Top 15 Combin Alternatives for Explosive Instagram Growth

Growing your Instagram account and boosting your brand’s credibility can be a tedious process if you go about it manually. From liking posts to sending DMs and following other users, the entire process is time-consuming, stressful, and quite frankly, inefficient. If you’re looking to boost your growth in a more effective way, check out these top fifteen alternatives to the popular platform Combin. 

Each tool offers services that will not only grow your audience and increase the followers of your page but can also add likes, story views, and even manage your other social media platforms. Keep reading to learn more about these awesome and reliable Instagram tools. 

1. YoViral

Not only does YoViral provide organic growth and engagement, but you’ll also get likes and views delivered to your content within under a minute of uploading it. This will ensure that your content is viewed by as many people as possible, effectively increasing your reach each time you post new content. YoViral never uses any bots or fake accounts, only 100% real and active Instagrammers who are already interested in the type of content you’re creating. 

YoViral is a tool you’ll definitely want to try out this year, whether you’re new to Instagram or a seasoned veteran of the platform. Growing your audience manually is pretty much the least effective way to get it done, but using an Instagram growth tool can automate the process and make things that much easier.

2. ViralRace

The second tool on our list is ViralRace. This effective Instagram growth tool comes from a place of legitimacy and quality, providing your account with only 100% real and engaged followers, likes, and views. When it comes to your Instagram account, who your audience is matters more than anything else. If your following is comprised of mostly bots or fake accounts, your potential followers will know; as will Instagram. In fact, as of this August, the platform has seriously cracked down on fake accounts and bots, so you have no choice but to use a high-quality service to grow your page. 

ViralRace is so effective at providing real followers because of its focused approach. Let’s say you’re a clothing brand and you’re looking to boost your followers to increase sales. ViralRace will target Instagram users who are already interested in your type of product or content, so the followers you gain will interact with your posts and (hopefully) purchase your products. Targeting specific audiences is a surefire way to find lasting followers and customers. 

Whenever you post, you’ll get instant, real likes on your content. This will help boost your popularity and put your posts in front of more people. Combined with smart hashtags on your part, the potential for growth and reach is unlimited. ViralRace is the leading marketplace for businesses and influencers alike. If you’re looking to boost your social proof and provide your brand with a level of credibility that will take you to the next level, you need ViralRace. 

3. Ingramer

Ingramer boasts twice as an effective Instagram bot than the competition, potentially increasing your growth twofold over the course of your service. Using pro targeting filters, you’ll generate real likes, followers, and page views, and the smart hashtag tool will help you generate the right hashtags for each post. Choosing the right hashtags is half the battle when growing your content’s reach, so let Ingramer help you choose the exact tags your posts need. 

With automated tools, you can rest easy knowing that your Instagram is constantly in motion, even when you’re not active on the platform. Don’t waste time liking endless posts, following endless accounts, and crossing your fingers in the hopes that you’ll get follow-backs. Ingramer will ensure you’re reaching the necessary audience, and you’ll never again have to spend countless hours liking posts and following pages. 

4. Buzzoid

Instagram is a powerful platform for businesses to grow their customer base and expand their marketing reach. Buzzoid is a popular Instagram tool that’s used to grow your followers, increase your likes, and much more. Social media is pretty much a requirement in the business world, so why not make your social media work for you? 

The more efficient and focused your social media efforts are, the better your pages will perform, and the greater your reach will be. Try one of Buzzoid’s packages today for 25% off discount on your first order.

5. SocialCaptain

If you want more real Instagram followers, SocialCaptain can provide. With automated targeted marketing delivered by the service’s AI, your content will reach the people that will actually be interested enough in it to follow your page and share the content. Engagement is half the battle with social media, as most users simply look at something once and keep scrolling. With SocialCaptain, you’ll be provided with high-quality likes and an automated service that makes growing your account simpler than ever. 

SocialCaptain starts at just $15 for a week of service and includes smart automation, real-time results, unlimited actions, and live analytics. The analytics will show you just how well your marketing efforts are performing, as well as how many new likes and followers you’re generating. 

6. SNS Growth

SNS Growth for Instagram is a unique tool. It will interact with your followers on your behalf, so you can instead focus on creating the high-quality content they came to see in the first place. You’ll get full control over your campaign, so you can target who you want, where you want, and how you want. Customized plans offer something for every kind of content and every budget.

The site will never ask for your Instagram password, so you can be certain that your efforts are not only effective, but your information is kept confidential as well. 

7. SimplyGram

With SimplyGram, you’ll get a more focused approach to your Instagram growth. You’ll provide details about your preferred audience, and from there, SimplyGram will set up Instagram accounts on your behalf to reach out to that audience and direct them to your main page.

The service has been featured by BuzzFeed, TIME, and more, and continues to grow its customer base and reputation as one of the best Instagram growth tools available today. 

If you’re interested in trying out SimplyGram, the service is offering a 3-day free trial, so you can get a closer look at just how it can help your account grow. 

8. MediaBooster

MediaBooster is a great tool for boosting your Instagram activity, and even offers a 7-Day free trial on its website; with a promise that you’ll love the service by day three. If you’re struggling to become an influencer, Mediabooster can help. 

Everything will be taken care of for you, all you need to do is decide who you want to reach. You’ll be able to focus on creating great content while MB focuses on growing your followers and increasing your content’s reach. 

With tailored audiences by location and hashtags, smart filtering for more focused reach, and a more personal touch than other services offer, MediaBooster is your go-to for Instagram growth. The set-up process takes only a few minutes, but you’ll start to see results within hours of setting up an account. You’ll also get a free profile analysis to identify where you need to improve.

9. Instamber

Instamber offers advanced marketing tools for influencers and businesses alike. Take your Instagram to the next level with these powerful tools and resources, such as auto DM, a scheduler, purchasable likes and views, and more. 

Instamber strives to serve its customers as best as possible, and you’ll find an excellent support staff available to answer any of your questions.

10. HyloSocial

For a 100% organic increase in both likes and followers, you need a powerful Instagram tool like Hylo. Hylo has achieved spectacular results such as 10,000 followers in five days, so this is definitely a service you’ll want to consider using in the future! Hylo’s clients have given it a five-star rating, and the results are real. 

You’ll get safe and secure Instagram growth, geographic and industry-specific targeting, and much more. Try Hylo today and start growing your account organically as quickly as possible! 

11. Auto Likes

Auto Likes is an automatic-liking service that’s trusted by over 5,000 businesses in forty countries. It’s been featured by INC., HuffPost, and Buffer, to name a few, and continues to create a name for itself in the Instagram tool world. 

The tool is safe to use and features 100% real human users, so you won’t have to worry about overcrowding your page with bots and fake accounts. This also helps you remain in compliance with Instagram’s terms of service, which prevents any flagging or account deletion. 

Auto Like’s packages are designed to fit any budget, so whether you’re already a major influencer with money to spare, or a new brand looking to expand your reach, there’s a package to meet your needs without breaking the bank. Everyone from influencers to non-profits and large corporations uses Auto Likes for their Instagram growth.

Auto Likes is offering a free 30-day trial for new users, so you can try out the software before you commit to buying it. Chances are, you’ll love it-as do its thousands of other customers all over the world. Best of all, you don’t have to use it only for your Instagram account, as Auto Likes is also compatible with Facebook and Twitter. 

12. Instafollowers

Instafollowers is a simple platform that offers likes, follows, and page views for multiple social media channels, including Instagram. Whether you’re new to the game or you’ve been Instagramming for years, your page can benefit from real likes and followers from Instafollowers. 

With instant delivery, a secure payment system, and 24/7 online support, you can be certain that you’re getting what you order, and that it’s going to work for your page instantly. Try Instafollowers today for just $3.90 for 100 Instagram followers, or $2.99 for 100 Instagram likes. 

13. Instapromote

Buying likes, views, and followers is simple with this easy to use platform. Instapromote doesn’t hide behind any gimmicks, tricks, or red tape. With instant delivery and high-quality results, you can be sure you’re getting what you pay for when you sign up with Instapromote. 

You’ll also get around the clock support, so no matter when your issue arises, it will be addressed with excellent customer service. Don’t waste time on other services who dance around the process; choose Instapromote for instant, high-quality results, and a customer support team that cares about its users. 

14. Instahero24

When it comes to buying followers, we’ve established that real people are much better than bots, and Instahero24 knows that better than anyone. In fact, the service’s website is full of graphics and facts that compare fake profiles to actual ones, establishing more than a few good reasons why you should opt for real people over AI profiles. 

The service is trusted by more than 120,000 people worldwide, so it’s got a reputation that can’t be argued with. It also offers one-of-a-kind 24/7 live chat; how many Instagram growth tools can say that?

15. SMMPoint

A simple and effective Instagram automation tool, SMMPoint is your go-to for high-quality automation, likes, and followers. You’ll not only get access to Instagram automation tools, but also analytics tools, a comparison tool, and more. Automating your social media accounts helps reduce the workload associated with maintaining and growing them manually, and with 24/7 support, you’ll be cared for no matter what time of day your problem arises.

SMMPoint is currently offering a seven-day free trial, so be sure to give the service a try before you decide whether or not to purchase it. The sign-up process is simple and 100% secure. You can also use SMMPoint for your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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