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Tony “Super” Chang Exemplifies the Art of Staying True to Yourself with the Success of Super Jewelry Co

Rising to greatness through sheer motivation.

When asked about the most tremendous success he has experienced in his life so far, southern California entrepreneur Tony Chang responded, “Finding, knowing and being myself.” Going through the peaks and valleys of everyday life, Tony Chang has gone from being an employee working for someone else to developing an entrepreneurial spirit that has launched him to be the head of his own business. With Super Jewelry Co, Chang is creating custom jewelry pieces while building personal relationships with his clients. After building a strong brand image for himself and his company, the budding businessman is looking to bring his company to the masses. 

Chang and his family spent years moving around cities in southern California before settling in Ranchos Palos Verdes. After completing his primary education, Chang began to pursue a Graduate’s Degree, thus beginning the journey of finding his true career path. “Honestly, it was horrible and challenging,” Chang shares of his career pursuit. Tony Chang made the decision to drop out of graduate school after reading businessman Robert Kiyosaki’s personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad. From there, Chang began his search for financial freedom.

The path was not easy for Chang, though. He spent time as a realtor with Keller Williams and time working at a local 24-hour Fitness, but never quite felt like he fitted in. “I struggled to find myself. I struggled to find out what I wanted to do. I struggled to make a name for myself.” Facing fiscal, spiritual, and emotional grievances in his life, Chang was unsure where to turn next. “I went through a period where I had a negative balance in my checking account and had to use my points from my credit card to keep afloat,” he shares. “The most difficult challenge I am so happy to have overcome is really having self-worth, self-confidence, and self-acceptance to put myself out there for the world to experience.”

Chang’s life turned on a dime after a chance run-in with the CEO of Ablaze International Corporation. Six years of working for Ablaze gave Chang the necessary education and experience in the jewelry industry, as well as entrepreneurial confidence, to finally make the life-changing decision to become his own boss. In 2018, Chang founded Super Jewelry Co. and began building a worldwide brand that sells 10K and 14K fine real gold jewelry and custom pieces. The southern California entrepreneur has created a brand identity that puts the customer first. “I get back to my clients within 24 hours after they have contacted me. I make it easy for them to do business with me by interacting with them as I would a friend,” Chang states.

Now looking to take Super Jewelers Co worldwide, Chang is forever grateful to everyone who has helped him along his path. “Don’t do everything alone,” Chang shares. “You’ll have more fun and manifest your goals faster with a great team of people, even friends, who share the same vision as you.” With a repertoire of life lessons and experiences in his back pocket, Chang is taking every opportunity he is offered to better himself and those around him on a mission to bring the mission of Super Jewelry Co. to the world. 

Check out Super Jewelry Co. at their website and follow them on Instagram.

Christian Anderson

Written by Christian Anderson

Christian Anderson (also known as the artist Trust'N) is a force in the world of Marketing and PR. After marketing his own hip/hop album "Lapse" to #12 in the world on the iTunes charts, he decided to offer his services to help artists and entrepreneurs as well. As an entrepreneur, Christian was exposed to the field of Public Relations while gathering press for his new releases. After acting as his own manager, he was able to produce impeccable results, getting posted on some of the world's biggest media outlets. Christian took that experience and started working as a freelance PR for other artists & entrepreneurs with the desire to provide them with the same successful results. After impressing the CEO of Bentley Records in NYC, he was offered the position of Executive Director of Public Relations, being the youngest ever to be given the opportunity. Driven by his success, large connection base, and drive to win as an artist & entrepreneur he founded Lost Boy Entertainment, LLC. to provide artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses the same services he had to scratch and claw to find himself. Being the founder and original Lost Boy, Christian serves as the company’s President. He is an artist, motivator, leader, businessman, and entrepreneur leading Lost Boy Entertainment into the future. At the young age of 22, he is currently making major contributions to help musicians, artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs flourish in the global economy.

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