Top 10 Female Dating Coaches That Will Take Your Relationships to the Next Level

Love is the warmest and most tender feeling on our planet. Being in love with someone is a truly wonderful experience. But what if frequent quarrels, lack of attention and misunderstandings take away the wonderful feeling of euphoria and butterflies in the stomach? Or maybe you’re excited to find your true love? This is where dating coaches will come to your rescue. We at Building Your Authority are very excited to introduce our list of female dating coaches that will take your relationships to the next level. So let’s get started!

1. Tessa Mac (@tessamac) is a philosopher, dating coach, and the founder of Date Demo, the first-ever online “Practice Dating” service. Inspired by her work with self-described “nerds”, and guided by her deep philosophical understanding of the structure of meaning and connection, Tessa created “Date Demo” to help struggling guys get real, evidence-based answers to their single most frequently asked question; “what am I doing wrong on dates?”

Launched in November 2020, Date Demo has already helped hundreds of men find those answers for themselves by giving them authentic “first date” experiences (via Zoom) with members of Date Demo’s all-female team, who then offer up customized feedback and recommendations for better ways to create meaning and connection in all aspects of their dating life.

2. Apollonia Ponti (@apollonia_ponti) is a certified relationship coach, dating expert, entrepreneur, and highly sought after speaker, who specializes in coaching thousands of men all over the world in her own strategized healthy approach to dating and relationships. She helps guide men in her group coaching programs and her top-rated program called “The Algorithm of Attraction”.

Apollonia helps guide men to understand how to connect with women and build a legacy in their relationships!
In less than three years, Apollonia Ponti has amassed 70 Million Views and 525,000 subscribers on YouTube while embracing the spotlight on ABC, Telemundo, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and INC Magazine. She helps men set standards for themselves in seven areas of their lives that comprise relationships, finance, family, spirituality, career, mindset, and health.

If you want to get real and authentic results in your dating life then head on over to to find out more!

3. Melanie Hersch (@melaniehersch) is a psychotherapist turned dating and relationship coach who teaches singles how to rewire the unconscious patterns that have been preventing them from having the love they want. Melanie believes that dating and relationships are some of the most powerful catalysts for personal growth. Her approach isn’t focused on how to ‘get’ the person you want, but on how to become a person who easily attracts love. Her unique style blends psychology, spirituality, and energetics to help her clients increase their self-esteem, know their worth, and easily attract love into their lives.

She’s the founder of
Good At You and works primarily with clients one-on-one or in her group coaching programPath To Love”.  Having overcome many years of struggling in her own dating life, Melanie has a tremendous amount of compassion for her client’s challenges. Her heartfelt wisdom and warm relatability create an ideal container for them to feel supported. If you’d like to learn more about working with Melanie, you can book a time to chat with her here.
4. Jullia Saurina (@matchmaker_ukraine) is a dating expert, international matchmaker, and owner of a matchmaking agency. On her YouTube channel, she talks about relationships and dating tips. In 2010, Juliia worked as a makeup artist in Ukraine. She realized that beautiful, smart, family-oriented women are single and she wanted to change it! After having relationship/dating training and experience in organizing dates for her first clients – Juliia decides to open her matchmaking agency where she teaches women how to think in a positive way, be open to everything new, and be ready for relationships.

She works 24/7 to grow her business, find more business partners and clients while making more women less lonely.
Juliia is extremely proud of her ten-year-long story of creating a matchmaking agency. She has managed all difficulties and has seen lots of beautiful love stories while working with her insanely hard-working team.
5. Shay “Your Love Diva™” Levister (Tiktok, Instagram: @ShayYourLoveDiva) is the founder of Shay Better Coaching™ –  a full-service love, dating, and relationship coaching boutique for professional, powerful, and successful women who want to attract high-quality matches and don’t have time to figure out the dating game or play ‘Russian Roulette’ with their hearts. Shay is a wife, mom, best-selling author, and an in-demand “Certified Love Transformer®” due to her 98% success rate.
Shay’s trademarked “#DivaLoveFormula” combines the “Science of Attraction”, “Law of Attraction”, “Art of Conscious Dating” and, “Feminine Activation” to help her clients attract their romantic best friend. Her specialized skills ensure ambitious women who are stuck in the cycle of being chronically single or unhappy in their relationships achieve lasting love with high-quality matches. Don’t let love blocks or unhealed traumas sabotage your future. Start your journey to attracting love today at
6. April Davis (@aprildavismatchmaker) is the Founder and CEO of LUMA Luxury Matchmaking, a high-end boutique matchmaking firm for selective singles who have high standards for themselves and their ideal match. April and her team of fifteen Matchmakers have a proven track record of results by providing coaching and feedback to their clients along with searching, vetting, selecting the perfect match, and planning a curated date.
The “LUMA Love Method” has an all-encompassing approach that focuses on the whole person and picture (relationship history, lifestyle, image, health) which provides clients the confidence and knowledge around dating, in turn giving them the results they’re after. If you’re looking to meet your match, visit www.LumaSearch.comwhere you can apply to become a proactive client or join their free database to be considered as a potential match to LUMA’s clients.
7. Amy Schoen is the Motivated to Marry Coach. For sixteen years, she has helped hundreds of seriously searching singles on their journey to find true love with one-on-one and small co-ed group coaching. Using her proven, proprietary coaching program “Motivated to Marry Dating Secrets”, Amy guides singles through her step-by-step system for finding lasting love. 80% of Amy’s successfully coupled clients met online, often finding a partner within six months, after applying her values-based process in their relationships.
“Clients who come to me frustrated with dating, insecure about their desirability, or unsure about the future of a current relationship apply my strategies to fine-tune their dating efforts and connect with their true love. My clients tell me that I help them see what’s possible, give them hope, and encourage them not to give up.” Sign up for a complimentary Meet your Mate Strategy Session to talk to Coach Amy.
8. Sheena Sharma (@thatdatingcoach) is a “Love & Dating Coach” based in Austin, TX. A native New Yorker, Sheena has been a dating coach for seven years. Sheena is also a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) and daily practitioner. She specializes in using spiritual techniques to align you with your most authentic self, so you can attract a high-vibe and authentic partner. We can’t love another person until we fully love and understand ourselves; and yoga, meditation, and breath work are the quickest, most effective way to understand yourself.

Sheena combines these techniques with modern dating tips to help you navigate the world of dating. She is especially passionate about working with south Asian-Americans, people of color, and first-generation Americans. “Being single as an immigrant or person of color comes with its own set of challenges,” Sheena says. “As a child of immigrants and woman of color myself, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned in my dating experiences with my clients to help them date better.” Sheena works with clients local to Austin but also offers her services to people all over the world.
9. Mornisha Annestine is a “Dating & Motivational Coach” for women as well as couples in long-distance relationships. Creator of “Morni Inspo” (, she has inspired many women, especially in the South Asian community, to improve their self-worth and embrace their authenticity before finding love. Mornisha offers two specialized programs for single women and one for couples in long-distance relationships.

She’s an expert in long-distance relationships, being in one herself for six years, and is currently writing a book about surviving long-distance relationships.
Mornishais known for her confident energy and the ability to motivate women to never tone down their personality to attract someone. She is passionate about helping women understand the power they hold, realize their worth, and radiate confident energy in order to find the love they deserve. Certified in relationship coaching and having helped women internationally, Mornisha strives to help transform her client’s love lives; inspiring them through her own journey of self-love and never settling!
10. Dr. Diane Strachowski, (@backtolovedoc) is a licensed psychologist, dating, and couples expert. With more than twenty years of experience, Dr. Diane has helped hundreds find love and deepen their relationships. Dr. Diane works with serious-minded singles to identify the reasons why they struggle. Often there are deep unconscious patterns established during childhood or; one’s attachment style. It’s hard to find love when you can’t see what you’re doing wrong. With the vast majority of singles being insecure, no wonder dating is hard.
Dr. Diane’s specialty is anxious women. She was a ‘hot mess’ herself, so she can relate. Once a person understands the four steps to becoming more secure, dating and relationships become a hundred times easier. If you want to go from the “First Date to Forever”, Dr. Diane can help. She works with clients on a one-on-one basis or through her online courses.

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