Top 3 Privacy Tips For Influencers in 2022

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One of the most lucrative potential career opportunities for those looking to “forge their own path” in the social media age is becoming an influencer. Social media has allowed influencers and content creators to grow their personal brands while simultaneously collaborating with well-known companies. While doing so, they can also reach millions of users around the globe.

However, this level of exposure leads to difficulties in privacy protection for influencers. Invasions of privacy, most commonly doxxing, is commonplace in the fast-paced world of influencer marketing.

We have sat down with Kyle Krzeski and John Bourscheid, co-founders of data privacy service Removaly. Kyle and John divulged the top three privacy tips for influencers to utilize in 2022.

About Removaly

Removaly was founded in 2020 by Kyle and John after their own personal struggles with online harassment and cyberstalking. Their main goal was to ensure control over how much of their and their family’s private data was freely available online.

While researching the best methods to scrub their own personal data, they realized how many hoops needed to be jumped through to properly remove personal information from the Internet. This realization was the catalyst for Removaly, one of the most comprehensive resources online for the removal of personal information online.

Top Privacy Tips for Influencers

While there are many things that influencers and content creators can do to help protect their personal privacy, there are some main pointers that can be followed to provide a strong sense of security.

Privacy Tip 1: Use An Alias

The privacy experts at Removaly recommend not going by your real name as an influencer. It is very common, and encouraged, to go by an alias or stage name. “The goal”, states Krzeski, “is to prevent an influencer’s personal name from being given when making videos, performing, or tweeting.”

Bourscheid further elaborates: “Having your full name tied to your personal brand opens you up to extensive potential risk. Malice against influencers is so prevalent that doxxing and SWATting have become more common in the digital lexicon.”

Privacy Tip 2: Form an LLC for Your Brand

It’s a great idea to create a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for your brand. This serves to protect your personal assets and is a great way to utilize services for your influencer work without exposing your personal information.

Removaly highly recommends that everyone register through a registered agent as well, as with registered agent services your personal information is now shown in state business records and filings.

“This helps influencers by ensuring that they don’t have to provide their personal information when signing up for services and partner programs,” explains Krzeski. “Instead, they can provide their business information, keeping their personal privacy intact.”

Privacy Tip 3: Get Your Personal Information Off People Search Sites

Many influencers, streamers, and content creators have been bothered, harassed, pestered, and stalked online. In a good number of cases, people look up the influencer’s personal information and post it publicly, in a malicious fashion. Herein lies the problem.

Per Removaly, the main method that bad actors utilize to obtain this information is by going through people search sites and data brokers, such as White Pages, BeenVerified, and MyLife. This information is publicly available to anyone looking for it, and can easily be disseminated to locate home addresses, phone numbers, family members, and more.

While this can be done manually, the process of removing your personal information from the Internet is very time-consuming. Additionally, removing your information from a data broker does not guarantee that they will not repost your information in the future. 

Services such as Removaly exist to streamline the process of removing this personal information from the internet, protecting influencers and their loved ones from potential harm.

Final Thoughts

The internet provides a perfect environment for influencer growth. However, it also provides a breeding ground for potential privacy risks. One thing you want to avoid as an influencer is for bad actors to have direct access to your private information.

Ensuring you follow strong privacy protocols will go a long way in keeping you and your loved ones safe. For Kyle Krzeski and John Bourscheid of Removaly, providing resources and recourse for those looking to improve their personal privacy is critical.

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