Top 15 Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai

best mobile app development companies in dubai

The world of technology is on its rise. Mobile and software solutions are being developed every hour with its new innovations and techniques. Hardware is being redesigned with the latest discovery every single minute. Along with the manufacture of hardware, there are companies and freelancers who develop software and apps, helping the large solution companies increase their sales.

As much as software for computers is important, the apps that help a mobile to run are also emerging every single day. The applications in a mobile phone are the ones apart from the OS, that help a mobile perform its functions. There are many countries that are very popular in developing software, mobile apps, and such. One of such countries is the United Arab Emirates. Mobile App Development in Dubai has become highly popular in recent times.

Dubai, being one of the most technical cities in the world, is releasing its new inventions into the world every single day. The mobile app developers in Dubai are known to be highly inventive and resourceful. Though there are many mobile app development companies in Dubai, only some are shortlisted to be the best.

List of Mobile App Development Agencies in Dubai


As a software company that helps a large number of enterprises and business solution companies reach their goals, FullyDigital is a software development company that mainly focuses on the latest industry techniques and trends. It is highly known for its innovations and technologies that help business solutions reach their target audience.

It helps the small, midsize and even larger companies increase their sales. They keep discovering new ways and methods to improve the experiences of the users by tailoring new ideas and putting them into work. It employs approximately 250 employees and pays the employee an average hourly rate of $25 to $49, based on resources. Its project size is normally $5000+.

FullyDigital helps its customers obtain popularity,  and is highly committed to building mobile applications with useful features that are highly valued by clients. It helps the large business solutions attain their unique needs and engages with the audience online to make the brand visible to many. They are highly known for their customized digital solutions that help large companies solve their business operations sooner.

They are very much sought after since they are normally known to embrace Cutting-Edge Technologies. They produce transcendental digital products with their great futuristic automation. Their employee group includes highly talented designers, Q/A, UI/UX, product management, developers, and data analytics, who create and develop modern solutions for all the business technicalities.

Their popular business solutions include MVP, Mobile App Development, User Experience (UX/UI), Ecommerce Web Development, Web Design and Development, Quality Assurance, DevOps and SecOps  Custom Software Solutions, and much more.

Some of its newly emerging technologies include Chatbots, the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and much more.


Their Mantra being “Be Thoughtful in Everything You Do”. They employ nearly 250 people and were founded in 2016. Although they are one of the most sought-after Mobile Development companies there is, their hourly pay is less than $25, which is comparatively low than the other companies.

They believe that if they put extra thought and effort into every idea and design they plan to do, it will exceed expectations. Their major service lines include Mobile App Development, E-Commerce Development, and Custom Software Development. Its industry focus is highly concentrated on E-commerce, Information Technology, and Retail.

They are known to provide quality and great service in form of solutions and apps to the customers and they take special care of each and every part of the project. They consider their key to this abundant success is their double lens view, which focuses on both the target audience and the client. While the part on target audience focuses on characteristics, needs, and problems, the client-side focuses on strategy, profitability, and market. The success of their products developed trust between the clients.

They develop apps and software with new innovative techniques, and they have been at the top of the market for ages. They have a strong team with various talents that strengthens the end value of the product’s quality.


Founded in 2014 and US-based, LabelFirm is one of the successful mobile app development companies in the world, with one of its branches located in Dubai. It specializes in Website Development and Mobile app development and has completed many successful projects. Though their average pay for an hour is low, it is one of the companies that is worth working in.

Some of their main services include technical consultation, mobile app development(Native and Cross), Web Application and Website development, UI/UX Design, UX analysis, hosting for websites and mobile apps, E-Commerce mobile app and websites, and much more.

They mainly focus on Mobile App Development, Web Development, and UX/UI Design, and their clients are majorly from Midmarket, and Small businesses, followed by Enterprises.

They are known to be innovative with their techniques and ideas and are popularly known for their development of user-friendly and informative websites, along with crucial mobile apps. They help the client reach the target audience with their websites and good tech products and software.


Though SkyBranding is a Dallas-based company, it is known to have many branches around the world, one of its most prominent branches being located in Dubai, UAE. Being one of the best digital transformation and software development companies with over 5 years of development experience. They produce and class software solutions and are one of the most sought after and prestigious companies in the world. They are popularly known for turning their technically innovative ideas into worthwhile software solutions.

They change their ideas into reality in the best way possible. Some of their fields of specialization include Enterprise Applications, applications for new and small startups, and small businesses. Their divisions also include health care, animal health, field automation, and much more. Some of their expertise areas include C++, Objective C, Angular, DevOps, Docker, Jenkins, Adobe Flash, Terraform, iOS, Android, Windows, Java, Javascript, and much more.

Their client focus is basically concentrated on Midmarket, which is approximately $1M to $10M, followed by Enterprise. It also focuses on small businesses. Their industrial focus is mainly on Information Technology, Automation, and Consumer Products and Services.

They are known for their mobile apps and web design solutions, that help small startups and businesses reach their target audience with their required output.


Known to be highly understanding and accommodating, Shoutzer was first founded in 2018. Later, after its development, it has been setting up many branches across the world, one of them being located in Dubai, UAE. It is a full-service agency, developing technical ideas and producing beautiful and innovative brands and digital products. They create solutions for small businesses, startups, and even enterprises. They use manpower and machine power to solve technical problems and have great employee morale. Its employees are intelligent, technically strong and are dedicated.

Their main focus being solutions and products for Social Media Marketing and Mobile App Development, they are also popularly sought after to create logos. They focus on Small businesses and Midmarket and their industry focus is mainly on Consumer Products and Services, Education and Energy & Natural Resources.

Their popularity is growing in the market every day and they are working harder with determination and power to obtain the expected results, to profit both the client and themselves.

DOIT Software

Equipped with top-notch technical engineers and creative minds, DOIT Software is known to pay their employees a minimum wage $25 to $49 per hour. They are known to work independently. A Massachusetts-based company with one of its premium branches located in Dubai, DOIT software was first founded in 2014 and has been developing ever since. Its minimum project size is $10,000 and is well known for its sustainable growth in the market since then. Its service lines are mainly focused on Mobile App Development, CRM Consulting and SI, and Custom Software Department. While its industrial focus is highly concentrated on the fields of Information Technology, Medical, and Education, its clientele focus is largely divided between Midmarkets, Enterprises and Small businesses, among which Midmarkets is known to be their highest concern.

Some of their key clients throughout the years include Royaltie, Inigo, Vigo Industries, Ideo Solutions, Silvana, Vonn Lighting , Unirgy Magento Extensions, Profitect, and much more.

They offer IT Staff Augmentation by hiring top-notch technically strong engineers with a considerable amount of experience. They like adding the expertise of the engineers into the product, bringing out the output more enhanced than the client asked for.

They can also help you develop software and custom mobile apps just with your ideas, from scratch, for your business.

They are among the best of Mobile App Developers in Dubai and are rising in the market every day.

Emirates Graphic

A company with multiple branches across the GCC Market in Riyadh, Kuwait, and Bahrain, Emirates Graphic was founded in 2012. They normally pay the employees $25 to $49 for an hour. Though they have many branches, their headquarters is actually located in Dubai.

They mainly focus on Mobile App Development, Web Design and Web Development. Their Industrial focus includes Education, Business Services, Supply Chain, Logistics and Transport. They also do work on programming and scripting. They are amongst one of the most sought after mobile app development companies in Dubai and have been in the top for a while.

Some of their key clients include SMSA, Emirates Policy Center, The Africa Institute, Jumeirah University, Sharjah Book Authority, OBS Group, Canonica, Flag Holding, Whisper, XXSIM, GetFit Dubai, The Guest List, UAE Staff, Brookes and Partners, CPDAA and much more. The popularity and quality of the product can exactly be known by the success of its clients.

The Employees have quoted that “It’s very convenient and easy to work with” Emirates Graphics. They also handle UI/UX Designing.

They are popularly known for designing user friendly and beautiful websites for its clients. It improves the client’s online marketing and helps them develop its online presence. They have also said they are on their way of becoming the market leader in 2020.

They have been known to be acquainted with some particularly large firms in the GCC region, especially around UAE and Saudi Arabia.

With an environment that makes the employees comfortable to work in, they help the client do what they exactly want, only with much better output. It also empowers the employees by letting them input their choices and ideas into the projects. Their apps and software solutions are highly innovative and are known to be technically empowering the client’s business. It helps them interact with its audience and capture their attention, and also helps them know the target audience’s exact requirements.


With their key clients all around the globe, Zoondia are renowned for offering ingenious ideas and solutions to the clients and solving their business hurdles. They also make sure later that they are maintained in a proper way with their maintenance solutions. They have clients from many of the notable cities in the world, and that includes the US, Australia, UK and Middle East. it concentrates much on the productivity and profit the product brings to the client, and they use the latest technology to create the solutions. Zoondia is reviewed to be one of the most committed and dedicated companies a business client could seek help from. Though it is a Kerala-Based firm, it also has branches all over the world, one of them being located in Dubai. It was founded in 2008 and pays the employees less than $25 for an hour, which is known to be comparatively lower than the other companies.

Their solutions are affordable , and they are one of the most sought after IT companies across the globe. They highly specialize in mobile, cloud and web applications. They recruit highly experienced technical experts and create a strong group of employees, which they consider to be one of their main success factors. They are highly professional, innovative and efficient with its unique outsourcing solutions. Their employees are known to be thorough in Open Source technologies, computing, Java, Mobile and Web technologies.

Zoondia has been helping Enterprises, Startups, Consultants and Agencies since the day they were found, with their innovative ideas and solutions to solve business problems.

They specialize in BI, Mobile and Web Application Development, Custom software development, Resource Augmentation, UX/UI Design Services, DevOps Services, Test Automation and much more.

They focus their service lines majorly on Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development and Web Development. Its client focus is highly on Small businesses and Midmarket, only then followed by enterprises. Their industrial focus, on the other hand, is very much versatile. It focuses on Medicine, Information Technology, Logistics, Transport, and Supply chain.

It’s well-reviewed and is recommended by many.

SVAP Infotech

Employing nearly 1000 people and Jaipur-Based, SVAP Infotech is one of the leading web and mobile app development companies in India. In order to grow their company, they have set up various branches all across the globe, one of its branches located in Dubai. It was founded in 2015 and has worked on and developed thousands of mobile app and web application projects since then. They also serve clients overseas at affordable clients. Even the most advanced technically innovative projects are done here with its group of strong and experienced group of employees. Their recruits are hardworking and technically much strong and experienced.

Among its many services, some of its major services include digital marketing, fantasy sports development, clone app development, website development, web design, mobile app development and even content writing and much more.

They mainly focus on clients of Midmarket and Small business among others. Their industrial focus is unwaveringly on Gaming and Advertising and marketing. Their service line’s main concentration is on Mobile App Development, AR/VR development and Custom Software development. The list of its key clients include MyTeam11, Myplay11, Alshorts, E-Gaming, Story Pie, VIP and much more.

Silicon Graphics

Marked as one of the highly reliable companies, Silicon Graphics was first founded in 2008, located in Dubai. It is quoted as one of the world’s leading “accelerated execution partners” for Enterprises, Entrepreneurs, Technology solution providers, Angel, VC, and PE investors. With a team of highly trained employees and its cutting-edge innovation, Silicon Graphics attain the expected result by putting their expertise in various fields like ideation, development, customer acquisition, growth-hacking, private and crowdfunding, to use. They have helped hundreds of business startups and enterprises to obtain solutions at affordable rates, while at the same time delivering an exponential increase in financial productivity. They pay the employees a minimum of $25 an hour and their minimum project size is $10,000+.

Their service line majorly focuses on Mobile App Development, E-Commerce Development and Web development. They majorly focus on producing solutions for Small businesses, enterprises, and Midmarket. Their industrial focus is concentrated on eCommerce, Education and Information Technology.

Some of their important clients include Alokozay, NRTC Fresh, Minutes, Karen Millen, UAE Hyatt Place, Hyatt Galleria, Grand Hyatt, CAC International Bank, Tadbeer, Al-Abbas Group, Al Manazil Group, Diamond Developers, ICONS, Train 60, Laudy Hub, S-Hotels, Time House, The Amit group and much more.

It is a development hub for the greatest ideas and is growing every day. They make sure that both the client and target audience are profited along with the company’s development.

Icreativez Technologies

Excelling majorly at Website designing, Mobile and Desktop App development, enterprise Software Development, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Solutions, Web development, IT and Research-based Consultancy, SharePoint Development, UI/UX design and SEO, Icreativez Technologies is one of the growing companies in recent times.

It was founded in 2009 and is Pakistan-based, with its branches all over the world, including one in Dubai. The company is filled with technical geniuses and technologies and ideas that are later produced into solutions for the business of the clients. They utilize innovative software, new technologies and make sure that the output is upto the mark. They have clients locally and internationally, making them deal with valuable clients.

With great resources and new services, they are one of the award winning Web Design, SEO agency,Mobile App Development company in Dubai. They are highly heterogeneous with their projects and are easily reachable through email and phone. They are also acquainted with free consultancy, and the business automation process of Icreativez is known to be up to the mark.

They majorly focus on Mobile App Development, Search Engine Optimization and WebDesign, with their clients being equally shared between the worlds of Midmarket and Small Business, followed by Enterprises.

Some of its key clients include Pak Suzuki Motor, Aga Khan Hospital, Government of Pakistan, Government of Sindh, Accelerated Action Plan, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport(CILT) and Pryme Global.

They are well sought after due to their affordability and reliability with the solutions.

Appville Softwares

Known for their adaptability to any situation and listening to their customers first and dealing with their requirements, Appville Software are popularly known for their Mobile Apps with AR/VR solutions.

They are popularly known for their mobile apps of Android and iOS. Their mobile app solutions are highly innovative and user-friendly that include many apps to deal with daily basic needs like GPS, Delivery schedule, and other retail and engineering solutions for students and also professionals.

Some of their other great solutions include Digital Twin and digitalization, Industrial IOT, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, and much more. The company has been at the top of the market for a while and is known for its perfect solutions.

Their service lines are majorly focused on Mobile App Development, AR/VR development, and IR Strategy Consulting. Their clientele focus is concentrated on Midmarket, Small business, and Enterprises.

They are India-based, with their main office located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It has branches located all over the world, one of its important ones being in Dubai.

A Performance of a company can only be determined by its reach with its clients. Some of the key clients of Appville include Indian L&T valves, India fanatics, India Mac due, Italy ITC, India Oui Watch, Hongkong Penguin Engineers, India Roots Multiclean, India Encore systems, and much more.


One of the most popular and much sought-after mobile app development companies in the world, MobiiWorld is an award-winning, full-service design and development mobile app agency. It is Dubai-Based, with its main office located in Dubai. Founded in 2010, it was the only mobile app development company in the region to have won at the Cannes Lions Award festival in 2016, followed by multiple Dubai Lynx Mobile Apps Awards and SL Magazine Mobile Apps Award for developing the best shopping app of that year, Geant Hypermarkets. They are inventive and technically strong with a group of genius engineers, designers and technicians. They are highly praised for their mobile games and mobile apps.

Their minimum project size is $25,000+, with the average pay of $50-$90/hour to an employee.

They majorly focus on Mobile App Development and Mobile App Marketing, followed by UX/UI design. Their industrially focused fields are majorly narrowed down to Information Technology, Gaming, and Business Services.

They have key clients all around the globe and ship solutions for businesses every single hour of the day, contributing to the world of mobile app development.

Quanta Software Solutions

Known to be a result driver digital agency in Dubai, Quanta Software solutions were founded in 2005 and has been flourishing for over a decade now. It is Dubai-based, and provides the best solutions for its clients, by utilizing its indispensable resources like its group of qualified technicians and experienced engineers and designers.

Some of its major service lines include Website Development, Mobile App Development for both iOS and Android, SEO Services, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Data Entry Services, Online Reputation Management and Graphic Designs. They are easily contactable and are sought after to provide business-related services.

Its social media marketing includes reaching out to the target audience through popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter and much more.

They are majorly focused on Mobile App Development, Web Development and Social Media Marketing and they excel at it.

QTech Networks

One of the companies based in Jordan with one of its branches located in Dubai, it is a full-service digital media firm with creative and innovative solutions. It is filled with employees with years of experience in web development and online marketing. Mobile App Development, Website Development are known to be their cup of tea. With a minimum project size of $5,000+ and known to pay the employees an average of $100-$149 per hour, QTech Networks focuses on the needs of both the employees and the clients.

The main characteristics required to be a part of this renowned company is to work under and handle pressure, along with producing the work with exceptional quality.

The Service Lines they majorly focus on are Mobile App Development and Web Development and unlike many companies they imply 95% of their focus on small businesses and the remaining on Midmarket.

Some of their important key clients include UNESCO,UNICEF, Pearl Industries, Toni&Guy, Landmark Hotel, Kabi Holding, Arthur Murray Studios, ChilliHouse, Cell Avenue and much more.

They also give importance to Programming and Scripting skills when choosing an employee.

They have been known to be acquainted with and to have maintained partnership with various advertising companies all around the globe and are highly renowned and popularly known for the quality of their service and their high end solutions, which help many startups and small businesses solve their problems and also create websites that help them to  interact and understand the needs of the targeted audience. They can also be contacted easily, making them reliable and present in time of need with their support and new innovative ideas.

Mobile Apps and Softwares:

mobile app development agency

Typical small softwares that have limited functions yet manage to provide quality services, are called Mobile Applications. They are smaller in size than softwares and are of limited edition. They are designed to run the mobile and provide the user their needs. There are apps being developed for everything a human might require.

There are apps for work, professions, career research, food, entertainment like movies, gaming, GPS, Calendar, Alarm and much more. They are generally downloaded from Google Play Store for Android Phones and App Store for iPhones since iPhones require a more protected version of certain apps. They are designed in a similar way as that of desktop applications and web applications.

The term “app” is actually short for “software application”, and it was actually listed as “Word of the Year”, by the American Dialect Society in 2010. They even thought that mobile phones can be nicknamed “app phones”, due to the popularity of the word “app”.


Mobile App Development Companies are ruling half the tech world in recent times and companies and software solutions are being set up everywhere, even as we speak. These mobile app developers all around the world are hired to create new ideas and bring out the output in form of products and technical solutions. Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai are not all Dubai-Based, yet the branches of other companies set up here produce great results in the field of mobile and continue to thrive every day. The app developers in Dubai are paid well and have their perks, along with their jobs and experience.

Developers in Dubai are known to earn well enough as any other profession there is and this is a growing field with new innovations and techniques being brought out into the world every second. Resources are utilized, the needs and requirements of the target audience is noted and finally, using the great team of employees, the apps are designed, which makes the mobiles multi-purpose and very dimensional.


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