Top 15 ViralRace Alternatives for Going Viral on Instagram

Instagram is here to stay in 2021, and while ViralRace has been a popular site to buy Instagram followers from, there are many other options out there worth considering. 

ViralRace offers Instagram followers in bulk packages that range from 100 to 10k, and they also say that if you need more than 50k, you can contact them.

They claim that these followers are real and active, but it’s increasingly difficult to deliver on this promise due to the restrictions that Instagram has placed on third-party apps and follower packages. 

If you’re looking to expand your reach and generate more real interest in your Instagram content and profile, it may be time to check out some of the awesome companies that are changing up the Instagram growth game as we head into this new year. 

Real, quality followers are more important than ever, and the more real followers you have, the better your potential will be to monetize Instagram and see real business results. If your followers are inactive and disengaged, there is no way that you’ll see the growth you’re looking for. 

That being said, let’s take a look at the top ViralRace alternatives! 

1. Growthoid


Our preferred ViralRace alternative for Instagram growth is Growthoid. Growthoid is a manual growth service that can help your target audience become aware of your profile and bring more of the right eyes to your content. 

Once you complete the super simple signup process, you’ll be assigned your dedicated account manager, who will perform all of your growth interactions manually. This is a true game-changer for Instagram growth and can really give you peace of mind knowing that a real person is in charge of your Instagram growth. 

You’ll be able to have a real person doing the engagements that you yourself would do, which means you can get your focus back onto your content strategy and ensure that you’re setting yourself apart from the competition and offering your followers and viewers something valuable and unique. 

This will help Growthoid to provide you with even better results. You’ll provide your account manager with all of your specific targeting options, so you’re bound to get results that are tailored to your niche’s audience, which will in turn boost your engagement and help to generate more natural reach. 

With Growthoid’s two flexible monthly plan options and their 14-day money-back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. Based on all of their client reviews, you definitely won’t regret the decision. 

2. Growthsilo 


Another great ViralRace alternative, Growthsilo can definitely get more of your target audience looking at your Instagram profile. 

With your specific targeting instructions, your Growthsilo account manager will take full responsibility in engaging with the right users on the platform, which means you’ll be getting followers that actually care about your content and products, services, or offerings. 

Performing these actions on your own can take up a lot of your time, which is why entrusting a Growthsilo account manager can help you save time on your Instagram growth without sacrificing results. 

They have two no-contract monthly plans to choose from, which means you can find something that will work for your budget and Instagram growth needs. They’ve got a lot of happy clients, and they’re quickly becoming one of the most popular growth services on the market. 

3. Stellation Media 

Stellation Media Alternatives

Working with mass engagements, Stellation Media helps you to take advantage of Instagram stories to generate more interest in your Instagram profile. They’ve recently made some adjustments to how their service works, and their clients have been pleased with the updates. 

The cool thing about Stellation Media is that they have a user dashboard that you can check out to keep tabs on your progress, which is a nice feature. They are a bit on the pricey side, but they do have three options that you can choose from. 

4. Nitreo  

Nitreo Alternatives: Top 2020 Growth Services

One of the most popular options for Instagram automation, Nitreo is a straightforward Instagram growth service that uses automation targeting to help you connect with more Instagram users within your audience. 

They also say that the service is managed with human oversight, which is really important if you’re going to opt for an automated service since Instagram has a lot of strict restrictions on bots and automation. 

Nitreo has two monthly plan options that you can choose from and they also offer a FAQ section to answer any questions you may have in advance. 

5. Upleap 


Upleap has been a preferred option for Instagram growth in the sense that their service keeps you safe and is managed by account managers. Their service is automated, but they don’t mess around with fake followers, so you should see pretty good results. 

They also have flexible pricing options and offer users effective support and specific targeting options, which is a good indicator that you’ll see pleasing results from their service. Their website is also very user-friendly.  

6. Follower Packages 

Follower Packages

Follower Packages is a comprehensive site that sells a variety of different engagements and followers across many different social media platforms. If you’re looking to cross-promote or build your presence little by little across multiple social media networks, Follower Packages can help. 

You can buy anywhere from 500 to 10k Instagram followers, all of which are said to be premium follower quality. They also offer 24/7 support for your orders and offer a secure payment gateway for checkout. 

They don’t require your password and will deliver your followers over a natural period so you don’t get flagged by IG. 

7. Jarvee 


Jarvee is a unique windows-based software that can help automate your Instagram account and reach more users in your target audience. If you don’t have windows, they do offer troubleshooting options on their website to help you gain access to the software. 

Jarvee offers a variety of automation services, including auto-post. While you won’t be able to auto-post all of your content due to Instagram restrictions, it is a useful feature that can help you to stay on track as you automate some of your other Instagram engagements. 

Remember, Instagram automation can be dangerous, so make sure you don’t use it at very high levels and don’t automate interactions that require a higher level of personalization like DMs and comments. 

8. Goread 


If you’re looking to buy Instagram followers in packages, Goread is an option that can give you a lot of followers for less. They claim that the followers are real, and offer a lot of information about Instagram growth and why it’s important that you have healthy engagement levels. 

The prices are really low, so we’re not inclined to believe that they are totally real followers, but if you’re looking for a quick number boost and want to try something new, Goread can be a great choice. 

9. Combin 


Combin is an interesting option for Instagram growth because one of their plans is free, which means you can try them out without paying anything. Of course the functionality is limited, but it’s a good way to see how the service might work for you. 

Combin divides their service into two options: Instagram growth, and scheduler. If you want to use both, you’ll have to pay for both services. Combin can help you with your Instagram growth in terms of managing your analytics and communicating more easily with your Instagram followers.

If you manage multiple accounts, you can also do that via Combin simultaneously. 

10. Trusy 


Trusy offers a variety of engagement methods that work with Instagram algorithms to get your content out to more people. They have three different monthly plans, and a FAQ section to help you better understand what they offer and how they work. 

While their service is pretty interesting, it’s a lot more expensive than other services on this list, so we recommend giving some of the other services a go, as Trusy doesn’t include anything way out of the ordinary to justify these higher price points. 

They also offer affiliate programs which can be a cool benefit. 

Why Follower Quality Matters 

Grow Followers

If you’re still not convinced or feel inexplicably drawn to the idea of buying Instagram followers, let’s talk a bit more about why you need real Instagram followers as opposed to just a number. 

Instagram is constantly evolving and changing the way content gets distributed across the platform, so you need to understand this in order to maximize your content’s reach. 

After Instagram bots began to take over the platform a few years ago, Instagram made adjustments to its algorithm that favor accounts with high engagement. That means the more people you have engaging with your content, the more likely it is to be seen by more people more often. 

Content with high engagement is also likely to be featured on the “explore” page or in the “top posts” section of hashtag feeds, which means that more people in your target audience will have the chance to see your content. 

If you buy a bunch of followers that don’t engage with your content, you will lower your follower to engagement ratio, which is really bad for your natural Instagram performance.

Not only that, if Instagram thinks that you’re using unsavory practices to facilitate your Instagram growth, your content may be shadowbanned, which means you won’t be getting any new reach at all. 

It’s best to use organic Instagram growth services to get the best results out of your Instagram reach and find more users that will actually care about your content without sacrificing your own precious time to do so. 

Let’s take a look at the best way to choose an Instagram growth service that can work for you. 

How to Choose the Best ViralRace Alternative 

When deciding which Instagram growth service will work best for you, you want to consider the following factors: 

  • Price: How much can you spend on your Instagram growth?  Set your minimum and maximum price points and take a look at growth services that can meet them or fall somewhere in between. 
  • Growth Goals: What are your goals in terms of follower growth? How do you expect your followers to help your account? Make sure that you’re getting the quality you need to achieve your Instagram goals. 
  • Features: Do you want a real person to help you with your Instagram growth? Are you okay with taking the automation risk? Do you just need to boost your numbers to help generate some interest as a one-time thing? Consider the features you’re looking for in your growth service and think about how they can help you over time. 

Is Buying Instagram Followers Safe? 

Instagram Followers

Generally speaking, buying Instagram followers can be both safe and dangerous depending on the company that you buy from. In addition, the term “safe” can refer to two things— your account security, as well as the likelihood of you being penalized by Instagram. 

In terms of account security, always make sure that the company you buy from only requests the necessary information to provide the service or purchase. If they are asking for additional or shady information, you best stay away. 

Also make sure that you confirm the type of security technology that they have in place, such as secure payment portals and SSL encryption.

The sites we’ve listed above are all compliant with the best of these aspects, but if you stray from the list, make sure you don’t get cheated or exposed to unsavory practices. 

If you buy Instagram followers in bulk, they shouldn’t need your password to provide the service; the most important information they’ll need from you is your Instagram handle. If they ask for a lot more, look for a different service. 

Instagram growth services typically need your password to provide the service, since they’ll be engaging with other users on your part, so that’s normal. Just make sure that they use SSL encryption and keep your data secure and not stored and accessible. 

In addition, Instagram is strict about how third party services interact with the platform; your safest option in terms of not being flagged is to use a manual service like Growthoid or Growthsilo.

You can use automation services as well, but they have strict limits on engagement and unless the automation service is monitored by people and well configured, you can find yourself in hot water. 

Buying follower packages for Instagram is also likely to get you flagged if the delivery isn’t done naturally, so be wary of companies who tout instant delivery, as this is not a best practice.

Nor only that, these followers are likely to fall off over time because Instagram clears out fake followers, so also keep that in mind. 

Conclusion: Best ViralRace Alternatives 

ViralRace is by no means the only site to buy Instagram followers, nor is it the only way you can increase your follower count. Think about your Instagram strategy and consider changing things up as you enter the new year. 

New year, new Instagram goals! Find a service that can best work with you to get maximum results and increase your bottom line via Instagram. 

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