Top 3 Tips From a Master Side Hustler and Serial Entrepreneur

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Zaman Mecci is a full-time systems consultant in the technology industry and side hustle master, which has enabled him to have utmost financial freedom by helping others. His entrepreneurial mindset and side hustle mastery has allowed him to make twice as much as his day job by just working five hours a day on his side hustle.

Mecci is a pioneer in taking his years of experience and applying it to startups. He is currently co-founder of 2 startups, MagicHands and Parabolus Inc. Magic Hands is India’s online home services platform and

Parabolus Inc is a holding company for Krypto Kafe, a simplified cryptocurrency trading & remittance app.

He is also working on a documentary film called Blockchain Prodigy, which will release on OTT networks, and is near halfway done. The film covers in-depth analyses and insights on current events related to the Blockchain industry, including the Bitcoin carbon emissions controversy.

Mecci has generated a quarter-million dollars within six months of starting his business and is projects to make $2 million by the end of the year. He credits his successes to many factors, with the most notable being a supportive and effective team.

He noted, “when running a company, you have to have skills to set up a team. You’re building more than a product, and teams are important to aid in taking care of the business using an equity model. It’s crucial to hire someone to be a part of your journey and incline them towards your business-specific goals.”

Having a team intensifies everything in terms of revenue, a clear road map, and business model. Being a singular business owner is often seen as a risk, and funding may get complicated, but with a solid team to back your ventures, the risk factor decreases, and chances of receiving funding increases.

Mecci further offers three tips to anyone looking to begin or further their entrepreneurial career, which is as follows:

Tip 1: The pursuit, product, or company

Work for a cause, not just to make extra money—the stronger the pursuit, the more significant the impact. Your product or service should be the reflection of your goal. Decide if you can achieve your cause/pursuit by building a product or a company.

These two require a different type of skill set as a side hustle. Product building, operating and potentially selling it on a marketplace as a side hustle is simpler. To build a company, you need to build a team, and this needs leadership qualities.

You need to be a people person, “I am excited to wake up every morning and speak to my team, motivate them, and contribute towards the revenue generation bottom line.” The chances of team dissolution are high. You need to navigate team members’ egos and personal goals & drive them towards the common goal. Your pursuit above all must keep you and them motivated throughout the journey.

Tip 2: Build authority, build a team

Your domain expertise is most valuable. Ask yourself, “why would anyone listen to you or incline towards your goals or vice versa?” Building authority in your niche is as important as your experience, expertise, and financial contribution.

One might have years of experience in the field, but that alone is not enough to lay out a solid and secure foundation. It’s not financing, technology, or product ideas; it’s the team that drives the product towards success.

Tip 3: Take action, do the right thing

Successful side-hustles should serve as an extension or complement an individual’s full-time job as “digging too many different wells can be overwhelming.” The best way to organize your side hustle is to love what you do.

Finally, Mecci recommends that people trying to get into the entrepreneurial lifestyle read these three books: Organizing Genius: The secrets of Creative Collaboration by Warren Bennis, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle.

Mecci stands as an example that investing in your side hustles can be a transformative way to expand your skillset and others continuously. In an era where technology is at the forefront of our lives, and innovation is everywhere, everyone can achieve their financial and professional goals, doing what they love.

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