Top 10 Females of 2021

Here Are The Top 10 Females of 2021

Women empowerment has risen remarkably over the past few years. As more women start to step up in various industries and spheres like politics, business, non-profit, media, sports, and so on, it’s only fitting that we celebrate those who have led the way for women everywhere by setting an example and inspiring others to follow suit. While all women are equally valuable and beautiful in their way, some stand out and have become heralds of empowerment, capability, and motivation.

The Top 10 Females of 2021 aims to acknowledge and honor those women who have shown exemplary performance and thought leadership in their respective fields and helped become a beacon of hope for women all over the globe. 

  1. Sara Blakely

Sara Treleaven Blakely is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She currently owns and leads Spanx, a brand of intimate apparel, leggings, swimwear, and maternity wear. Her big break came after she invented shapewear that would become the backbone of Spanx’s product line. 

Sara served as one of the guest judges of Shark Tank, and also played a role on another hit TV show Billions. She and her husband Jesse Itzler joined with a small group led by Tony Ressler to purchase the NBA team Atlanta Hawks. Sara also started the Sara Blakely Foundation, a non-profit that helps educate women on entrepreneurship and business operations. In 2020, she pledged $5 million in support for female-run businesses hit by the COVID-19-induced economic crisis.

Instagram: @sarablakely



  1. Ashley Guzman

Ashley Guzman’s brand, Southern Gypsy Charm, was launched in August of 2018. Its first storefront located in California was created in December 2020. Over the last 3 years, Ashley has built a 7-figure business that continues to grow, even without outside investments.

Ashley plans on expanding her store and team throughout California and then branching out to other states. Southern Gypsy Charm has set the bar when it comes to unique and high quality fashion pieces. Since its inception, the brand has been providing customers with items they won’t find anywhere else. Surely, the brand will climb its way to the top of the fashion industry.

Instagram: @southerngypsycharm


  1. Andrea Cordero

When it comes to visual and performing arts, there is no doubt that emerging influencer and thriving ARTIST, Andrea Cordero, is a powerhouse in every sense of the word. Better known as AddiRockART to fans of her digital and fine artworks, and Andi to her closest family and friends, she has shown great potential and achieved exceptional accomplishments as an artist, actress, and audio engineer. 

Originally from Baltimore, MD, USA, Andrea is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant father and celebrates her diverse Aztec/Mexican/Italian/American heritage throughout her artwork. In 2020, she dedicated herself to her personal brand, AddiRockART Global, after fifteen years of supporting other influences, actors, musicians, and celebrities. She began working in the UK and across the USA, and amid the pandemic and civil unrest, she rose to the occasion and took the whole year to donate her skills, art, voice, and time to many causes, including BLM, supplying PPE to front line responders in the USA and UK, and many more. 

Her ultimate goal is to create a network of creatives supporting and uplifting other creatives in their artistic endeavors. Today, she continues working to uplift Baltimore, MD, her hometown, and Peterborough, England, where her heart now lives. She also hopes to uplift those coping with PTSD, as she herself is a survivor.

Instagram: @addirockart


  1. Jacqlyn Burnett

Jacqlyn Burnett is a business and marketing professional with major successes in the cryptocurrency and social influence spaces. She is also the creator behind Happiness Habitat.  Jacqlyn’s breadth of experiences have allowed her to maximize her mission—to empower others to empower others. She now gets to support and build others through consulting, her podcast, and soon to come, her book. Her podcast and book share a similar theme: optimizing your opportunity zone and enhancing your Happiness Habitat.

Prior to Happiness Habitat, Jacqlyn worked as executive assistant to the youngest founder of a public-traded company, overseeing campaign strategies for some of the largest social media influencers, to becoming the director of operations for a blockchain company. All the while, she  enjoyed her passions of creating art and cooking.

The underlying theme of Jacqlyn’s successes is a result of her positive mindset and her grateful perspective throughout her journey – in other words, her Happiness Habitat.


  1. Grace Beverley

Grace Beverley is the CEO and founder of TALA, a sustainable activewear brand that has been making waves within the fashion industry. She is also the creator of the fitness app Shreddy. Grace has been running TALA since 2019 and the magic behind its success is their products’  sustainability, quality, and detail. With factories in Portugal, Turkey, China, and Morocco, Tala produces clothing made from recycled plastic bottles, yarn, etc. This is the reason why just in its first year, the company gained over £6.2 million in sales. 

CEO Grace Beverley succeeded in her niche while studying for a Music degree at the University of Oxford. According to Grace, it is important to focus on what you want with the career you chose or the business you’ve chosen. 

Instagram: @gracebeverley; @wearetala


  1. Emily Vavra

Throughout Emily’s career, she’s helped countless people and made their lives better. As a speaker, health and wellness entrepreneur, and marketer, Emily makes sure that whenever she meets a client in need of her help, they come out with a positive and fool-proof plan to secure their successful future. 

Emily helps people understand and act on their residual income so they can scale their income and businesses. 

Instagram: @itsemily


7. Winnie Karanja

Maydm, founded in 2015, equips women and young girls with the skills so they can win in life. Its CEO, Winnie Karanja, as a woman of color herself, knows the struggle that women have to face when they pursue their careers. Women of color have to work twice as much. So she founded Maydm so it may become a home for women like her. Winnie hopes that Maydm will become a safe place for many like her, and they can develop their skills so when the right time and company comes, they may get to keep it, excel, and shine above others.

Twitter: @maydmtech


  1. Danya Sherman

Danya Sherman created KnoNap, a cocktail napkin that detects the presence of drugs in a bit by changing its color. The product creates a major difference and combats drug-facilitated sexual harassment.

KnoNap, unfortunately, came from a past that Danya drew inspiration from. In 2016, she fell victim to sexual harassment after she got her drink slipped with a drug. The event gave all sorts of fear for Danya. But she came out of that dark place and started working her way to prevent such dreadful things from happening to others.

So she came up with KnowNap, a creation of her own genius. Now, she’s making waves within the community.

Instagram: @knonap

Twitter: @RealKnoNap


  1. Yunha Kim
Photo Credit: Glassdoor

If there’s anyone who can prove how effective meditation is, nothing is more qualified than Yunha Kim. She founded Simple Habit because she witnessed it first hand. 

Coming out from Wall Street with a vision for a successful entrepreneurial journey, Yunha set out to scale her business but found herself struggling. Often, she got pressed with the mental and physical demands of running a business. So, she found ways to calm herself. That’s when she discovered the power of meditation.

Yunha founded Simple Habit to teach people and guide them to a journey of calm and peace.

Instagram: @simplehabitapp 


  1. Nija Charles
Photo courtesy: Vanity Group

Nija Charles is an artist we need to watch out for in the music industry. Surely, working with some of the most recognizable names in the industry has taught her many things, writing memorable music most of all. At only 23, she’s accomplished more things than most artists her age. She co-writes with Cardi B, Drake, Beyonce, and JayZ. Recently, she sang with Beyonce to record My Power, a song that formed part of the Lion Kings OST. Nija is a Grammy-winning songwriter, artist, and record producer, and her future in the music industry is bright. 

Instagram: @amnija

Twitter: @amnija_



Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.