Tony “Rocks” Estrada: How One of LA’s Most Influential Publicists is Making Dreams Come True

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The entertainment industry has become a rough and intimidating field in which it is not enough to have raw talent anymore. Achieving stardom now requires maintaining a polished image as celebrities have become more accessible through social media.

With this, the need for remarkable publicists who are capable of promoting a client’s story through the proper lens grows every day. Tony “Rocks” Estrada is one such influential publicist who is making his client’s dreams come true, especially for musical artists who are up and coming.

Tony started his career as a freelance reporter focusing on entertainment news At The Age of 20. Working his way up within this position, he was hired for red carpets of notable awards shows, including the Latin Grammys, Latin Billboard Awards, Premios Lo Nuestro, and Premios Juventud. Through this position, the publicist started forming connections with other media outlets and entertainers who would ask for his assistance in press placements.

Being able to witness and practice the PR strategies it took to make placements happen, Estrada fell in love with the world of public relations and working with different talents. Given that “everything in entertainment can take you from one thing to another,” he went on to start his career as a publicist and to launch his own agency.

Since becoming a publicist, Tony has also been recognized for his outstanding achievements. In 2014, he won the LGBT Hero Award for being a popular figure within the community in Los Angeles. In 2018, he won a Premios Tecla Award from Hispanicize, in partnership with Telemundo, for “Best Social Media Content Creator.” His achievements are only a glimpse into how energetic and strong-willed he is when it comes to his decade-long career.

Public relations is about making sure that the stories that are worth being heard are being told. Having been in this industry for quite some time, Tony has witnessed the highs and lows and the constant transformations it has experienced.

With the rise of technology and social media, it has become increasingly more important for entertainers to make sure they are not only relying on TV and radio to promote themselves. “You need to be active on social media,” says Estrada, who advises how important it is to prioritize having a digital presence for your brand, a significant strategy that he has not only become an expert on for his clients, but also himself.

Within the past year, social media platforms have served a vital role in keeping everyone connected while expecting to stay isolated. Although many entertainment publicists felt especially limited with the lack of red carpets and events, Estrada adapted through the pandemic by being active, creating engaging content for his clients and their fans, and organizing digital interviews to expose his talents’ projects.

Being a go-getter, Tony does not take a NO for an answer, especially when making his clients’ dreams come true. With his many milestones, the publicist also hopes to score a Latin Grammy nomination for one of his musical clients. He envisions himself traveling and getting to know the world more with no limits in the next year.

Within the world of PR, he emphasizes that while it is an industry that requires your all, behind every red carpet look, interview, and media placement is a job well done and an achievement worth celebrating.

To stay updated with Tony “Rocks” Estrada, check out his Instagram page (@tonyrocks).

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