Top 20 Kenji Alternatives for Instagram Growth

Instagram growth has never been more difficult. There’s more competition than ever, and Instagram seemingly likes to change the way their system works on a regular basis. That can leave Instagrammers wondering how they can encourage explosive growth.

Platforms like Kenji have been popular in the past. The problem with Kenji is it’s difficult to figure out whether their methods are still effective. There are serious questions surrounding Kenji’s ability to guarantee continued results.

That’s why this guide is going to show you exactly which Kenji alternatives can deliver the results you want.

1. YoViral

YoViral is aimed at getting your posts in front of users who are interested in the content you’re publishing on a daily basis.

If you believe quality is more important than quantity, YoViral is for you. They offer a monthly plan that will automatically push your content to your target market whenever you publish a new post. So you can expect a constant flow of likes and views once you sign up.

There’s just a simple two-click process you need to follow if you want to begin the service. Just add your username, choose your plan, and enter your payment details. It’s one of the simplest processes you’ll follow to gain fast Instagram growth.

2. ViralRace

ViralRace is dedicated to finding you followers who care about your content. With their services, you can pick up real, engaged followers. The platform is similar to brands like YoViral in that your content will be actively pushed to the right people.

You can take advantage of either instant or guaranteed delivery of followers and likes. ViralRace can be geared to whatever growth strategy you want to implement.

If you’re looking for a real engagement marketplace you can rely on, ViralRace is the platform for you. With this Instagram growth service, you can be confident knowing you’re getting authentic social proof.

3. BMF

BMF is a central platform for all your social media accounts. Despite covering Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, they concentrate on Instagram growth.

The key to BMF is it regularly alters its platform to suit the current standards of Instagram. It caters to everyone from small personal accounts to Fortune 500 companies, where every post matters.

If you want to grow your Instagram account and spread this growth across multiple platforms, BMF is the perfect one-stop-shop.

4. Boost Social

Boost Social earns a lot of points for trust in an industry that’s often difficult to trust. You’ll find it has a nearly perfect rating on Trustpilot.

This service allows you to create an Instagram following that grows at a more natural rate. You can choose to receive your followers anywhere from 24 hours to 25 days after you place your order.

They don’t manually add followers. All they do is place your account in front of their users, so you know any followers you get are really interested in what you have to offer.

5. Jarvee

Jarvee is about so much more than growing your Instagram account. It also caters to other social media networks and allows you to control the content you post from a central dashboard.

You have the option to schedule out your posts so you can ensure your audience is online whenever you post.

It works in the background of Windows and focuses on account growth as you do other things. Customers can take advantage of the free trial to test it out first.

6. InstaFollowers

The main benefit of using InstaFollowers is you can get followers without even logging into your account.

These followers are designed to create a knock-on effect, so your Instagram posts will be more widely shown, thus improving your ability to get even more followers and potential paid partnerships.

InstaFollowers also offers services for increasing the number of views on your videos, IG TV views, and even Instagram comments.

If you have any weaknesses in your Instagram account, InstaFollowers will have you covered.

7. BuySocialMediaMarketing

Do you need a quick boost to your Instagram account?

Then BuySocialMediaMarketing gives you just that. They’ll provide you with followers in just 12 hours after you place your order. They’ll even help to boost the number of followers on your Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud accounts.

While they do move quickly, remember that the followers they provide will come from Instagram accounts throughout the world.

8. SNS Growth

Many Instagrammers want to grow their accounts at a more natural rate. SNS Growth understands this and so they take a different approach to Instagram account growth.

They manually contact users to entice them to connect with you. That means the followers you get are interested in your content because they’re real users.

Unlike other platforms, SNS Growth will also allow you to create a package tailored to your needs, rather than the standardized packages you find elsewhere.

9. SocialGala

For taking your profile to a new level, SocialGala is perfect for that. It’s recommended you use this service if you just want to increase your follower count.

Many users decide to use SocialGala so they can unlock a certain Instagram feature, such as the Swipe Up feature in IG stories, which is only available to accounts with a certain number of followers.

The followers are real, but you should remember that this service is for enhancing your follower count only. Don’t expect much engagement from the accounts sent to you through this platform.

10. InstaHero

Are you looking for followers who are active, engaged, and permanent?

That’s the problem with many platforms within this industry. The followers you get don’t stick around. InstaHero doesn’t use bots, so you have no chance of being shadowbanned.

These followers will connect with your account because they care about the content you produce. InstaHero places a great emphasis on connecting the right accounts with the right content. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your account being banned.

11. Instagram Bot Follower

For users who find they never have the time to manage the manual tasks necessary to grow an Instagram account, Instagram Bot Follower can do all the hard work for you.

Their software allows you to manage and grow multiple accounts all at the same time by automating basic tasks.

It’s a fully legal way of managing Instagram. These bots are not the type of bots that break Instagram’s rules and regulations as you’re still running a real account with real content.

It will save you thousands of hours every week because it will like and follow for you. That way you can focus on the real tasks, like content management and future growth planning.

12. InstaSilo

InstaSilo is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the industry. Just place your order and it will start delivering in five minutes or less.

The users they have within their database have standards attached to them, so they’re not just a bunch of random bots from India or the Philippines. This will keep your community engaged and prevent any account penalties from Instagram.

They also have a variety of growth experts on their team, so they’re always updating their platform to cater to the latest Instagram strategies.

13. LikesHub

If you’re worried about inadvertently using a platform that uses bots and fake accounts, LikesHub is the perfect Kenji alternative.

They feature an impressive database filled with followers who really care about your content. Their users will follow you naturally, so you won’t receive 1,000 followers in ten minutes. It will be spread out over a period.

LikesHub does it to make it look like your account just went viral, so you can keep your account safe without sacrificing explosive growth.

14. SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain harnesses the latest AI technology to boost your growth strategy. They’re known for their simple interface and for the ability for novices to jump right into using their Instagram growth platform.

It’ll only take you two minutes to get started. And you can take advantage of the 24-hour free trial to see if it’s the right tool for you.

Their personal assistant for Instagram will handle all the manual tasks for you, so you can begin hitting a targeted audience from day one.

15. Insta Follow Fast

Insta Follow Fast is an interesting addition to the industry because they’re the only one that guarantees 24-hour delivery.

You may want to surpass your competition now not six months from now. That’s why if they don’t deliver on your order within 24 hours of placing your order, you’ll be entitled to both the results and your money back in full.

They also cater to providing views, comments, and likes on Instagram, so you can further enhance your growth.

16. SocialStore

The problem with many platforms promising quick followers is they don’t use high-quality accounts to do it. SocialStore is one of the few Instagram growth solutions that enable you to get high-quality followers fast.

They have more than 15 million active Instagram accounts within their database. That means they can target only the people who are interested in what you have to offer. Plus, they’re active so that high engagement rate you desire is practically guaranteed.

According to previous customer reviews, the comments provided by these users are natural and interesting, as opposed to generic nonsense.

17. HelpWYZ

HelpWYZ has a long history of success in this business, as it has been in operation for the last four years. They have continually updated their strategies and offerings to ensure they follow the latest dos and don’ts set by Instagram.

As well as providing you with followers, they also have a comprehensive refill policy. So, if any of those followers provided drop off, they’ll send you more completely free of charge.

HelpWYZ is an ideal solution if you’re looking to combine it with other social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. They offer a variety of all-inclusive services.

18. Social Media Likes USA

Building up a solid Instagram following takes a lot of time and effort. For busy entrepreneurs, they don’t have the time to spend hours per day on Instagram.

Social Media Likes USA is the solution for those who just don’t have the time to engage and follow all day. They’ll provide you with followers through their automated system of matching the right accounts to the right followers.

If you’re not convinced, you should know they feature prominent clients like Sunoco and Netflix.

19. Social Tradia

Social Tradia approached the Instagram growth business a little differently. Rather than attempting to boost an Instagram account from scratch, you can go that one step further and purchase a generic premade social media account.

They’ve already done the hard work for you and you can easily choose an account that matches your industry, so you’ll have to put a minimal amount of work in to make it your own. All accounts are divided into niches and they all have industry-specific handles, so you may not even need to change the handle when you make a purchase.

This is a great way to get started on Instagram if you’re lagging behind the competition and need to catch up now.

20. InstaGrowing

InstaGrowing is about as simple a platform as you’ll find. It’s about growing your Instagram following with quality users, no more no less.

When you place an order, you know it’s 100% safe because all the followers you get are manually managed by humans. That means the followers you connect with are not bots and they’ll interact with your content.

If you’re looking for a simple service to grow your Instagram following, this is the platform for you.

Last Word – Blast up the Ladder of Fame the Right Way

You must be extremely careful with the Instagram growth service you use. Many Instagram growth strategies either use bots or fake accounts. This can put your account at risk and mean all your hard work goes down the drain.

These 20 Kenji alternatives have everything you could ever want to grow your Instagram following. Many of them also focus on engagement-based social signals, so you can also grow your account in other ways.

Which platform are you using to blast up the ladder of Instagram fame?

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