Top 5 Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers

Having some thoughts about buying Instagram followers to get the right engagement and exposure on social media? It is an open method to gain lots of users and kick start a marketing campaign these days. However, the dos and don’ts still exist in this and there are many quality variations among suppliers.

Social media has opened opportunities for business, and no one wants to miss making online leads/conversions. This is how purchasing Instagram followers has become a favorite option of all influencers, artists, content creators, brands, and businesses. 

Before proceeding to know who provides the best service for Instagram marketing, it is important to answer questions such as what the success rate is, why only Instagram, and what are the consequences. 

Success Rate of Instagram Marketing

Instagram has taken a boom after 2018 and became a favorite choice since Facebook bought it. Every minute a new user is signing up on Instagram somewhere in the world. The intense activity, response, and big size of a user base make Instagram a preferable option for all above-the-line marketing activities. Successful interactions among brands and their followers are measured based on the number of followers, likes, shares, and views.

Why Only Instagram?

Instagram is based on visual content for marketing. Brands have completed successful marketing campaigns on Instagram through catchy videos and images. Similarly, most of the fashion artists and celebrities are active on Instagram than on Facebook.

They can communicate with fans and make successful interactions through comments. Whereas other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are also in the race with Instagram for achieving user-friendliness attributes. This is how the success rate on Instagram is a lot in comparison with other e-marketing options. 

What are the Consequences?

Don’t worry, no one is spying on you for buying social media marketing services. There are certain tools that may differentiate between purchased and organic followers. However, normal people do not have access to those tools. So, you may buy IG followers as per your requirement from the list of Top 5 best sellers below.

The only thing you need to take care of is, avoid buying hundreds of thousands in one go. It may give a spam signal to Instagram that a profile is gaining too much attention than usual. Otherwise, it is a complete good-to-go option for numbers and publicity:

Top 5 best site to buy Instagram followers


The market #1 player for many years has delivered millions of Instagram followers to many clients. This business promises quality and quantity both for social media marketing services. As per customers, InstaBoostGram has delivered them, extra followers, with every other.

However, critiques are of the view that IBG services other than Instagram are in the developing phase and they are impatiently waiting for other followers like TikTok, Spotify, and YouTube. The customer support team is well responsive and helps customers within 6 hours of their query. Therefore, it is on the top of the list. 


It is also one of the very old websites that launched a few years ago. One of the pioneers in this industry has a proven record. With slightly competitive pricing for Instagram likes and followers, few users find the website’s navigation a little challenging for completing their purchase. However, the quality is good, and customers can choose between a wide range of services. 


Instafollowers you to get the necessary exposure with lots of services like Instagram followers, likes, and views. The engagement techniques are unique to help you build a large army of followers. The website is quite catchy with a live chat support option. As for pricing, the lowest 10 followers’ package is available in few cents only.

It is one of the new entrants in the market who made it to top websites that sell Instagram followers. gives catchy deals like buy once and gets 10% straight off on the next order. Additionally, there are many coupons available and other premium services like YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. 


Youngest yet active competitor is in the market with the same pricing as top services are offering. You will find an option to set delivery speed from gradual to instant. Both high quality and premium followers are available for customers. It promises quick delivery and there is a specialist available for customer’s help. 

In the end, it would be important to realize that social media marketing has taken over and it is the best option for advertisement. Everyone wants exposure but only a few companies can provide the best services.

We’ve reviewed these 5 websites so that you can make a better and safe choice for buying Instagram followers. Do not forget to share this comparative analysis with your friends and peers on social media as well. 

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