Top 5 Gaming Industry Trends to Watch in 2022.

We are almost in March 2022 with a hint of getting everything normal around us. And so that case is with the gaming industry. We all are looking forward to all the gaming events such as esports circuits which went entirely virtual last year due to the pandemic situations.

Let me highlight the fact that gaming is on the verge of huge changes to its basic business, distribution structures, and long-form transformation in monetization and work culture. From playing games like Mario to card games like Solitairebliss, we have come a long way today in the world of AR VR games. So, here is the post containing everything about the developments that will have a major impact on the gaming business in 2022.


According to research, an estimated $218 billion is expected to be generated by the Blockchain gaming business by 2022. People are likely to spend almost And it is expected that people will spend $168 billion on in-game purchases by 2022.

So, it is evident that blockchain has opened up a new trend of possibilities. For example, gambling sites use blockchain technology because hackers can easily alter or delete a transaction based on a blockchain due to the use of data encryption methods. So, if you want to make in-game transactions more secure, blockchain technology can back you up there.

Even the in-game assets can be created and stored on the blockchain. In the year 2021, it was one of the major trends to keep an eye on. We are expecting the year 2022 will also have some major additions to that.


For all of us, VR is the new normal when it comes to gaming. It is like a whole new world opening up. It lets you experience the thrill that’s closer to reality. To understand it with an example, you may hang out across a virtual environment where you know the surroundings and even the smell of the flowers.

Additionally, the gaming stations which are built on the idea of AR and VR concepts are also getting a lot of hype. People love to experience the virtual experience that can help them escape the reality for a while and let them enjoy the fun part of it. Similar to the casinos, they also payout the AR and Vr technologies to deliver the best quality. So, to summarize, you can have a feeling of a casino like Las Vegas from your house!

If we talk about the AR part, games have the freedom to try out new things. For example, you can do real-time variations and changes with AR in games.

Puzzle Games

It is not new that we all have played Wordle every day. With several small to notable modifications, puzzle-based games are expected to be one of the most popular kinds of games in the coming years. Overall it is expected that the income to experience rose by $33,217 million by 2025, according to Statista.

Mobile Gaming

We all know that without mobile, it is impossible to have a worthwhile market position. So, mobile multiplayer games will be all in as a talk of the town in the coming year. The major reason that the social engagement and feeling that comes after competing with other gamers is why multiplayer games are so popular. Plus, in-app purchases are also becoming popular for players to go ahead in their games. However, there is no hint of players’ interest in multiplayer video games in the coming year 2022.

Cloud Gaming

It is obvious that despite the hype, cloud gaming failed to exceed the expectations from the previous year. For example, the launch of Xbox Cloud gaming was full of glitches. Even Google Stadia also had its issues and there were barely any unique things that could attract players to it. In the coming year 2022, with the emergence of more service providers in this space, the competition is surely going to be intense and we may experience big upgrades in infrastructure that could improve the gaming experience.

Graphics Design

It is said that the graphics in video games play a big role. Back in the days, some simple graphics on first-generation home consoles like the Atari 2600 were popular because of their limited computing capacity. After a few decades that led to the contemporary age of 3D graphics, video games improved their visuals and added more complicated features with the advancement in computer technology. So,  in the coming year of 2022, you can expect sophisticated graphics design as one of the trends to watch in 2022.


All in all, the future looks promising for the coming year 2022. We can not say which of these trends will become prevalent as technology continues to advance. Since 2017, everyone has been looking to focus on the brighter side of 2022 when the gaming industry will become more profitable. As more and more people are going to indulge into playing new games, the market is surely going to change as technology and people’s preferences for gaming change. So, as a result of the increasing rivalry among developers, the gaming experience will continue to improve.

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