Top 10 Tennessee Small Business Entrepreneurs of 2021

Nestled among rolling hills and famous for its vibrant country music scene Tennessee is a unique state full of opportunity. A beautiful state with so much to appreciate, travelers and entrepreneurs alike flock to Tennessee, cultivating its small business scene and impacting their communities.

With so much to offer, entrepreneurs are building businesses in The Volunteer State and seeing immense success as 2021 continues to turn the corner. This list highlights the ingenuity of Tennessee and the top ten small business entrepreneurs in the state in no particular order.

Alexandra Nicole Nolan

Entrepreneur and creator behind City Chic Living Blog and founder of The Confident Boss Academy, Alexandra Nicole Nolan @alexandra.nicole is a powerhouse entrepreneur in the digital marketing world.

Alexandra, helps other aspiring businessmen and women achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. “Digital media and branding are all about content and design, and I teach my clients how to create the best material that will drive profits,” states Alexandra. Featured in Forbes, The New York Weekly Times, and Hollywood Digest, Alexandra brings business to digital.

P​hillip Ashley

P​hillip Ashley Rix @phillipashley is a world premier chef and luxury chocolate designer located in Memphis. With an international following and high-end clientele, Phillip brings luxury and impeccable taste to Tennessee.

“I believe in combining exquisite edible art with hospitality,” explains Phillip. “To me, chocolate is more than a treat. It’s an experience and curating that is the main goal of my business.” Named the “Real Life Willy Wonka” by Forbes Magazine, Phillip has created decadent sweets for Hollywood’s elite attending the Oscars, Grammys, and Emmys.

A​manda Bass

A​n expert in designer handbags, Amanda Bass @diariesofawarriormom, curates luxury pieces for customers looking to make an investment in heirloom pieces. To Amanda, handbags are more than a trendy piece to an outfit. They represent a timeless elegance for any occasion.

Amanda has created a personal shopping experience on her website for her customers giving them access to the best pieces. “My business is centered around the customer and presenting them the true artistry of luxury handbags,” explains Amanda. “It’s a one-on-one shopping experience just like you’d get in a store, except it’s from the comfort of your own home.”

C​ollin Bercier

C​ollin Bercier of @yourounceofhope has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and launched his wildly successful cannabis company challenging how we look at healthcare and providing options for those who need it most.

As regulations continue to change, Collin’s aquaponic cannabis farm and dispensary is becoming a well-known business in Tennessee, providing a wealth of knowledge for those interested in cannabis.

Too many people have lost their battles to various diseases like MS or struggled with Epilepsy because of antiquated laws. We are thrilled to change that, and that fuels us to go above and beyond.

Jennifer Burris

J​ennifer Burris is an acclaimed fashion entrepreneur and owner of the Ivory Closet Boutique @shopivorycloset. Designer of the fashion line Haus of Vox Jennifer’s store is a Memphis establishment with vibrant energy and southern flair. “I live to celebrate small successes, and I design because I believe it is an outlet for empowerment,” states Jennifer.

“Growing up in the rural south, I scavenged thrift stores, and that sharpened my eye for quality and design.” Also, the CEO of Vox Enterprises, Jennifer, has thrived against the odds and built a notable business in the heart of Tennessee.

Tara Joseph

T​ara Joseph is the co-founder and CEO of 3rd Eye High @3rdeyehi, a Nashville-based subscription-box company aiming to improve women’s health and wellness through CBD and non-CBD products. An artist at heart with a background in fashion design, retail management, and branding, Tara delivers products that elevate a woman’s beauty and lifestyle effortlessly.

“My inspiration is about empowering women,” says Tara. “Every moment is the perfect moment to take control of our lives, so don’t be afraid to start now!” With hand-picked items and curated events, 3rd Eye High is making waves as a creative business in the state.

P​reston Hudson

A​ man of many talents, Preston Hudson @platinumjewelers901 is a graduate of the University of Memphis and an experienced entrepreneur. After having worked in information technology, Preston followed his passion and became a certified gemologist, opening Platinum Jewelers, a custom jeweler specializing in one-of-a-kind pieces.

“We are passionate about quality and cater to clients looking for unique and high-quality jewelry,” says Preston. “You won’t find our pieces anywhere else.” An expert in jewels but not stopping there, Preston is also part-owner of the Southern Social, a southern-fine dining experience.

L​orrie Fisk

L​orrie Fisk is the co-owner of A Beautiful You Medical Spa @abeautifulyoumedicalspa alongside her husband JL, an aesthetic medical spa that helps patients make cosmetic changes to enhance their inner beauty. Through safe and effective treatments, they offer affordable treatments in Memphis and the surrounding area.

“We strive to make good things happen for others,” explains Lorrie. “Our team is comprised of specialists who listen to our patients and understand how they want to feel.” A business rooted in service, A Beautiful You Medical Spa offers injectables, micro-needling, and skin rejuvenation safely and effectively.

Sarah K. Hammer

Sarah K. Hammer @skhammer is a Nashville-based content creator, and wellness influencer focused on building community through social media. Whether it’s through travel or adventure, Sarah has created a niche community helping keep others happy and healthy.

“I love the outdoors and travel, so sharing my tips came naturally to me,” says Sarah. “The content I share is educational and inspiring, and I strive to be a voice for those trying to live their best lives.” Sarah’s platform is well-rounded, helping her followers improve not just their physical health but their spiritual, intellectual, and social health as well.

A​lex Rasmussen

C​o-founder of the boutique marketing firm Neon Canvas @neoncanvas, Alex Rasmussen, specializes in marketing for orthodontics and has contributed to the success of countless practices. Recipient of multiple awards, including Best Place to Work by the Memphis Business Journal twice, Alex has always been dedicated to entrepreneurship and hard work.

“I was so good at my job a customer approached me and asked if I would form a business with them,” says Alex. “Here we are a few years later with Neon Canvas under our belt.” Piggybacking from that success, Alex has branched out into real-estate, advertising, and professional speaking.

These ten small business entrepreneurs are showing the country what Tennessee is made of one venture at a time.

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