Top 3 Tips to Stay Aligned With Your Purpose

Do you know someone who is aligned with their purpose, those people who are oozing passion and confidence? They walk through life knowing they are doing the work they were meant to do in the world. Maybe they have known since they were very young what lit their soul on fire. Some people seem to have always had a laser focus on their purpose while the rest of us drift from one job to the next, never feeling quite fulfilled.

Maybe you have an idea about what your purpose is, but you just can’t seem to get yourself in line with what you know you’re meant to do.

We are going to walk through 3 mindset shifts you can make to get in aligned with your purpose. To do this, you will need to get crystal clear on and commit to your principles and values, coordinate your resources, and start speaking your passion.

Commit to Your Principles and Values

A surefire way to get aligned with your purpose is to get super clear on what your personal principles and values are and to commit to living them. What is important to you? Is it being available to your family? Giving back to your community? Integrity? Trustworthiness?

Spend some time really digging into what your values are and use this to guide you towards your purpose. What you do with your life should be in line with your values. You know you are on the wrong path when you feel a constant conflict between what you’re doing and what you value.

A great practice is to build time into your life that gives you the opportunity to examine whether you are living in line with your values. Maybe this looks like a daily journaling practice. Or you could take a weekend once a month to disconnect from all of the noise and really tune in to determine if there is a conflict between how you’re living and how you want to be living.

A great mindset hack is to start asking yourself once a day, “Did I live in line with my values today?” It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that!

The partner to knowing your values and principles is committing to them. Get clear on what you will and will not do. Nothing will draw you away from living your purpose faster than a lack of boundaries around what is and is not acceptable from yourself and others.


Coordinating Your Resources

Once you feel confident that you have a practice of checking in to make sure that you’re aligned with your principles and values, it’s time to start coordinating your resources. This means, first, taking inventory of the resources you already have available to you, then making a list of resources you need to collect or get access to, and then making sure you aren’t wasting the resources you have.

We cannot stay connected to our purpose if we don’t have or even know what resources we need. Take time to really look around with fresh eyes and take inventory of the resources around you. They might not always be obvious or bright and shiny, but knowing what resources you have will not only help you stay aligned with your purpose but will push you to the next level professionally and personally. These resources can be your time, videos online, or people inside your network (or the other people they could connect you to). Don’t dismiss anything.

After you know what you have you will be able to see that you probably have way more resources than you thought and the missing resources will stand out much easier. This will help you focus your energy on connecting with people, programs, and systems that are truly necessary and impactful rather than drowning in overwhelm because you don’t really know what you need. Staying focused is essential to living your purpose.

Once you have a good inventory of your resources you must be vigilant in protecting them. Your time is a finite resource that you have to manage wisely. Finding balance in the use of resources will be key in protecting them. We don’t want to use up resources in unsustainable ways. We want our network of people to know we value them and are not just taking but are invested in authentic relationships. We want to make sure we are using our time wisely, which includes scheduling rest and time for enjoyment.

Speak Your Passion

The last – and possibly most powerful – tip is talking about your passion. Something almost magical begins to happen when we put our passion and purpose out into the world. And, honestly, it can be really scary at first. I want to encourage you to lean into that fear because that is where big shifts start to happen. The more you talk about your purpose and passion the more clear your vision becomes. And the more clear your vision becomes the easier it will be to stay committed to your values.

Along with the clarity that comes from speaking your passion are the amazing connections you will begin to make. All of a sudden, people in your network will start coming out of the woodwork to help and support you. Maybe they are really excited about what you’re doing and can help you directly or maybe they know someone else walking the same path that would love to get involved!

Living out your purpose is not for the faint of heart. It takes a serious commitment to your principles, an openness to recognizing resources and protecting them once you find them, and the courage to speak your passion out into the world. Once you know what you’re supposed to be doing or contributing to the world it is hard to turn back. Build the boundaries necessary to find balance in your life and the checkpoints to you need to stay aligned with your purpose.


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