Top 10 Insurance Blogs Of 2021

The insurance industry is quite perplexing and is continuously developing with new items, laws, strategies, and advancements. In this technologically advanced day and age, insurance organizations, government offices, brokers, agents, and insurance law experts have all made blogs to keep their readers in the loop of everything new that is happening. 

Furthermore, your insurance business will also flourish if individuals can get access to your organization through online means (blogs and websites) from the solace of their homes. Thus, a blog provides insurance players with a stage to deal with their brand, develop it and gain some authority, together with delivering news regarding the industry directly to their customers and possible clients.

Having a vigorous, dynamic online social presence is now a flat-out necessity in this new time of the insurance business. Here are the top 10 insurance blogs of 2021 that you need to look at to learn about the new trends in the insurance industry.

1. Insurance Noon

Insurance Noon is the world’s leading source of insurance related content on the web, focusing on industry news, buying guides, reviews, and much more. It is widely considered to be one of the fastest growing insurance related media publications in the world.

In addition to this, it is an ideal blog for any individual who needs to further comprehend the technicalities of the insurance industry and discover top-class data on subjects like life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance, to give some examples.

Moreover, Insurance Noon has profoundly useful, authentic, and astoundingly composed articles on subjects like credit and home loans. It has 1000’s of articles written by insurance experts with the goal of making insurance simple for everyone.

Insurance Noon is a subsidiary of Skyray Media Group, a media conglomerate that owns more than 100 media publications.

2. Safeco Insurance Blog

The blog contains data on subjects regarding home and auto insurance. These topics are considered to be the organization’s area of specialization. The information on the blog is accessible in both the English and the Spanish language. 

Furthermore, you can visit this blog for supportive tips and fun realities about home, boat, bike, and car insurance, and other insurance-related subjects. In the event that you are not an expert but rather need to find out about the industry, insurance arrangements, or some well-disposed data and advice, the Safeco Insurance blog is the perfect place for you.

3. The Allstate Blog

The Allstate blog centers around insurance issues with respect to your home, pets, auto, bike, boat, private companies, and also term life insurance. The site is also additionally accessible in the Spanish Language. The Allstate Insurance Blog utilizes a delicate sell approach by zeroing in more on important and fascinating data rather than attempting to sell you on its item. 

Furthermore, the blog also has content that discusses regular day-to-day concerns like home, auto, condo, cruiser, boar, a private company, funds, and a lot more.

Hence, making it an extraordinary insurance blog for either an insurance proficient or an inquisitive individual. If you do end up reading this blog, you will discover a wide variety of data on topics about individual budgets, auto wellbeing tips, and private companies.


The Health Insurance Marketplace is a path for you to discover and purchase health care coverage, with fewer issues. This blog is overseen by the Federal Governments’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The site also shows the Federal government’s medical care arrangements and Laws. 

Furthermore, you can even apply for inclusion, keep or update your medical care plan and find solutions to all your health care coverage marketplace inquiries. New articles are frequently posted on the blog (at least once a week).

5. Haven Life Blog

This blog gives content explicitly on topics regarding Life Insurance. You will discover intriguing articles on Money and Wellness. Haven Life gives a straightforward, moderate alternative for purchasing quality term life insurance online in a short time. You can even read the most read web journals that will be sent directly to your email if you sign up for it. 

Consequently, Haven Life transforms a normally tedious and befuddling method into one that is simpler, quicker, and downright better. This is a life insurance-related blog where it clarifies the significance and tips about life coverage. It additionally incorporates a few tips about how to take a life insurance medical exam and life coverage and mortgage.

6. Accenture Insurance Blog

The Accenture blog covers an expansive scope of insurance subjects written by top insurance and risk management executives in Europe and America. You will discover front-line themes on how guarantors can smooth out business measures through advanced means. 

Accenture Insurance authority talks about how Life and P&C safety net providers accomplish superior performance. Furthermore, they post new articles on their blog at least once a week. Lastly, you can also follow the blog on several social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

7. Pekin Insurance Blog

The Pekin Insurance blog is partitioned into three areas; blogs for people, blogs for organizations, and the most recent industry news. The blog’s primary points are auto insurance, home insurance, life coverage, and wellbeing. 

All content on this site is composed from a business and sales perspective and is straightforwardly identified with the insurance industry. In addition to this, the blog is great in dealing with inventive experiences related to the insurance industry. You can also find Pekin via online media on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

8. Majesco Blog 

Majesco is centered around innovation and creative arrangements. They like to characterize their blog as “Building the fate of your business and the eventual fate of insurance”. Furthermore, they provide ordinary updates about trends in the industry and the eventual fate of insurance. The blog covers innovation themes and how they are disturbing insurance. 

In addition to this, the Majesco organization gives consultancy and insurance programming answers to empower insurance organizations to accomplish the deftness expected to meet their change openings.

9. Insurance Business America Magazine Blog

IBA Magazine is a blog that is chiefly for experts and organizations, with news about the insurance business and the most recent administrative prerequisites. Moreover, the IBA Magazine blog specializes in risk management. The blog covers popular narratives in the business insurance financier specialty. 

It likewise furnishes readers with well-qualified feelings, opinions, and analyses on issues addressing insurance business in America. Moreover, the IBA Magazine blog also has amazingly fascinating news about network protection and international data. You can also find the blogs’ social channels on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

10. The Insurance Pro Blog

Established by Brandon Roberts, an authorized insurance specialist, The Insurance Pro blog endeavors to demystify everything related to life insurance. The website has a lot of blog entries on extra security issues, for example, a participating life coverage strategy and how to make your own benefits. 

This is a generalistic blog that will assist people to better understand the industry and keep away from the false information that your agent might be feeding you. Every section is amicable, clear, and simple to read with not a ton of explicit industry-related terms. 

So there, you have it now – the top ten insurance blogs of 2021. If you want to know all the latest and important information regarding the insurance industry, then make sure to read all these blogs. Furthermore, you will also learn about the different trends and changes in addition to learning a few tips and tricks for growing your insurance agency.

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