Top 5 Indian Underground Rappers in 2021


Following the footsteps of the international hip-hop artists, this bi-lingual duo has taken the hip-hop sound to the next level. 

Their debut mixtape 2 Ka Pahada which was released in the year 2017 raised them to fame. Their single Seedhe Maut Anthem was beautifully crafted and won the hearts of the audience. Further, their collaborations with rapper artist Prabh Deep showcased their skills as one of the best pioneers in the Indian Hip-Hop Movement. 

Bayaan was their debut album from which they established themselves. Moreover, their latest Single 101 displays the duo’s versatility with creative punch lines and witty rhymes. They are well versed with each and every skill and are ready to set a trademark in the hip-hop music revolution. 


This 23-year-old Delhi boy rose to fame when he won the second iteration of Jabardast Hit 95 FM’s show Gully Bhai, a platform for budding rappers to showcase their talent. Since then Om never looked back.

Om basically is an acronym for Overtaking Machine according to the rapper. Om is undoubtedly also a symbol of reality in the Hindu religion and the artist strongly feels that it is something he goes by,  

He learnt from big names in the industry like Snoop Dogg, Juicy J, and Machine Gun Kelly among others. He puts in his best effort in making every song the best. He considers Hip-Hop as his lifestyle and advises the budding artists to follow it only if they want it badly!

The real name of Karma is Vivek Arora, and Karma is his stage name. Vivek started his career as a rapper in 2017. He published his first rap song Agar Main Haara in 2017 on his YouTube channel. His next song was Mastak Pe Dastak.

His first track Swagat Hai of his first EP was released on October 2, 2019, on YouTube. A well-known music personality in India, he is a deadly combination of music composer, singer as well as a songwriter.

The first time he met Raftaar was during his night shift job when he used to work in a concert room in Dehradun. Raftaar gave him a chance and called him to Delhi for a project after being impressed by his rap. Karma and Raftaar worked together in Main Wahi Hoon which crossed over 34 million views on YouTube.


Bringing transformation in Haryanvi Rap Music, Rudrapratap Singh became a widely recognized name in the music industry. He is the latest sensational music artist who is soon going to raise the bar for other rappers in India with his multifaceted personality and inbuilt skills.

Popularly known as RP Singh, he is also a lyrics writer of commercial Haryanvi songs which were blockbuster hits. Belonging to Sanjarwas village in Bhiwani, his latest release is a full Haryanvi rap album titled Inklaabh.

 Though popular for commercial Haryanvi songs, the Hip Hop listeners are also impressed by his talent and contribution in the field of music-making. Undoubtedly, RP has achieved great milestones and inspired budding artists with his songs like 1857 and Sapne.


Prabh Deep, the 23-year-old rapper from Tilak Nagar, Delhi-18 has taken Indian hip-hop to the next level. Prabh Deep released his debut album Class-Sikh on iTunes in October 2019.

 Being produced by Sajeel Kapoor popularly known as Sez on the Beat, it is one of the most exciting albums to come out from the independent music scene from India in recent history. Prabh Deep sang over twelve tracks, rapped almost in Punjabi. 

In the opening track introduction in Class-Sikh Prabh Deep addresses the rampant drug addiction amongst teens in his locality. A high-school dropout, Prabh Deep is well aware of the pressure put on students by the education system and their families. Prabh Deep began travelling to south Delhi, where some of the first ripples of the hip-hop scene formed in 2008 and had gradually spread through the city.

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