Top 10 Male Fitness Coaches That Can Transform Your Life

How can we start our fitness journey? What do we need to know in order to get the best results? How can we create healthy habits that lead to long-lasting changes? How important is nutrition on the road to health? This and many other questions are what these coaches help their clients gain clarity on. From regimes, techniques, and education, to building the right mindset to stay consistent and positive, they help you in setting the right goal to transform your health.

If you are planning to invest in yourself and want to take out any fitness-related guesswork, Building Your Authority has compiled a list of the top male fitness coaches to learn from in 2021.

These coaches have proven their reputation with years of undying passion for helping their mentees achieve good and consistent results. For them, providing high-level education and direction is an absolute priority when it comes to helping their clients transform their lives into stronger and fitter versions of themselves. Spanning from people who have never stepped foot into the gym to people who are competing professionally on the international stage, from nutrition to correct form, from recovery regimes to athletic training, these coaches have it covered.

  1. Brian Nunez (@coachbriannunez)

Brian Nunez is the owner and founder of FNS Training Center, voted the #1 rated health club in the Bay Area over the last 5 years. With nearly 20 years of coaching experience working with hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, Brian and his team create life-changing results through his custom coaching programs, speaking events, and social media content.

Brian and his team help busy professionals take control of their health and wellness through personalized performance programs. Brian’s work has brought him accolades as a “Global Nike Master Trainer” and the “2019 IDEA WORLD Personal Trainer of the Year”, with specific recognition for his FNS 5 Pillar Performance coaching program. If you’re a stressed-out and over-worked busy professional looking to take control of your health—with no extreme challenges or diets, just sustainable results—contact Brian and his FNS Training Center team today.

  1. Teaghan Avrett (@Gohanhainz)

Teaghan Avrett is a Lifestyle Fitness & Competition Prep Coach at Precision Elite. He truly understands the pain points of working adults. After a decade of learning from numerous high-level coaches, implementing various training styles and diets, he has the knowledge to get his clients to their end goal without sacrificing all the foods and lifestyle they love.

Teaghan’s philosophy of crafting a plan to help his clients surpass their goals starts with their day-to-day lifestyle, routine, and food they already love eating. He believes the best strategy is one that is sustainable and simple. His motto is “What good is progress if it’s not sustainable?”

He believes in educating his clients by explaining the “why” behind every decision regarding optimizing metabolisms and hormones while building a strong mindset. Teaghan believes the first step to making the physique of his client’s dreams starts with building a positive attitude. If you are ready to take your health & fitness to the next level or want to take the first step in becoming a healthier version of yourself, apply for coaching here.

  1. Andre Crews (@andrecrews)

André Crews began his fitness journey as an unhealthy, unhappy corporate banker who spent way more time drinking at the bar than lifting a barbell. In 2010, he left the bank to pursue his passion. André lost 25 lbs. that year by eating better, drinking less, and working out!

In 2012, André earned his Personal Training Cert and fell in love with the practice.  Over the last 9 years, he has helped motivate, challenge, and inspire folks from all walks of life to be the best versions of themselves! Today he owns and trains at 150 BayFit and Prosper Private Training in Downtown Jersey City.

His program Crews Control on the Ladder Teams iOS app is the next best thing to training with him in person! Members in the program get brand new workouts daily, community support, and direct access to André for coaching, nutritional guidance, and accountability. To find out how Andre can transform your life, check out: 2021 Transformation with André.

  1. Marcos (aka Pico) Cardenas (@pico_cardenas)

Marcos Cardenas a.k.a. Pico is the owner/founder of Bossletics Gym in Dickinson, TX, as well as an online and in-person coach. Pico is also teamed up with Hybralete Fitness where he coaches clients for bodybuilding competitions and helps with men’s posing routines. He also specializes in strength and conditioning for young athletes in all sports.

Pico also specializes in weight loss transformation, lifestyle clients, and macro coaching. Pico has helped change many peoples’ lives through his online and in-person training, from losing over 100 pounds, reversing diabetes, and coaching competitors placing top 5 in their class. Pico has also competed in bodybuilding competitions placing 3rd, 5th, and 1st in his previous shows.

He believes your mental strength is just as important as physical when it comes to achieving anything in life. The body follows the mind so whether it’s in person or online training, he focuses on his clients practicing positive self-talk, self-confidence, and having a zero-option mentality when it comes to achieving a fitness or life goals. If you would like to check out his online and in-person coaching or even visit his gym, visit or @bossletics_gym.

  1. Van Marinos (@vanmarinos)

Van Marinos is the founder of Community Moves Health & Fitness, in Sydney, Australia. Community Moves was designed to address the alarming physical inactivity rates of adults over 50 and the impact that this is having on the wider health system.

Van’s mission is for Community Moves to be a force for good that improves the health of the whole population of older adults in Australia and beyond. Community Moves delivers specialized group exercise classes that help people who are over 50 improve their physical, mental, and social health.

Van also has a 12-week online program that was created for his members during the COVID lockdown and is now available for anyone to access. Van is an Accredited Exercise Scientist with Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA).

He holds a Master’s Degree with Honors in Sports Coaching, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Movement and Health, and has over 15 years experience in sports development, coach education, and fitness. You can connect with Van and the “Community Moves” community by heading to the CM Facebook business page

  1. Brandon Kempter (@brandonkempter)

Brandon Kempter is the founder of BK conditioning and lifetime Natural Body Builder. He has competed successfully in bodybuilding across multiple federations since a teenager, earning his Pro card in 2016 and competing internationally. He has worked in the fitness industry since 2012 and has successfully coached natural athletes from amateur to pro international level.

Brandon’s love, passion, and care for his clients are like no other. He will put you first and help you through tough times to achieve your goals and to be in the best shape of your life! Brandon shares “I made mistakes and wasted a lot of my years just lifting with a “bro-science” approach”.

Brandon would be best described as a perfectionist with a passion for the science and application of evidence-based nutrition and training related to body composition manipulation. He is extremely outcome orientated and is committed to getting the best results for his clients through the application of the well-strategized methodology and creating quality relationships.

  1. Brad Becca (@bj_bec)

Brad Becca is a knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate professional coach that’s committed to helping you achieve your fitness and health goals in 2021. He is an entrepreneur and the founder of BB Athletics – a brand that is devoted to servicing all of your fitness and lifestyle needs! Brad has been transforming his clients’ lives through fitness and lifestyle coaching for over 2 years.

He has captured the attention of people from all over the world with his unique training style & popular fitness app Through the implementation of his training programs, his clients have enhanced their quality of life while experiencing positive physiological, physical, mental, and performance benefits.

Brad’s unique workouts are designed for anyone looking to maximize their movement in a progressive, enjoyable, and challenging way. Brad also holds the title of Spa Partner at a local Health & Wellness Spa called “Thrive”. Here, he services individuals’ health needs utilizing modalities like Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Float Therapy, & Red Light Therapy. For more information on BB Athletics & how to train with Brad, visit his site website

  1. Bryce Bahm (@brycebahm)

Bryce has spent his entire career teaching people through his experience on how to mindfully choose applications that produce results for them. Only then does a program prove to be effective. Workouts on paper will never be enough. You need a reason for every step you make in the gym — every application, every rep, every set, and your intent repeated over time.

“The Execution Pro(gram)” is the furthest thing from a program. It’s an experience.Workouts and exercises aren’t enough to build results. There needs to be meaning. Bryce has compiled hours of content to bring your training experience to life.

In the Execution Pro(gram), Bryce teaches you the why’s for every single part of the training experience. This is your ticket to learn how to overcome setbacks, plateaus, injuries, maybe even lapses in motivation. All the while producing the fastest results you’ve had to date.

  1. Reen Stewart (@reen_stewart)

After six years of competitive Muay Thai fighting, Reen became passionate about the nutrition side of the lifestyle. He also developed a strong interest in the effects of food and training on body shape and structure. Things did not change overnight, but after another 6 years of living a healthy lifestyle and following a sound weight training program, Reen was finally ready to take the next step and enter the first natural bodybuilding competition, in May 2018.

Reen knew he had found his niche when he won 4 natural bodybuilding shows in a row and turned pro in his first year. Since then, Reen has enjoyed great success in this amazing sport. It’s this wealth of experience and knowledge as well as his passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals that make “Reen Stewart Fitness” so unique.

  1. Zach Deckelbaum (@coachzachdeck)

As an Assistant FRS Instructor, Zach has years of experience applying the “Functional Range System” to overcome joint limitations and unlock movement potential. Zach’s goal is simple; Help as many people as possible. Zach founded MoveHow as a way of achieving this goal through remote mobility training, as he realized joint mobility is missing from many training populations worldwide.

Coming from an athletic background, Zach overcame a number of sports-related injuries at a young age, leading to his interest in joint health. He attended university where he graduated with his Bachelor in Exercise Science. After graduating, Zach became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) before beginning his personal training career in NYC.

After attending FRC in 2014, Zach became a Kinstretch instructor in 2016 and has been teaching ever since. Zach now lives in Austin, Texas, where he trains privately. Zach has worked with a wide array of clients, ranging from professional athletes, dancers, and circus performers, to everyday desk jockeys and injury rehabilitation patients.

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