Top 5 Business Cloud VoIP Provider In UK

In order to compete in today’s business world, you must understand the importance of communication systems. To be more specific, you need to be aware of the ideal VoIP business phone system which elevates and propels your business whilst saving your money at the same time.

The Business Cloud VoIP services are particularly designed while keeping business of every size in mind. It offers all of the powerful unified communication providers at a reasonable price. There are several high-profile Business Cloud VoIP Providers in the UK and new providers are coming every day.

VoIP call centre systems offer all the essential features of a traditional IP business phone system but it also allows your agents to work remotely. It is a great technology as you can transfer calls seamlessly to other agents that are miles away without the callers ever realising.

Virtual call centres provide technical support, customer services, and event registrations. Also, you can use the system for outgoing calls, which allows the sales representatives to work from anywhere with an internet connection. You can even route business receptionist services virtually.

With the business cloud VoIP, you don’t need to sacrifice flexibility and features. A cloud-based phone system can provide parallel business class features for all the users including unified messaging, call forwarding, voicemail, call hold, synchronized contact list with the office system, find me follow me, three-way calling, auto attendant and many more.

This system can also save your business valuable resources and time by removing the hardware configuration and burden of management from your shoulder. In addition, it lowers the total cost of ownership. In this article we are going to list the top 5 Business Cloud VoIP Providers in the UK, so you can make a wise decision for your business.

  • 8×8

It is one of the most successful and biggest Business Cloud VoIP Providers in the UK. The company provides cloud-based and Unified Communication (UC) services to a range of businesses, from start-up business to multinational organizations.

8×8 VoIP software can easily integrate with other apps including Google, Netsuite and Salesforce. This can immensely enhance your workflow and collaborative efforts. 8×8 provides a wide range of phone system features such as unlimited calling zone, single sign-on and desktop/mobile apps at a reasonable cost.

Pros: flexible cost. User-friendly interface. A rich range of features. Easy setup with excellent desktop and mobile capabilities.

Cons: there is no API in order to build your own app integration.

Verdict: 8×8 offers the virtual office pro plan which is a great choice for small business VoIP services. Overall 8×8 is a great choice with a rich set of features, a selection of third party integration and mobile capabilities. 

  • RingCentral

RingCentral is also one of the leaders in the VoIP industry. The company has over 350,000 businesses using their phone system globally. The company has access to a big pool of resources which allows it to develop cost-effective VoIP communication solutions. The thing which is great about RingCentral is that it offers the essential phone features which small and medium-sized businesses require at competitive prices which start from £9.99 per user per month with a 30-day free trial.

Pros: award-winning customer support, no monthly agreements, no need for on-premise equipment, unlimited calling, toll-free numbers and a customizable caller ID. Ability to manage the entire phone system through any smart device along with free system update and upgrades.

Cons: there is not direct Linux support however you can use the online dashboard. Currently, you cannot customize the greeting message for conferences. 

Verdict: RingCentral is one of the best communication solutions in the market in terms of reliability and features. The company offers flexible cost plans to suit your business needs and financial budget. You can also use a free trial to better understand the software. 

  • Vonage

The Vonage Business cloud supports the new Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) along with the Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) options. They are specialized in VoIP UK services. The company also is investing in its Nexmo API platform and has created a big network of developers. This means that there is a robust pipeline of the third party and partner integration. Vonage is best known for its cloud private branch exchange (PBX) in the competitive market. 

Pros: Notable administrative features and calling functionality. A wide variety of features along with mobile applications. Excellent API integrations.

Cons: the add-on features have an additional cost. Conference calling is not included compared to the competitors in the market. 

Verdict: Vonage business cloud has an impressive and rich set of features along with reporting and management functions. However, there is an additional cost for add-ons. 

  • Mitel

Mitel is a popular telecommunication provider which specializes in VoIP services and Unified Communication services for small and enterprise businesses. The company offers the latest VoIP technology and provides a variety of advanced features. Mitel cloud-based Unified communication VoIP system is most recognized because of its easy deployment, low cost and flexibility. All the communication is integrated into one single platform which is easily accessible. 

Pros: great mobile application, predictive contact search, built-in team, comprehensive VoIP calling and messaging. CRM integration. 

Cons: High cost per user compared to competitors. No speech to text transcription facility. 

Verdict: Mitel Micloud business UC platform is a great choice with award-winning features and a long list of integrations while also being on the costly side.

  • Intermedia

Intermedia provides cloud private branch exchange and VoIP services to small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a rich set of features at an affordable cost. 

Pros: guarantees 99.995 of uptime along with financially backed service level agreement. Hosted mail from the enhanced admin console along with management of MS office 365. Offers a rich set of evolving features.

Cons: a number of features are not available to some customers since the provider is still upgrading its users to a new service. There is a heavy focus on Microsoft for ancillary services.

Verdict: Intermedia unite is an immense upgrade to their previous product. There are still new features coming however it is already a great choice for any business which wants rich features and reliability.

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