Top 10 Leadership Coaches That Can Help You Achieve Success in 2021

How have leadership coaches become so important in today’s world? Well, leadership coaches help their clients in multiple ways. Their skills are here to help you gain self-awareness and clarify goals to name a few. Overall, leadership coaches are here to help you unlock your full potential and to become the successful person that you aspire to be. If you wish to unlock your full potential, then look no further than these leadership coaches that Building Your Authority has organized to help you achieve success this year.

  1. Luna Isbell-Love (@lunaloveleadership)

Luna Grace Isbell-Love is a “Transformational Leadership Coach” and creator of The Alignment Code™ with an MA in Spiritual Psychology. Luna supports women entrepreneurs to step out of their wounds and step into their “Mature Feminine Archetype” so they can stop seeing their business as an obstacle to overcome and start seeing it as a vehicle for service and integrity.

Through her annual Muse Mastermind (next cohort begins June 2021) & leadership programs, she supports entrepreneurs to build six and seven-figure service-oriented online businesses while leaving a legacy they can be proud of. Luna’s proven track record reflects how her work is more than just a business strategy.

Her clients embody a commitment to leadership in every area of their life. If you’re ready to step into personal and professional alignment, visit her website where she accepts clients by application.

  1. Joshua Miller (@coachjoshmiller)

Joshua Miller isn’t just a Master Certified Executive and Personal Coach. He is an innovator, a Ted Talk speaker, a LinkedIn Top Influencer, and an Amazon best-selling author of the book “I Call Bullshit: Live Your Life, Not Someone Else’s.” He also contributes articles for global publications, industry-related journals, and news outlets.

Working with Fortune 500 emerging and senior leaders, Joshua focuses on leadership development and change management by elevating an individual’s mindset, skillset, and performance. He develops leaders to become smarter problem solvers and more effective communicators, preparing them to lead with purpose in our ever-changing business environment.

Today, as our world continues to change at a rapid pace, leadership skills are no longer just for people with seniority. Leadership skills are the foundation for success. Let’s chat:

  1. Nicole F. Smith (@nicole_smith)

Nicole F. Smith is a certified emotional intelligence coach & practitioner, and DISC behavioral consultant with 25 years of experience in the corporate world. Nicole is the CEO/Founder of  JMS Creative Leadership Solutions, where mindsets are shifted, focus is on self-awareness, methods are implemented for new habits and systems while guiding you to level up to new heights.

JMS guides clients through a transformative experience providing sustainable solutions for forward-thinking leaders identifying values, strengths, and gaps. “I want to be the person for you that I didn’t have while growing up in the corporate world.” Nicole knows firsthand how increasing leadership competencies, specifically EQ, helps communication delivery, reduces stress, promotes healthy conflict, improves relationships, increases empathy for others, and overcomes challenges.

Our empowering solutions are provided through facilitated workshops, group coaching, our Transform You! Coaching Program™ or a customized combination helping individuals become more confident and thrive as an exemplary leader!

  1. Jedidiah “Jedi” Alex Koh

Jedidiah ‘Jedi’ Alex, MCC is the Global Team Leadership Coach. He is the founder of Coaching Changes Lives, the Global Transformative Learning Partner for Organizations, and Asia’s leading Coach Training, Mentoring, and Supervision Institute. He is the creator of the Systemic Co-Creative Conversation Process helping transform ordinary teams into performing teams that are built to last.

He partners and works with global leaders and teams from across various cultures and diversity to create sustainable change and shape the future of coaching. Jedi is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on coaching and the leading voice for virtual Team Coaching for a distributed workforce.

He is an award-winning coach and is featured on “Forbes Coaches Council” where he shares his expertise on team leadership coaching. Jedi is the author of the anticipated book “Coaching is Conversational Mastery!”. His passion is in the requisite power of coaching to change lives one conversation at a time!

  1. Gina Redzanic (@gina_redzanic)

Gina Redzanic is a John Maxwell Certified Coach/Trainer/Speaker specializing in Leadership Development for small business owners and professional network marketers. Gina has reached her own success in both small businesses and as a top leader (and $1 million+ earner) with network marketing.

Gina is a keynote speaker for her network marketing company and has also been featured in several online virtual summits for entrepreneurs.  Gina works with business owners and network marketers who are looking to take their business growth to the next level by offering one-on-one coaching as well as Leadership Development Workshops.

Her clients receive personalized help with systems and strategies in order to strengthen their own leadership qualities needed for optimal success.

  1. Didier Sylvain (@__didiersylvain__)

Didier Sylvain is a certified life alignment coach and consultant in leadership and personal development. He is the creator of the 12-week online group coaching program Coherence, which brings together BIPOC leaders and creatives to evolve their leadership and social impact.

Didier coaches individuals and groups into becoming fuller versions of themselves by leveraging his training in intentional change theory, appreciative inquiry, adaptive strategy, and semantics. He helps leaders transform their organizations, their teams, and themselves to deliver their greatest contribution to the world.

His personalized one-on-one coaching, group coaching, online courses, and discovery products have helped clients from Pinterest, Verizon Media, and Honda go on a journey back to themselves. Didier also teaches leadership at Carnegie Mellon University. Visit his website If you are ready to start your transformative journey.

  1. Claire Oatway (@claireoatway)

Claire Oatway is the founder of neon juno (@neonjuno) – a bespoke leadership consultancy. She changes people who change the world helping extraordinary entrepreneurs with noisy brains and frantic businesses to unlock exponential growth. Her signature coaching program, Mission, is for high-growth tech business leaders looking for Zen-like clarity amidst the noise; unstoppable confidence in the face of fears, and practical strategies that help them to burn bright, not burn out or burn bridges.

“Leaders have unlocked innovative income streams, inspired teams that would walk through fire for them, and disrupted stale business models. This has activated success and happiness which has meant playing all out at home – living in an adventure with their friends and family.” In 2021, alongside her one-on-one clients, Claire is launching an accompanying suite of digital courses including “Change without the Pain” to empower emerging leaders to nurture teams that embrace innovation.

  1. Heather Wolfson (@heather_wolfson)

Heather Wolfson is the go-to organizational consultant for top-level leaders who want to make a lasting mark on their industry while maintaining a balanced life. As the founder of Maven Coaching and Consulting, Heather’s signature scalable training allows her clients to reach their ambitious professional goals without missing out on their personal life.

Heather brings nearly 20 years of senior-level leadership, strategy development, and coaching experience to her work. She delivers client results through one-on-one coaching, strategic consulting, and customized resources.

Through her insightful and resourceful approach, Heather has guided and mentored hundreds of leaders worldwide. If you are ready to build your own actionable leadership plan, click here to get in contact with Heather.

  1. Raymond Ndjonok Tonye (@xc10_coachray)

Raymond Ndjonok Tonye is a leadership coach, speaker, and founder of XC10 Leadership Coaching – a business that provides leadership coaching, accountability & community to help self-motivated men to lead a more meaningful and successful life.

Formerly an NCAA Division I Football athlete, he teaches timeless lessons he learned from life, business, and high-level competitive sports to empower his clients to become greater leaders and men. Raymond believes that special leaders and men aren’t born, they’re made through purposeful manhood.

His mission is to ignite a fire that inspires a new generation of top-tier leaders and men to literally shake the world. If you’re highly driven to become a greater man, claim your personal power and lead a more successful life, click here to visit Raymond’s website to learn more.

  1. Janine Esbrand (@careerchangemaker)

Janine Esbrand is the founder of LightBox Coaching. Janine helps frustrated, bored, and burnt-out female lawyers transition into exciting, fulfilling, and impactful careers through her Career Clarity Academy Program. Her positivity and contagious optimism inspires her clients to make life-changing career transitions.

As an Executive Coach, TEDx Speaker, Podcast Host, and former corporate lawyer, Janine is on a mission to help women take control of their careers and rise to leadership positions doing work that they love. If you are ready for a career change and want to transition into an ideal role, click here to book a clarity call with Janine.

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