Top 5 Tips on Being a Successful Influencer

Most deem it as a dream job, but being a social media influencer is far from simple. It takes tons of hard work, countless hours, and constant learning to successfully have a solid presence online. It seems every brand is now on the hunt for the right social media influencers to promote their services and products, so the time is NOW to jump aboard. But don’t worry, anyone with an engaging and authentic story to tell is capable of growing a massive following, you just need to know a few things first. Today we are going to discuss the Top 5 Tips for putting your dream into action and actually becoming a successful social media influencer.

1. Brand Yourself

As an influencer, your brand is your personality. The more authentically real you can be, the more successful you’ll become as an influencer. To build an audience, you must capture loyalty. How do you expect to gain trust if what you are selling is a lie? It won’t happen, and longevity in this sense is unattainable. Promote your brand as the most authentic version of yourself by producing unique, yet high-quality content. Consider these concepts when selecting your social media niche: What are you most passionate about? What story do you want to share the most? What cause truly resonates with you? If you choose a suitable niche that reflects who you are, you will be incredibly more successful than choosing the “hot” niche of the moment that you in no way relate to.

2. Be Consistent

As you grow your following, your creative juices may start to dry. You may start feeling like the posts you are putting out are getting repetitive and the brands you work with start to all blend together. This is when it is MOST important to stay consistent. If your content starts to dwindle because you are uninspired, your following will undoubtedly notice. Your authority and presence online is only as good as the content you are producing. The only way to continue to grow a following is consistent output, because it breeds loyal followers that stick around. Don’t focus on overload, focus on high-quality content consistently.

3. Partnership

This industry may seem like dog-eat-dog from afar. There are so many influencers out there in each niche, that it can tend to turn into competition. Don’t fall under the assumption that everyone is out to get you. Working with others of like-minds can benefit you longterm as well as instantaneously. In business, its who you know, not what you know. Networking is EVERYTHING, so be someone that EVERYONE wants to work with. You never know when a brand may be looking for a group of influencers for a project, and that one girl you met in the bathroom at a random event will mention your name. Think of this community as friends who can help you, not buttons you can push to increase your personal followers. Real relationships in this industry require give and take in equal measure, but can help you go far in your career.

4. Embrace What’s New

Social media as a whole is always changing. Platforms are a hit one day and deleted the next. Trends are only trends for so long before the next big thing comes along. Always make sure you are being flexible enough to thrive within the parameters of what is new and exciting before you are comfortable with whatever that new and exciting thing is. You must be able to adapt to the new and embrace change at the drop of a hat to stay informed and relevant. The key is to be stable enough in your personal brand to not change who you are, just how you are reaching followers.

5. Be a student

This last tip is arguably the most important, because if you don’t follow this, none of the others will matter. To make it as a social media influencer, you must be constantly learning. As mentioned in the previous tip, the social media landscape never stops changing. You must always be on your toes for new information and new ways to market your brand better. Whatever your niche is, there is always going to be a new “It” thing. Be aware of the new. Your followers will expect you to know about anything and everything that is going on. This means you need to be constantly aware of others in your niche, and what they are doing. Not only be the first to know about what is new, but be the first to broadcast it, as this will cause your followers to become dependent on you for information thus creating a loyal and sustainable following.


All in all, being successful as an influencer takes an authentic personal brand, and the mentality to be ever-changing and adaptable. If you can embrace these tips and implement them into your social media presence, you will be well on your way to having brands knocking down your door!

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