Top 15 Social Media Marketing Companies in Dallas

social media marketing company in dallas

The World of Technology has been growing at an alarming rate every day of the week. Marketing has become a necessity for the growth of companies and businesses and the reach of their products requires a platform that helps them get sold fast. The world has been developing every single day, with its new innovative software and hardware.

Technology includes tech hardware, like computers, laptops, and mobile phones Software helps the machines process the data, producing results. The development of software led to the discovery of social media and social media marketing. This article tells us about Social Media Marketing and the best social media marketing companies in Dallas, Texas, along with its connection with the growing technology.

One of the best features of technology includes The Internet. The Internet is one of the most astonishing discoveries mankind has ever made. It reaches hundreds of millions, with its networking. Among many of its great features, The Internet is also the base of Social Media. Social Media can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play Store. While Social Media launches many apps and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Whatsapp, Tinder, LinkedIn, Spotify, Amazon, Flipkart, and much more, they can be vitally utilized for marketing and advertising too.

Social Media can be used to interact with millions around the globe, irrespective of their location. The world is changing every day, and with the reach of Social Media and one of the Internet’s greatest assets, Marketing. Products and projects can be sold and advertised on The Internet. Social Media Marketing Companies are now being set everywhere, and that includes cities like Dallas, Texas.

Social Media Marketing Companies in Dallas

Social Media Marketing in Dallas has become an international sensation and has been the home for many social media companies in recent times, improving the marketing quality of businesses and huge enterprises. Marketing the business has been crucial for businesses with its global demand for online connectivity.

Hundreds of millions of people use social media every day, and when something is released on social media, they reach people faster than words said in person.


FullyDigital was founded in 2015, with great five-star reviews from many reputed online sites like Facebook, Google, Clutch, and many more platforms. It is located in Dallas, Texas. They are experts in areas like search engine optimization, website design & development, social media marketing, pay-per-click-PPC, video production, content writing, reputation management, conversation optimization, amazon marketing, and much.

They are one of the most sought-after branches with nearly 25 branches in 25 different cities. They offer web design and development services for both eCommerce and B2B companies.  They are highly transparent with nearly 250 employees working for them. Their minimum project size is observed to be around $1,000+.

Their service lines are majorly focused on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click, and Web design. They highly focus on clients from Small businesses, followed by Midmarket, and Enterprise.

It is one of the best social media marketing companies in Dallas, with increases in areas like organic traffic and online marketing leads. They employ a group of great engineers, designers, and technicians, who make the client’s digital ideas and dreams come alive. Some of their recent projects include Branding & WordPress Web Design for Non Profit, SNM, SEO, Web Dev & Design for Law Firm, WordPress Dev & Design & Content Writing for Al Tech Company, and much more.


GrowBranding of Social Media Marketing, Dallas, is one of the most resourceful companies in the USA. With a team of about 50 employees, they can handle any kind of digital project assigned to them. Their team of employees expertise in various fields and according to sources are paid an hourly rate of $150-$199, known to be one of the well-paying companies of Dallas. Founded in 2016, being Dallas-Based, their minimum project size being $1,000+.

They have many tools, and resources, which they utilize to produce the best solutions. Their service lines majorly focus on Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, content marketing, digital strategy, social media marketing and branding. They prioritize clients mainly of the midmarket, small business, and enterprises among others. Their SEO Focus is categorized into 50% of link earning and development, the remaining constituting of content development, local search, onsite optimization, and mobile optimization among others. They have also received positive reviews from various online platforms. They are highly affordable and produce high-end solutions for digital marketing necessities.

Some of its recent projects that were highly appreciated by its clients include PPC Campaigns for Management Consulting Firm, SEO & Web Development for Auto Transport Company, Web Dev & SEO for Swim School, Website Dev & Search Optimization for Trailer Company, SEO Services for Tea Subscription Service and others.


LabelFirm of Social Media Marketing, Dallas, was first founded in 2014, with a team of 10 expert employees. They have clients all over the US and operate in various great cities like FortWorth, Plano, and Dallas, including the rest of Dallas. They are one of the companies much sought after by employees due to their great pay, which is, according to sources, about $100-$150 per hour for each employee.

Their service lines are highly focused on search engine optimization, pay per click, social media marketing, content marketing, digital strategy, web design, and so on.

They prioritize clients of mid-market and small businesses, followed by huge enterprises and large businesses. Their industrial focus is majorly concentrated on Retail, Legal, Entertainment, Arts, Music, Consumer Products and Services, Financial Services, and medical among others. Its innovative internet marketing techniques and strategies provide businesses with great results and solutions that increase the lead and sales of the client companies.


SkyBranding was first founded in 2018 and has about 50 employees working in their company. Their project size is observed to be a minimum of $10,000+ and the company is located in Dallas, Texas.

Though their main focus is concentrated on clients from Midmarket, they also cater to enterprises and businesses and even small businesses. One of its notable projects includes adapting creativity for a national restaurant chain. They have received many positive reviews in recent years and are known to be highly cost-efficient and affordable. Some of their much sought-after services include Brand Strategy, Creative Advertising, Video Production, Social Media, Analytics, Website Design, and Logo design.

They can also be easily contacted through social media, email, and calls. Their website shows all the information about them in detail and helps the clients know about them before seeking their service. They employ a team of talented engineers, designers, and technicians, who help them achieve their client’s goals and needs.

They are known to deliver the product on time and understand and interact with the client to produce the best outcome. Due to their high transparency in matters, they are also trustable and their project numbers are increasing every single day. Their services are varied highly and it is one of the marketing agencies where you can get most of the digital works done in a single place.


Shoutzer is one of the popular social media marketing companies of Dallas and specializes in various digital marketing services. They have created some award-winning email marketing campaigns and have various certifications for their excellence. They employ a team of about 50 expertise digital technicians, designers, and engineers. According to sources, the employees are paid an average of $100-$149 per hour and are known for their great innovative techniques and project freshness.

Their service lines include their areas of expertise, which include Web Design, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, CRM consulting and SI, Web Development, and much more.

Their clientele focus is highly concentrated on areas like Consumer Products and services, Non-Profit, Real Estate, Retail, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Supply chain, Logistics and transport, and much more.

One of its recent projects, SEO and Web Development for Professional Organizing Company has received great reviews and the company’s brand is becoming popular and growing every single day with its great management and employee groups.

They produce powerful digital marketing and are trusted and sought after by many clients, due to their affordability and their special services that include SEO and PPC.

Phase 3 Marketing and Communications

Phase 3 Marketing and Communications was founded in 2001, in Atlanta, GA.though the company is Atlanta-based, due to its great reach and growth, Phase 3 has executed its many branches in various cities, including Dallas. Its other locations also include Charlotte, Nashville, Fairfield, and some other major cities.

They are one of the premium social media marketing agencies in Dallas, and have also had the privilege of being recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as a top 10 marketing services and also as one of the top 15 marketing services as Charlotte Business Journal and Nashville Business Journal. The company has been ranked in several honorable positions over the years and has been awarded many prestigious awards.

Their minimum project size is $25,000+ according to sources and employees of about 1000 people. They pay their employees an average of $150-$199 per hour and have great professional surroundings too. They employ a team of great designers, technicians, and engineers, helping the clients achieve what they really require.

Their Service line majorly focuses on Branding, Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Print Design, and Social Media Marketing. Their industrial focus, on the other hand, is highly concentrated on Business services, Real Estate, Retail, Arts, Entertainment, Music, Hospitality and leisure and much more. They have clients ranging from Mid markets to huge enterprises, satisfying their technical and digital needs.


First founded in Valencia, CA in 2001, Scorpion has developed immensely in the past few decades and has been growing more every day. They are one of the best, award-winning social media marketing agencies in Dallas, and have serviced many notable clients over the years. Their website,, tells the clients and commoners much more about them. Their minimum project size is $5,000+ and employs about 1000. They are known to pay an average of $100-$149 per hour to every employee, according to sources.

They have won many prestigious awards like Inc.5000, the W3 Awards in 2016, The Communicator Award in 2017, and the Davey Awards in 2016. They have received great reviews on many online platforms and have been well sought after by clients for the past 2 decades.

Their services lines are majorly focused on Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Branding, Web Design, Digital Strategy, and Social Media Marketing. 70% of their clientele focus is concentrated on Small Businesses, later followed by Midmarket and Enterprises. Their Industrial Focus is largely on Legal and Medical, followed by others. Some of their key clients include Yekrangi and Associates, Owenby Law, Gotcha Covered, Arnold and Itkin LLP, Goldfish Swim School, Eastman Dental Care, Biscayne Dental, and Facial Aesthetics, Adventure Dental, McGee, Lerer and Associates, Half Pest Control, and much more.

Their projects in recent times have been a huge success and have been receiving positive reviews from the clients, and some of them include Digital Marketing for Marital Law Firm, PPC for Law firm, Digital Marketing for Fertility Medical Practice, Digital Marketing campaign for Law firm, Website Redesign for Mid-Sized Law Firm and much more.


Founded in 2000, Multiview of Social Media Marketing Agencies, Dallas, is one of the greatest companies in the department of digital publishing solutions and digital marketing solutions for B2B marketers and associations. Their main headquarters is located in Irving, TX, with branches and offices executed in various popular cities like Washington, Toronto, Canada, and DC. They employ about 1000 employees in the agency and it is known to be the portfolio company of Warburg Pincus LLC.

They can be easily contacted through email and calls.50% of their service lines are mainly focused on Digital marketing, the remaining focused on digital strategy, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Some of their clients are notable institutions like Nulogy, CoreSolutions, FleetMatics, Trane DIgiChart, NACE, Fleetmatics, RVDA, American coatings, The Home Depot, Beasley College Prep, and much more.

They have received positive reviews with great five-star ratings on various online platforms like Clutch, Google and much more.

Some of their notable projects include Radio Marketing for Communications Firm, Targeting campaigns for Medical Practice Management company, where Multiview helped the company hire many well seasoned and trained doctors for the client, especially anesthesiologist. They are also very good at targeting specific groups of audiences with many different and innovative marketing campaigns that focus on industry publications, remarketing ads, and corporate briefs.

They are affordable and are known to deliver the products in the required time, and employ a group of expert designers, engineers and technicians.  They can also be contacted through email and phone and through their various social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By visiting their website, clients can know more about the company and its area of expertise.

Miller Ad Agency

A Dallas-based Marketing agency, Miller Ad Agency is one of the oldest social media marketing companies to be opened in Dallas, TX. It was founded in 1984 and yet still manages to be on the top of the best social media marketing agencies list, even after three decades. They use various new innovations and techniques that have been introduced in digital advertising and marketing like Geo-Fencing, CRM targeting and Email Retargeting, to produce high-end solutions for their clients. Miller Ad Agency is one of the companies that uses both the traditional old ways and also the new cutting edge innovative and inventive technologies to create solutions.

Their minimum project size is about $10,000+ and employs about 50 experts with an average pay of $50-$99 per hour. Their service lines are majorly focused on Advertising, Branding, Digital Strategy, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Video Production, Web Design, and much more.

They prioritize mid-market clients, followed by small businesses. They also cater to large businesses and enterprises. Their industrial focus is highly concentrated on fields like Automotive, Consumer products and services, Medical, Retail, eCommerce and much more. They use Linux Server and Windows servers as their application platforms and their branding techniques focus highly on areas like brand messaging, brand strategy, corporate identity, naming, and producing branding.

Some of its key clients include M&M Mars, NEC corporation, Capitol Chevrolet, Toyota of Irving, Cedarcide, Essential Formulas, Fuel City, Yard Art, 3Nations Brewing, Bob Stallings Hyundai, Digestive Health Associates of Texas, Smile Workshop, Naturepedic, and much more. They have received many positive reviews from their clients and audience and are known for their punctuality and transparency.

Big Hit Creative Group

Big Hit Creative Group of Social Media Marketing, Dallas, is located in Garland, TX. Founded in 2005, it is one of the fast-growing, efficient social media marketing agencies in the USA. Its minimum project size is known to be $1,000+ with a team of expertise employees of around 50. Every employee is paid an average of $200-$300 per hour and Big Hit Creative Group is known to be one of the best-paying companies around Dallas.  They are one of the best graphic design and digital marketing companies, with Integrated marketing services. They produce and offer solutions for all kinds of digital issues and they also provide a variety of organic SEO services, and they thrive hard to remain on the top of the list of the best digital marketing companies in the USA.

Their service lines focus highly on areas like Advertising, Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Logo, and Video Production. Their clientele focus is first prioritized for Midmarket, followed by small businesses. They also offer digital products and solutions for enterprises and large businesses.

Their industrial focus is concentrated on various areas like Education, Government, Medical, Real Estate, and Supply Chain, Logistics and Transport and more.  They also focus use Print advertising and Broadcast video advertising along with other kinds of advertising.

Some of their key clients include Collin College, Dallas College, ALN apartment data, Texas board of nursing, W&B Service Company, North Texas State Hospital, and many more.

They are one of the top companies in the field of social media marketing and have been receiving positive clients from target audiences and clients, due to their affordability, product quality, and deadline maintenance.


One of the popular and distinguished social media marketing agencies, Dallas, BizComPR is an efficient public relations and marketing communications for various disruptive brands. They employ about 50 people of various age groups, paying them an average of  $100-149 every hour. Its headquarters is located in Plano, Texas, and was founded in 1999. They have been slaying the digital marketing field for the past 2 decades, with their high-end solutions and innovative franchise chains. They improve and encourage young creative business leaders, by promoting their brands and businesses, with their innovative solutions.

Their service lines concentrate on public relations, content marketing, marketing strategy, social media marketing, graphic design, and web design. Some of their key clients include Brix Holdings, Burger 21, YardHaus, Huddle House, Edible Arrangements, Solera Working Solutions, Smoothie factory, Restoration 1, Gigi’s Cupcakes, Montgomery Farm, Red Brick Pizza, Cafe Red Mango, Gatti’s Pizza, and many others.

Some of their recent projects include Brand Awareness for Service Industry Franchises and PR & Brand Recognition for Home Repair Companies and others like it.

They have also received many awards for their excellent and audience-friendly solutions like Dallas Business Committee for the Arts Obelisk Award Winner, Communications Concepts Apex Publication Excellence Award, Inside PR Magazine: Award of Excellence, O’Dwyers Magazine: Top 40 Agencies in the U.S for Food and Wine and Top Independent PR Agencies in the U.S(2015).

Agency Entourage

Agency Entourage of Social Media Marketing Companies, Dallas, was first founded in 2008, with its headquarters located in Dallas, TX. It employs a team of about 50 experts, experienced in various fields like design, digital marketing, and social media and digital technicalities. They cater to the needs of a group of notable clients, through their space of online marketing. It is also popularly known as the “brainchild of the famous marketing firm, Wave Omnimedia Group”. Their innovative and fresh techniques to create solutions for digital problems are second to none.

They pay their employees an average of $150-$199 per hour, according to sources. Their service lines show their various areas of expertise that include Web design, Advertising, Branding, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, UX/UI Design, Video Production, Web Development, and Digital Strategy.

Their application platforms include Linux Servers and Windows Server among others. Some of its various popular clients include CareNow, Fisher Clinical Services, Centurion American, Christian Brothers Automotive, Taylor Hooton Foundation, The Retail Connection, SmileWorkshop, TIGI, Good Days, Pizza Patron, Qualtrust Credit Union, and many others.

Their recent projects that received many positive reviews from both the clients and target audience are Web Design for Pharmaceutical Company, Content Marketing for Healthcare NonProfit, Content Marketing & App Development for Credit Union among many others. They are one of the most sought-after digital marketing platforms by clients, that produce outstanding outputs, that suit the client’s issues since made with dedication and care.

Razor Rank

Serving and offering great digital solutions for online marketing and social media marketing issues for the past half-decade, Razor Rank was first founded in 2015, with its headquarters located in Dallas, TX. Their Minimum project size is $1,000+ and they employ a team of about 250 employees, paid an average of $100-$149 per hour. Some fields Razor Rank specializes in includes Paid Search(PPC), Social Media Management, Display, Reputation Management, Website Design and Development, Content Development, Hosting, Technical SEO, and much more.

Their transparency, affordability and innovative techniques used to produce solutions for digital and social media marketing issues are unparalleled and these solutions never fail to increase the lead and sales of the product of their clients. They serve some of the most popular brands of clients in the world, which includes large enterprises and localized markets, along with eCommerce and Law Firms.

Magic Logix

A small firm, consisting of about 15 employees, Magic Logix was first founded in 2004, in Carrollton, Texas. It is a small digital marketing agency, whose various services include Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, and development among other parts of digital marketing strategies.

They cater solutions to clients of various areas that include clients from small businesses, medium-size firms, large financial startups, and also sometimes enterprises. Its minimum project size is $50,000+, and some of its notable clients include Whole Foods, Capital One, FedEx, DFW Airport, Marriott, and Cloudshare among many other popular brands.

They offer social media marketing and digital marketing solutions for various businesses with their team of dedicated experts that help the businesses increase their reach and sales of their products.

Tomatoes Advertising LLC

Tomatoes Advertising LLC of Social media marketing, Dallas, was first founded in 2007. It employs a team of about 50 people and offers various services like digital strategy, PPC, Social Media Marketing Service, Graphic design, and many others. Their minimum project size is about $5,000 and they have done projects like enhancing the search engines through marketing campaigns for medical startups and such.

They offer great solutions and strategies for digital media marketing issues by changing the ideas of the clients and by adding their input into the ideas and making them into viable solutions, which are further utilized to increase the businesses of their clients, by improving its popularity and sales, and its reach to the target audience.

Social Media Marketing Companies:

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Companies majorly use social media to connect with the target audience, increase sales, and build their brand. This involves a lot of steps and the use of many social media management tools. In order to make social media marketing fruitful, processes like engaging with the audience, listening to commoners, publishing content on social media, analyzing the results, and running vibrant and colorful advertisements. They broadcast content all over the nation.

The five pillars of social media marketing include

  • Strategy
  • Planning and Publishing
  • Listening and Engagement
  • Analytics and Reporting and
  • Advertising.

Some of the resources that are highly utilized and is required for social media management companies to start include

  • Social Media Marketing Blog
  • Social Media Marketing Guide
  • Social Media Marketing Listening and Engagement
  • Social Media Analytics Guide and
  • Social Media Advertising Guide.


Social Media Marketing and Digital Media Marketing have become a major part and necessity to increase the popularity of businesses, making them become more successful and fruitful by creating great platforms for the companies to exhibit their products and services.

Social Media Marketing of Dallas makes hundreds of millions of people know about the businesses and companies of their clients, through their projects and solutions. It helps the world of technology and business grow in just a mere click or swipe, through its applications and solutions.

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