Top 12 Motivational Men on Instagram

I love to look at every form of social media as a tool to grow your business, expand your influence, and inspire your audience. As you know Instagram is where it’s at right now with the different features and the ability to have “unlimited followers” instead of a Facebook profile OR a Facebook page that no one sees unless you pay.   

If you haven’t started using Instagram, get on it ASAP. They say over “90 percent of marketers who employ an influencer marketing strategy believe it is successful”. Instagram is powerful and if you’re going to be on, follow the people that are killing it and adding value.

Today, I’m sharing with you a list of the Top 12 Motivational Men to follow on Instagram. 

1. Joel Brown:

Joel Brown is the founder of Addicted 2 Success, a site he created with the intention for it to be the #1 motivation site in the world. Joel’s passion is to transform lives with the blog, podcast, and social media. Joel has reached well over 143 million viewers since he got started. His Instagram is updated every day with motivational quotes, videos, and highlights of other high-level entrepreneurs that are bound to help you keep up your momentum and crush it! Check out Joel on Instagram!

2. Peter Voogd:

Peter Voogd is the founder of the Game Changers Academy, a best selling author of Ambition is Priceless and 6 Figures to 6 Months. He has been called the leading authority for millennials and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Success magazine. His Instagram feed is filled with a saturated dose of his contagious crush-it mentality that will have you pushing for more on the daily. Check out Peter on Instagram!

3. Ed Mylett:

Ed Mylett is just who his Instagram bio says, an entrepreneur and fitness addict. He is also the WFG Agency Chairman and has been listed as one of the Top 50 wealthiest under 50. With Ed’s experience of speaking in front of 5,000,00 people, it’s no surprise that his Instagram is full of his polarizing, no-nonsense message that will have you striving to model the best in order to become the best. He just got nominated as one of the fastest growing Instagram accounts, which is pretty legit. Check out Ed on Instagram!

4. Patrick Bet David:

Patrick Bet David is a former U.S. Military member, founder of PHP Agency Inc., and the host of Value Entertainment. Through Value Entertainment, Patrick has interviewed the likes of Kevin Hart, Deepak Chopra, and many more high-level influencers. Patrick’s focus is on impacting the next generations through challenging the status quo and offering entrepreneurship perspectives. Through his Instagram feed, he provides quotes to stoke the entrepreneurial fire, insights into his interviews, and a look into his daily life. Check out Patrick on Instagram.   

5. Casey Adams:

Casey Adams is a 17-year-old entrepreneur, best-selling author of Rise of the Young, podcast host, public speaker, and brand strategist. Casey has been able to work with top influencers to take their brands to the next level and build his own personal following to 163,000+. Casey stands as CEO of two separate companies and is passionate about the power of masterminds, having hosted events across the US reaching over 200+ at a time. Check out Casey on Instagram!

6. Dan Fleyshman:

Dan Fleyshman is well known for being the youngest founder of a publicly traded company. However, among his many other accolades, he is a consultant to over 26 companies, CEO of Victory Poker, host of live event Elevator Nights, cryptocurrency investor, author of How to Set-Up Your Business for Under $1000, and has a charity called Model Citizen Fund. Dan has invested his time into educating entrepreneurs throughout all phases of their journey. That is exactly what he is doing through his Instagram, sharing videos with applicable tips to turn your business and life around. Check Dan out on Instagram!

7. Jason Stone:

Jason Stone is someone who became an entrepreneur later in life. He started out as a mechanical engineer, launching an engineering company, Treadstone Performance Engineering, only to go on to become the biggest Instagram influencer worldwide. With his Instagram account Millionaire Mentor, Jason has built a following of 3 million! Jason began a personal account nearly a year ago and has since accumulated 288,000 followers, sharing his daily updates with a look into his personal life as a highly successful entrepreneur, husband, and father. Check out Jason on Instagram!

8. Randall Pich:

Randall Pich is the founder and CEO of the notable fashion and lifestyle brand Live Fit Apparel, a company that encompasses a few aspect of Randall’s lifestyle, fitness, skateboarding, and surfing. Through Live Fit, Randall is promoting a healthy, fit, and trendy lifestyle. And what’s impressive is that every-time I go to the gym, 50% of the gym is wearing LVFT. Randall shares more of his personal/ business life with his 286,000 followers on his own IG account. Check out Randall on Instagram!

9. Jarrod Glandt:

Jarrod Glandt is the VP of sales at Cardone Enterprises and the Co-Host of Young Hustlers Podcast. Jarrod is Grant Cardone’s right hand man who started at the bottom in Cardone’s Enterprise. Through the Young Hustler podcast Jarrod is reaching the GEN-Y audience and creating a movement to crush generational stereotypes. Jarrod shares sneak peeks into 10X and Cardone Enterprises as well as his own personal and family through his Instagram account. Check out Jarrod on Instagram!

10. Steven Bartlett:

Steven Bartlett is the co-founder and CEO of Soul Chain, a global social media agency with a goal to help brands reach millions through engaging communities and influencer marketing. Steven’s passions are both apparent in his company’s work as well as his own personal account. He is determined to engage and inspire the next generations through thought-provoking, positive content. Through his Instagram, Steven provides his following of 286,000 with a daily perspective on motivation, relationships, community, business, and overall entrepreneurship. Check out Steven on Instagram!

11. Caleb Maddix:

Caleb Maddix is a 16-year-old serial entrepreneur, the Co-Founder of Maddix Publishing and author of 9 books, keynote speaker, and millionaire. He’s interviewed with Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, and has spoken on the same stage as Gary Vaynerchuck. With a unique upbringing from his, dad Matt, Caleb jump-started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age and through his Instagram is impacting his generation with the power of ideas and action. Check out Caleb on Instagram!

12. Gerard Adams:

Gerard Adams is known as the Millennial Mentor. He’s an entrepreneur, angel investor, and host of the show “Leaders Create Leaders”. Gerard’s passion now is to inspire the millennial generation through educating them on how they can leverage their passions to build their own empires successfully. Through his Instagram account, Gerard is producing high-value content that any millennial will want to check out. Check out Gerard on Instagram!


Go give these guys a follow to stay connected and learn how they are crushing it on Instagram. Many have scaled and grown their audience through time and intention, and their results show that.

Join me on Instagram @ NicholasBayerle and tell me what you think of this article and who inspires you through their Instagram content.

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