Top 5 Money Moves For Digital Entrepreneurs in 2022

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Money may not equate to happiness, but beneath the perceived shallows of material wealth, lies the potential to generate a deeper, more satisfying, and intense experience of living.  A recent study by Princeton University revealed a correlation between income-level, emotional-wellbeing, and personal life evaluation. On the flip-side, low income was shown to exacerbate the emotional pain associated with such experiences of misfortune as ill-health and loneliness – both parameters being especially poignant today. 

Let’s explore the 5 Money Moves to take your life to new heights of intense pleasure and satisfaction in 2022.

We’ve taken Money Move #1 from Ania Halama, CEO of REBEL Entrepreneur and world traveler, who has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to improve their financial wealth, health, love, and spiritual connection – “My best advice is to focus on service first. When we focus on how we can help people, how we can serve them in a higher power, the money exchange will happen.” From Deepak Chopra to Oprah Winfrey and a multitude of high performers in between, being of service to others is the overriding message for 2022. 

Money Move #2 – Diversify your income. “Nothing in life is guaranteed, including your job and your income. Diversify your income and your portfolio to include multiple streams of income.” – Ania Halama. In 2022, why not consider monetizing a skill or hobby, starting a business, or investing? Stuck and don’t know what to do? Think progress over perfection and start making moves. 

Money Move #3 is super practical and comes courtesy of April Ryan – CEO of Red Iguana, Nailfie, and Nailboxy. “We often think of improving our lives by way of adding something new; a new habit, a new skill, a new plan, a new method. To allow new expansive things to fill our lives, we must leave those things behind that no longer serve us.” This can be any number of things from material belongings, to daily habits, health & wellbeing choices, or even reconsidering where you live. If it doesn’t light you up and move you towards your goals, consider ditching it. 

For Money Move #4 we’re going deep: Rewrite your Money Story. From birth, we’re programmed to view the world and everything in it through the lens of our life-experience. As a result, our view on money can be suboptimal. Think back to your childhood, and ponder your beliefs around money and how they might have been shaped by your experiences. Did money grow on trees, were you taught that money was good, bad, or neutral?  

Money move #5 – Invest In A Team that is aligned with your values, the company mission, hire those experienced in the digital space and who are willing to innovate with the times. Ebony Swank from Swank A Posh swears by investing in smarter people than herself – ‘’we do not know everything, avoid low experiences by trying to save on wages and instead invest in people and resources. In return, your team brings in more revenue and becomes a huge asset – then love on your team, they are why you’re making these money moves!

Final Thoughts

While the road of wealth accumulation is a windy one, with many crossroads and possibilities, it’s important to narrow down the ones that can have the most impact on our lives. When all is said and done, the common denominator in all possible variations of our future is us. From our beliefs around money, our understanding of how to generate more wealth, to how we serve others, the journey to success begins with changing who we are. Remember, the version of you standing atop your mountain of goals will invariably not be the same person you see in the mirror now.

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