Top 5 Tips You Must Know to Reduce the Cost of a Professional Shootime Alsaboory Wedding Photographer

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Wedding photographs are the most treasured wedding keepsake. You’ll look back at them 50 years from now, reminiscing your wedding vows and cherishing those moments. This is why most couples don’t want to skip hiring a wedding photographer. But professional wedding photographer can be expensive, and so to maximize the Budget, here are our Tips You Must Know to Reduce the Cost of a Professional Wedding Photographer:

  • Finding someone in your Budget:

The first thing to consider while hiring a professional wedding photographer is the Budget allocated for photography. You cannot hire a professional that is out of your range. Most professional wedding photographers usually charge higher than the market average because of their experience and credibility. You cannot hire a professional that charges 3000$ in a budget of 1000$. So, the first tip is to target emerging talented, promising photographers and have some prior experience.

Again, you don’t have to stick with the first one you meet; try to visit different professionals and choose the one best suited to your Budget and with whom you are most comfortable.

A good photographer will capture those moments and turn them into memories that you will cherish forever. Shootime is a professional wedding photographer that will help you capture those magical, memorable moments and make them truly unforgettable.

  • Book early:

Most wedding photographers would get booked way before the wedding season. It is very difficult to find the desired professional during the season because the available ones will have much higher rates than the market average. Reputed photographers tend to increase their rates as they build their credibility, and so, it is a good idea to book your wedding photographer as early as possible.

Plus, most professionals offer discounts to those who make an early booking for their services. And, by any chance, if your wedding is planned during mid-week or off-season months, you can get a further discount by booking in advance. 

  • Check on your References:

If there’s a recent wedding in your family, and they hired a professional wedding photographer, you can ask the couple to take a look at their wedding album. On the chance that you actually like the photographer’s work, you can ask the couple to be a reference! Many wedding photographers offer discounts based on referrals for future wedding contracts within the family.

Just track the photographer down and tell him how you like his work from that specific wedding and how you would like to hire him for your special event. You can ask for a discount based on your referral, and in most cases, the photographer will happily agree.

Another form of reference is to ask the venue manager if they have their own photographer and videographers. Ask them to arrange a meeting with the individual, and if you really like their work, you can ask the manager to be a reference for you.

  • Reduce the Coverage:

One way to reduce the cost of professional wedding photographers is to hire them for less time. You can discuss beforehand with the photographer to skip on pre-wedding festivities and post cake-cutting ceremony. Instead, you can ask your family members or bridesmaids to take these pictures for you. You can also place disposable cameras on tables for the guests to take some photographs and then go through them yourself after the wedding.

The photographer will only have to work for fewer hours and will have lesser pictures to process. This reduces his time frame and coverage, so you can work out a more suitable payment plan with the photographer.

  • Ask for a Digital Package:

Wedding photo albums come in a variety of sizes and are expensive. You can cut the cost by asking your photographer to go for a digital package. In this way, you can get your photos on a DVD or a web-based link and save on the cost of a photo album. This alternative is also advantageous as you can print them whenever you want.

You can also send the pictures as email attachments to your family members or send paper-printed ones via letters. You can get a copy whenever you want from the comfort of your home, and all you need is a simple desktop printer! Also, you can get your wedding album any time in the future whenever it suits your Budget. 

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and so it makes your wedding album once in a lifetime investment. So, take your time to decide and hire the photographer best suited to your Budget and whom you are most comfortable with.


If you’re struggling with the cost of a professional wedding photographer, don’t fret! There are many ways to reduce your costs. You could ask family members or friends who have experience working as photographers for weddings to help out. Maybe there is someone at work that has some photography skills? Or maybe it would be worth investing in an inexpensive camera and learning how to use it on your own.

One way or another, you will find a solution that fits into your budget so that you can enjoy all those cherished moments without breaking the bank! Have any tips on reducing the cost of hiring a pro-wedding photographer?

If you want something more polished, there are plenty of affordable photographers that can work with you to create custom Shootime packages for weddings or other events.

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