Top 20 Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2021

Here are the top 20 instagram accounts to follow in 2021

The advent of technology and the steady rise of popularity of social media platforms have transformed the way people behave. Most people have transitioned and adapted to the dynamism of various digital media networking sites. From the way we think down to our manner of conduct, social media has its way of forming our perspectives and taking them to a whole other level. Indeed, the digital age has become a powerful influence in people’s lives today.

One such powerful platform that revolutionized society is Instagram. With its compelling features, it came as no surprise how this networking app was able to build a community of its own. For this reason, Instagram has become a space for innovators alike, making it an ideal platform for those looking to get ahead or make a difference. Thus, here are the top twenty IG accounts to look out for this 2021.

  1. Machine Gun Kelly
Photo courtesy: MTV

Colson Baker, otherwise known as Machine Gun Kelly, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and actor. He was born on April 22, 1990. Being one of today’s emerging authorities across the music space, this go-getter has been gracing the entertainment industry with four showstopping studio albums ever since the release of “Lace Up” in 2012. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Kelly continues to carve a path that cements his reputable standing across the industry. 

Ever since he was a teenager, Kelly has been producing songs that demonstrated his deep-rooted passion for music. He has also earned praises for his acting that ultimately propelled his career to greater heights aside from his countless chart-topping hits. Determined to become a household name, Kelly envisions a future packed with more music releases and movie appearances.

Instagram: @machinegunkelly


  2. Matthew McConaughey

Photo courtesy: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Emerging as a notable figure across the entertainment space, Matthew McConaughey is a highly regarded American actor and producer. He was born on November 4, 1969. Widely known for his countless appearances and stellar character portrayals, Matthew uses his unparalleled talents to make a mark across the industry.

Matthew began to leave traces of prowess when he first garnered praise for his supporting role in the 1993 coming-of-age comedy entitled Dazed and Confused. Since then, Matthew has been gracing the film industry with his sterling performances in Magic Mike and Interstellar. However, his groundbreaking performance as a leading actor in True Detective took his career to center stage. For this reason, he became nominated as an outstanding lead actor in a drama series. Striving to become a household name, Matthew plans to continue igniting his passion in the entertainment arena.

Instagram: @officiallymcconaughey


3. Tai  Lopez

Tai Lopez is an author, film producer, investor, advisor, CEO, and founder of multiple business ventures. From his first enterprise, Mentorbox, to his recent venture, Retail ECommerce Ventures, this trailblazing individual is set to take the industry by storm with his brilliant mind and tenacious spirit.

Born on April 11, 1977, in Long Beach, California, United States, Tai Lopez is widely acclaimed for standing at the helm of multiple ventures across various industries. His recent enterprise, Retail ECommerce Ventures, proves as a genuine attestation to Tai’s prowess as it uses his commercial expertise to transform and scale-up distressed brands through the power of technology. With years of experience under his arsenal, it comes as no surprise how Tai has become a household name across the realms of business and entrepreneurship.

Instagram: @tailopez


4. Parker McCumber

Parker McCumber, CEO of ORO Tactical, is a US Army veteran turned entrepreneur. Parker is an expert in leadership and team building, who draws on his military experience to develop successful business practices for his companies and clients. Under Parker’s leadership, his companies have gone from $0 to over $15 million in sales in the past two years. Parker is now looking to share his personal success story to help others find personal and professional growth.

Instagram: @therealparkermccumber


5. Zane Hubbard

Zane Hubbard is a director, writer, and actor. The creator of the award-winning series Chronicles of Jessica Wu has officially been submitted to the Daytime Emmys 2021. Zane is a rising star in the entertainment industry and the ironbeard brand is definitely worth following.

Instagram: @ironbeard

Website: www.zanehubbard.coom

6. Roxanna Wilson

Roxanna Wilson is a wealth strategist, business credit, and tax expert. Real estate investor, author, entrepreneur, and business extraordinaire are just a few words to describe Roxanna. She is a former model/actress. She was raised in a small country town. Ever since she was a young child, Wilson was always active. She was a community cheerleader, a great dancer, and sang in the church choir. Throughout the years, she has mentored many successful colleagues on business adventures and financial strategies and was always passionate about one’s growth. Her message is you don’t have to be a product of your upbringing. You can take control of your life. Remember you are an asset.

In 2018, Roxanna wrote a self-publishing book. She wrote the workbook to share some of the valuable gems that have been used for years. In the opening, readers will read where she was in her head before taking action, asking God when her ‘now’ was. Have you ever felt like you step one step forward to only take two steps back? Yep, we know the feeling. She had everything going for herself, but she was missing that one big thing. Rather, if you are just looking for love, financial freedom, spiritual growth, etc., this workbook is for you. It will inspire you to be able to take action. She’s on a mission to help others create multiple streams of income while they walk in their purpose.


7. April Custodio

Working with Hollywood’s top talent is a 24/7 coalition. Collaborating across all time zones with the industry’s prestigious directors, producers, ad agencies, talent reps, production and film crews is what fuels Hollywood. April Custodio loves creating a community of go-getters with a passion for unique opportunities and lifestyles. Go to @tallapril to see some projects your favorite celebrities are in, or you can find out how you can be involved with Hollywood’s star creatives.

Instagram: @tallapril


8. Anthony Mendez

Anthony Mendez is a business coach and Puma Athlete who runs a company that focuses on helping health & fitness coaches who are looking to take their online business to the next level using the power of social media to generate 6 figures or more a year!

The results that Anthony Mendez’s clients are getting through his program are massive to be ignored. He has a batch of clients that are already generating $10k-50k per month consistently. Most of the clients make their return on investment within the first month of working with him.

Additionally, the clients are also gaining a massive following on their social media platforms. Mostly between 1k to 3k followers within his 3-month program. Anthony also teaches his clients how to make extra money by working with brands and companies. This brings an extra $5K-$10K per month by working with top-tier brands.

Instagram: @mendezfitness

LinkedIn: Anthony Mendez


9. Jessie Klaus

Jessie Klaus, or jessie_doeshair on social media,  is a beauty advocate and social media influencer for PBFC. As part of the movement, Jessie helps raise awareness about the beauty industry and higher education for professionals. She also serves as the Global Creative Director for City of Angels Hair Extensions, L’Oréal Pro Artist and Colorist, and the Artistic Director for Tribez Salons and Spa.

Popular for her accomplishments in the beauty industry, Jessie is an agencied artist signed by Prestige Agency in Berlin and New York. She’s published in many press releases and has worked with many international brides and her entourage to get the job done. Jessie is known for her relationship-building throughout the industry and her social network and social media secrets.

Instagram: @jessie_doeshair; @probeautyfederation


10. Josh Gorra

Josh Gorra is a best-selling author and entrepreneur coach. Most popular for his 10-principle mindset that has propelled the company he founded in 2019, Destination Driven LLC, to international acclaim. “Our mindset is the driver to our destination, each goal we set for ourselves becomes our destination.”  

Mr. Gorra graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 2004 with an AS in Entrepreneurship and a BS in Financial Service Management. His technique derived from his experiences he’s faced and overcome. It’s gratifying for him to help organizations grow their revenue by empowering top executives to become the best version of themselves first.  His core belief is that revenue is secondary to personal growth & lives by a mindset of “you vs you” because you are your biggest competitor. 

His determination to empower others sprang from a childhood tragedy. Clinically dead for 3 minutes from a hit & run accident, he was brought back to life by the mercy of God—and with an even better appreciation for life! Through Destination Driven LLC, Mr. Gorra has helped clients succeed in their businesses by providing a daily recipe to master the 10-principle mindset and their “time value of life.”  To order a copy of his international best-selling book, “Change your mindset, Change your future” visit or you can order on Amazon.  

Facebook: Joshua Gorra

Instagram: @joshgorra 


11. Lynn Mooney

The Launch is an LA-based publicity agency, with a spin. This innovative business helps female entrepreneurs reach their ideal audience by teaching them how to secure their own publicity and grow their industry authority.

Led by dynamic business leader Lynn Mooney, The Launch offers DIY publicity packages and online PR training, giving clients access to their proven tricks of the trade. The Launch has helped brands reach millions of potential customers by securing press coverage in leading publications worldwide, including Fox News, Vogue, Huffpost, USA Today, and Forbes.

Facebook: The Launch

Instagram: @thelaunchpr

Twitter: @thelaunchpr


12. Henry Elkus

Photo courtesy: Deidhra Fahey

Henry Elkus reaches out to society and the impoverished through his company Helena. With a clear view of his goal and passion to help improve the lives of people around the world, Henry collaborates with several influential people and brings with him hundreds of passionate individuals to realize projects and initiatives. Helena has partnered with Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel, Boyan Slat, Zoe Saldana, and many more. It has initiated projects like American In One Room, Shield, and Factory In the Sky. Just recently, Helena has reached out to many countries across the globe to deliver necessities and medical assistance to COVID-19 affected areas. 

Instagram: @helena

Twitter: @henryelkus


13. Nija Charles

Photo courtesy: Brian Ziff

Nija Charles is a rising phenomenon in the music industry. The 23-year-old singer-songwriter, artist, and record producer achieved and reached greater heights than most artists her age. She co-writes with Beyonce and Jay-Z, as well as Drake and Cardi B. Recently, she sang with Beyonce and Tierra Whack to record one of the songs for the Lion King OST, “My Power.” Working with Grammy-winning artists puts Nija at a different level.

Instagram: @amnija

Twitter: @amnija_


14. Danya Sherman

Photo courtesy: Entrepreneurs’ Organization

KnoNap was created by Danya Sherman, a well-regarded innovator of this century. The cocktail napkin product changes color when it detects the presence of drugs in a drink. Through the invention, Danya fights against the increasing cases of drug-facilitated abuseone that she has experienced firsthand. Back in 2016, her drink was drugged and she was taken advantage of.

The experience, while traumatizing, did not stop Danya from going on with her life. She came up with KnoNap to prevent the same thing from happening to others. 

Instagram: @knonap

Twitter: @RealKnoNap


15. Winnie Karanja

Photo courtesy: Winnie Karanja

Maydm is a headquarters for girls and women of color. It provides a safe space so they can develop and sharpen their skills so when they go out to the real world, they can compete and succeed. Its CEO, Winnie Karanja, is a woman of color herself. Winnie understands and has firsthand experiences of being discriminated against and looked down upon, as a woman and of color. That is why she founded Maydm so people like her become empowered and ready to face whatever comes their way.

Twitter: @maydmtech


16. Arum Kang

Photo courtesy: GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop

Coffee Meets Bagel was founded in 2012 by Arum Kang, intended to provide a space for women to create their own dating destinies by meeting with people. Since its inception, the company helped introduce over 2.5 billion pairs and the numbers keep growing by the day. CEO Arum Kang wants Coffee Meets Bagel to be women-centered; she wants it to become a place for women to find their own path to a healthy and wholesome relationship with their future loved ones.

Instagram: @coffeemeetsbagel


17. Grace Beverley 

Photo courtesy: Grace Beverley

Grace Beverley is the CEO and founder of TALA, a sustainable activewear brand that has been making waves within the fashion industry. She is also the creator of the fitness app Shreddy. Grace has been running TALA since 2019 and the magic behind its success is their products’  sustainability, quality, and detail. With factories in Portugal, Turkey, China, and Morocco, Tala produces clothing made from recycled plastic bottles, yarn, etc. This is the reason why just in its first year, the company gained over £6.2 million in sales. 

CEO Grace Beverley succeeded in her niche while studying for a music degree at the University of Oxford. According to Grace, it is important to focus on what you want with the career you chose or the business you’ve chosen. 

Instagram: @gracebeverley; @wearetala


18. Samir Lakhani

Photo courtesy: Eco Soap Bank Org

Samir Lakhani founded Eco Soap Bank, a company that works to help impoverished communities improve their well-being through proper hygiene and sanitation. After six years in the field, Samir has learned how these factors affect the community. 

With a mission and a drive to help many communities across the globe, Samir founded Eco Soap Bank. The company recycles and redistributes soap in countries or communities that found the resource difficult to access. 

His efforts landed him several awards and recognition, including the Young Entrepreneurs Award by Unilever and Heroes Award by CNN.

Instagram: @ecosoapbank

Twitter: @EcoSoapBank


19. Molly Payton

Photo courtesy: Ava Marks

Rising from London’s indie rock scene, artist Molly Payton signs of growing up and coming of age. She is a lyricist who knows how to take listeners on a journey and a world which she sees. Last year, Molly released 2 EPs, “Mess” and “Porcupine,” which became a testament to how well she can write songs and entice listeners to her vocal prowess. 2021 is such a big year for Molly, and she expects to create more projects that she hopes would provide comfort to her listeners. 

Instagram: @molpayton

YouTube: Molly Payton

20. Emily Vavra

Throughout Emily’s career, she’s helped countless people and made their lives better. As a speaker, health and wellness entrepreneur, and marketer, Emily makes sure that whenever she meets a client in need of her help, they come out with a positive and fool-proof plan to secure their successful future. 

Emily helps people understand and act on their residual income so they can scale their income and businesses. 

Instagram: @itsemily




Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.