Top 10 Instagress Alternatives for 2021

Top 10 Instagress Alternatives for 2021

The foundations of Instagram haven’t changed— content is still the most important element of your performance on the platform and the likelihood of you gaining more followers, but gaining more reach and generating interest around your account is still ever-needed. 

There’s no question that expanding your followers is needed in order to see higher levels of success through Instagram, and doing it all on your own can be overwhelming and time-consuming. 

For this reason, we’ve created this go-to list for the best Instagress alternatives to help you grow your Instagram followers. They are the most popular Instagress replacements on the market and all of them will keep your account safe and thriving. 

Let’s take a look! 

The Best Instagress Alternatives

The following list includes 10 of the best alternatives to Instagress. There is a combination of tools here so that you can create a sustainable, long-term method for growing your followers. All of the tools are unique and effective in their own right. 

Let’s examine a bit about each one of them. 

1. Growthoid – The Top Instagress Alternative


The top option for Instagram follower growth is Growthoid; they have completely changed the game when it comes to Instagram growth services, and are the trusted provider of manual Instagram growth. If you were using Instagress before, you will absolutely love Growthoid even more. 

Growthoid doesn’t use any automation or shady tactics to grow your followers; they employ expert account managers to handle their clients’ follower growth through targeted interactions. This is the proven method for gaining more followers on Instagram. 

In essence, what you would do manually, Growthoid does for you, saving you a lot of time and the headache of looking through dozens of users to find your target audience and then engaging with them. When you sign up with Growthoid, your account manager will ask for your targeting instructions and they will do all that for you. 

The Growthoid team is very focused and dedicated on delivering results for their clients; they are very responsive and you’ll always be able to get in contact with someone if you need to change your targets or talk about your growth. 

Their service is totally safe and doesn’t go against any of the Instagram terms of use, so they are a huge addition to your Instagram growth strategy. 

2. Growthsilo


Like Growthoid, Growthsilo has abandoned previous methods of Instagram automation and is now offering fully-managed, manual Instagram growth. You’ll get a dedicated account manager that will handle all of your Instagram engagements and help to grow your followers.

Growthsilo offers two monthly plan options, so you’re bound to find something that can work with your needs and budget. Growthsilo’s account managers are some of the best in the business, and the service is very easy to navigate. 

A transparent service like Growthsilo is exactly what you need to grow your Instagram followers; you’ll have a hardworking team behind you that grows your account through targeted interactions which means you’ll gain followers who actually care about your account. 

If you want to boost your Instagram success but you’re missing the days of Instagress, getting real and active followers is the most important thing, and with a manual service like Growthsilo, that’s what you can expect. 

3. MoreLikes


As we mentioned, Instagram engagement is the most important metric to determine an account’s success; if you have high engagement levels, you’re likely to see better business results and gain more traction faster through social cred. 

MoreLikes is an awesome service that can detect your new content when it’s posted and they funnel real, authentic likes to your content within minutes, even seconds. If a new user visits your profile and sees you have a lot of likes, they will automatically be more interested in your content and trust your brand more, as other people appear to trust you, too. 

Engagement drives a lot of success on Instagram, and it can even help your content to get more reach, which is More Likes’ service is valuable. It’s super easy, and you can even delay the likes a bit if you don’t want them coming immediately. 

Their service is flexible and you can cancel anytime. They offer a few packages, so you can determine what works best for your budget and your needs. 

4. Task Ant 


We all know that hashtags are the key to gaining more reach on Instagram, as they are the little symbols that make your content discoverable to new users via hashtag feeds. If you are unsure of which hashtags to use or don’t use any at all, it’s time to change that. 

Task Ant is the top hashtag generator for Instagram. You can not only search for more hashtags that are connected to your niche, but you will see which ones are trending and best connected to your content and target audience. 

Too frequently users post very general hashtags, which get virtually no results; when they do get seen, it’s not usually by people in the target audience because millions of users across all markets use that tag. 

Task And can help you to focus on niche-specific hashtags, suggest tags you’ve never considered before, and then you can organize them all into hashtag sets so you know what you’re using, what tags go best with certain content pieces, and they’re all in one place for ease when you are going to post. 

Task Ant is free and has extended options that will give you more search results, which is super useful. There were no hashtag tools on Instagress, so Task Ant can give you a huge step up in terms of organic reach. 

5. Media Mister 

Media Mister

One of the oldest Instagram follower providers around, Media Mister is a go-to staple if you need a quick infusion of followers and engagements. In fact, they have so many options for not only Instagram but other social media platforms as well, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. 

Media Mister is different from Instagress in the sense that they don’t offer a growth service, but rather packages of Instagram followers and engagements. 

They have a lot of great package options, offer safe delivery, and are relatively affordable. While they may not be the best option for long-term growth, if you need a quick infusion, Media Mister can definitely help out with their effective service. 

6. Sprout Social 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social has a big reputation for social media management and Instagram growth know-how. They are a powerhouse tool and can offer valuable insights to your target audience through listening features on their service. 

When you use a listening tool, you can cater your content to what your target audience wants, thus boosting your performance. Instagress didn’t offer any listening tools, so Sprout Social is a big deal when it comes to understanding your target audience. 

Sprout Social also offers tools for visual schedule planning and content posting, which can help save you a lot of time and get things done in a more effective way. 

7. Later 


Another giant in the social media management arena, Later offers an incredibly user-friendly platform and has an amazing visual schedule planner for making sure that your content always has a cohesive aesthetic. 

When your content is well-created and posted on a consistent time schedule, you’re likely to gain more reach and in turn, get more followers. Later can help you to stick to that posting schedule and also auto-post single photo posts and video posts. 

On Instagress, you couldn’t schedule content, so Later is a big shift in terms of content capabilities. 

Later offers some analytic data as well to help track your Instagram performance and can offer you ways to integrate features like, as well as user, generated content finder, among others. 

8. Agorapulse  


It’s important that you keep an active presence on social media; when users comment on your profile as well as send you DMs, your response time matters. The better you are at responding to your followers and engaging with them, the better your account performance will be. This is something that didn’t find on Instagress. 

Agorapulse offers users a variety of features, one of the most useful being a message center that helps you respond to all engagements in a very streamlined and easy way. This can help you to stay active with your followers and viewers as well as to save time in engaging with them. 

You’ll also get a lot of great analytics that can help you track your Instagram performance. 

9. Iconosquare 


The most-recognized Instagram analytics service out there, Iconosquare gives you all of the data you need to understand your performance, your target audience, and more. The information that you will get from Iconosquare is invaluable and it will make all of that data actionable so that you can transform your Instagram into a big hit. 

You can access information about your Instagram performance through Instagram insights, but it’s very useful to use a service like Iconosquare because you’ll get all of that data stored in one place. You don’t have to record it and store it anywhere, and you’ll also get suggestions on how to turn that data into a real strategy. 

Instagress may have offered some form of Instagram growth, but Iconosquare offers true understanding of your Instagram performance. 

10. Combin 


Combin is a multi-faceted Instagram tool that can help you not only to stay engaged and connected with your audience but can also help you to schedule your content. 

Both of these features are helpful in terms of generating more interest around your account through engagements with users and followers, as well as staying on top of your posting schedule in the most efficient way possible. 

You can also choose either one or both of these services when you sign up for Combin, so you have options. 

How Instagram Tools Help Grow Your Account 

Instagram Tools

As you can see, not all of the tools on this alternatives list are Instagram growth services. Why would that be? 

Well, simply put, growth services aren’t the only Instagram tools that can help you to boost your followers and have better performance on the platform. In fact, many bonafide growth services out there actually can’t function effectively these days. Instagress used automation, which is why they were shut down by Instagram.

Therefore, to create a long-lasting strategy that can be with you and your Instagram for years to come, it’s important to consider other tools that can help you to fortify not only your follower growth but all aspects of your Instagram. 

When you do this, you’ll have a better chance to build something valuable for your followers and all of the work that you put into gaining more reach for your content will pay off; users will actually want to stick around as followers because they like your profile, and that’s the most important thing. 

Everyone wants a quick-fix for Instagram growth, but anything sustainable takes patience and determination; the tools on this list can help you speed the process along. 

When you use one or a combination of the Instagram growth tools on this list, you can reap a variety of benefits for your account. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits below. 

Streamline Simple Tasks 

There are a variety of small, menial tasks that Instagrammers must do frequently in order to keep their account popular. In terms of follower growth, engaging with new users in your target audience is the best way, but a very time-consuming interaction. Tools like Growthoid and Growthsilo can take over for you there, saving you so much time. 

Another one is getting your content live and posting it to the platform. While sometimes it can be tough to visualize how things are going to look, schedulers like Later and Sprout Social can give you an awesome snapshot of how your content will look when it goes live through visual planners, making your aesthetic more cohesive. 

These tools can also schedule out all of your posts so they’re ready to go, and even auto-post some types of content. You can then allocate a few hours a week to do this, and that way you create your work in blocks rather than constantly going back and forth between Instagram and whatever else you were doing. 

Hashtag generators like Task Ant are vital in order to gain more reach for your content, and they streamline your hashtags by organizing them into easy-to-copy sets, making your post scheduling even easier and your hashtag strategy more deliberate. 

Using a combination of these tools can give you a huge competitive edge and support your comprehensive Instagram strategy. 

You Can Focus on Content

When you delegate your smaller tasks to these types of tools, you can then bring your attention back to what really matters— content planning, shooting, and editing. This is the meat and potatoes of Instagram, so you definitely need to keep your content fresh and well-connected to your brand image. 

Create content for all of the features of Instagram, including stories, carousel posts, videos, IGTV, reels, and use story highlights to beef up your main profile page. When you have diverse content, your profile is more well-rounded. 

Not only that, try to plan to shoot your content for the week all at once; if you have a dedicated shoot day, you can stay organized and then dedicate another time slot in your schedule for editing and scheduling. 

Track your content performance through Instagram insights and see how it’s performing to make any adjustments or give your followers more of what they want; tools like Agorapulse, Iconosquare, and Union Metrics can help you get a real snapshot of what is doing well and what isn’t. 

Open New Doors 

With these tools, you can consider avenues for growth that you never had before. Maybe you’ve never really engaged with users on the platform, and that’s where Growthoid can help you gain results you’ve never had before. 

Perhaps you don’t use hashtags on your posts, or don’t know much about hashtag strategy. No problem, as Task Ant can fill in those gaps. 

All in all, these tools are extremely effective in terms of growing your Instagram followers and building something long-lasting. That’s the ultimate goal; you don’t want to have to worry about whether or not your followers are real, or if they’re going to disappear from your account after investing your hard-earned investment into packaged Instagram followers or Instagram automation. 

Does Instagram Automation Still Work?

Instagram Automation

Instagram Automation was one of the most popular ways to gain followers just a few short years ago, but since it began to hinder the user experience, Instagram began to crack down on it real quick, effectively putting many top Instagram growth services out of business if they were using automation. 

Long story short, automation is not a viable method for long-term Instagram growth these days. Instagram is quick to extinguish any type of automated or bot interactions on the platform and not only that, it makes your profile look spammy and less trustworthy.

There are still some services that claim they can provide results, but this is usually untrue or overexaggerated. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of IG automation if you’re still considering it. 

Pros of Instagram Automation 

Believe it or not, there are still some positive ways you can use Instagram automation to support your account, they just aren’t what you think. 

When you are using automation for engagements such as likes, comments, DMs, and views, this is considered to be front-end automation, and this is what Instagram does not allow. They will flag you, and you can suffer the consequences. 

That being said, automation tools that help to automate backend functions like analytics and post scheduling, which can help you in all of the ways we mentioned above. Instagram still allows third-party apps to work with its platform as long as their services don’t go against the terms of use, which front-end automation services usually do. 

Cons of Instagram Automation 

While most back-end automation tasks come with little risk, front-end automation has quite a few cons. If you’re considering using automation to grow your Instagram followers, let’s consider the following cons: 

  • You are likely to get flagged: Instagram automation for follower growth is against the Instagram terms of use, so they will flag you. You could even be disabled or deleted from the platform. 
  • Your reputation is on the line: If you have a lot of bot engagements with other users, they think less of you. Not only that, when your account is filled with inactive or bot followers, your reputation will be lowered. 
  • Users can detect bots interactions: Instagrammers are very adept these days at picking out which interactions are sincere, and which ones aren’t; if you’re using bots to send auto-messages or comments, users are not likely to follow you, but likely to write you off completely instead. 
  • Brands won’t partner with you: Influencers beware, as having automation services won’t help you gain brand partners. Brands want to see that you have a lot of active and engaged real followers; when you use automation, this won’t be the case, because the followers are not as targeted as they could be. If your engagement isn’t top notch, or you use practices against the terms of use, they’re not likely to go for a partnership with you. 
  • Your follower to engagement ratio can suffer: When your followers aren’t active and engaged with your content, your reputation can suffer through a lack of engagement. The top-performing Instagram accounts these days all have high engagement, as that is the metric to measure success on the platform. Your content reach will also suffer if you don’t have a healthy engagement ratio. 
  • You won’t get optimal targeted followers: Automation can only do so much; it can’t guarantee that it will engage with followers that actually care about your content. Even if you provide targeting instructions, it’s likely to be too general to see the results that you need. 

All in all, automation used to be a viable option but has fallen by the wayside. It’s better to look to long-term options that can help your Instagram over time as opposed to a quick shortcut. 

Final Thoughts on Instagress Alternatives 

The days of buying Instagram follower packages and Instagram automation services like Instagress are in the past; looking to Instagram tools like manual growth services, hashtag generators, schedulers, and analytic tools are the best way to fortify your Instagram strategy. 

Instagress used to be a top option, but technology always evolves and changes, and all 10 of these services can offer you something absolutely unique and valuable that Instagress couldn’t. 

Instagram isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so the more sustainable your results, the better. Build something that will be around for a while and you’ll certainly see the Instagram business results that you’ve been working so hard for!

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