jersey and a few other states. He enlightens and guides the young talents to find their way into the game and encourages them to accomplish every goal he or she may have. Tony already has two projects on all platforms “Long Live Lit, Project Lit” which both feature a well-rounded versatile artist!

This young artist showcases a strong will and self-belief to bowl over listeners and music lovers with his singing talent. Tony is looking forward to get himself back into the industry soon but for now, he’s just pushing his single still. He is continuing to do featuring on other artist’s songs while even ghost writing for some artists!

Tony is winning hearts already with his tonal qualities and the ability to pass it to the others. To find out more about this vibrant personality, check him on YouTube

and follow him on Instagram : @tonylitofficial.

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