Think you have what it takes to make the Influencive Top 30 Success Quotes of 2017 list?

How do I make the list?

Submit your best success or entrepreneurial quote for a chance to make the list.

What do you get if you make the list?

The top 30 quotes will be featured in an official list titled 'Top 30 Success Quotes of 2017' by Influencive staff, with a picture and link to the quote author's website alongside their name and quote. The quote will also be featured as a quote image on our Facebook page and Instagram page with a shoutout to your Facebook and Instagram pages over the following 30 days after the list goes live.
Note: This is the first ever officially endorsed list by Influencive. You will be given badges for making the Top 30 list in this category and you can utilize the Influencive logo and badge on your site, social media, header images and what not to help enhance your image and credibility.

How many quotes will be in the list?

The best 30 quotes will make the list, judged by Influencive staff. The extended list will include honorable mentions on a second page for additional quotes that don't make the top 30.

Bonus: Become Influencive Contest Entries

As a bonus, everyone that applies will get 99 additional entries into the Become Influencive Contest.

How does it work?

Our lists are similar to others you may have come across before. First, you submit your entry and pay a small application fee (which helps weed out 10's of thousands of unqualified applications.) Then the application fee goes into promoting the resulting article and social media images to fully benefit you. Finally, we make a guarantee that the article will be shared over 5,000 times and seen by more than 100,000 people so you can be assured that this list will get a lot of eyeballs!