Top 6 Tips To Promote Your Music On Instagram

The music industry, especially the music promotion processes has been changed throughout decades. The days of labels are long gone now. Nowadays, artists need to calculate every step of their journey to create and promote music through various social media platforms.

Many musicians will agree that the promotion of solo music or an album is much harder compared to the music production processes. This is why many musicians and producers are using Instagram to promote their songs.

Do you know that more than 70% of Instagram users are below 35? These statistics prove that regardless of the genre, promoting your music on Instagram will be successful.

Apart from that, Instagram can offer you tons of exciting features that will help you to build a loyal fan base.

In this article, we will discuss the top 6 tips that will help you to promote your songs or music on Instagram.

Promote Your Music through IGTV and Instagram Stories

One of the most famous features of Instagram is the IGTV and Instagram stories. Before starting, remember that IGTV and Instagram stories are two completely different features.

As Instagram has 500 million monthly users, leveraging stories to promote your songs will be beneficial. When you upload your music content on Instagram stories, people will be able to see them quickly as stories appear at the top of the newsfeed. However, you might have to struggle to get the number 1 position.

If you think that Instagram stories are too short to promote your content, use IGTV where you can upload 10-minute long videos. You can also upload the behind-the-scenes of your musical recording.

Go Live

Going live on Instagram is one of the most effective ways to promote your music. You can stream anytime you want. Remember that going live showing your audiences some behind the scene footage is extremely beneficial to build engagement. Not to mention it’s the easiest way to promote your solo, album, or music tour.

You can also organize a Q&A session or reveal some big announcements during your live streaming. Apart from that, addressing your audiences by their names in the live stream will help you to create a strong relationship with them. You can also buy Instagram comments to boost the relationship. If you can live stream regularly on Instagram, you’ll notice the exponential growth in your fan base.

Promote Using Instagram Paid Posts or Ads

This is one of the most important features of Instagram that many beginners avoid while promoting their music. Sponsored posts are the core of marketing. When you’re thinking to upload music on Instagram, using Instagram ads is highly beneficial to promote them.

Many people think that Instagram ads don’t work on music. However, this is a completely absurd assumption. If you happen to have Spotify or any pre-save campaign, you can generate traffic using that particular platform. Additionally, the ads will also help you to raise funds and gain awareness for live streams, concerts, and so on.

However, make sure that your Instagram account is set as a business profile to utilize the benefits of Instagram ads. Setting up advertisements on Instagram isn’t a difficult job, so you must use the Ads Manager feature wisely.

Use Hashtags

Almost every models and influencer know the importance of hashtags on Instagram. Hashtags are the most effective tool to boost the visibility of new content. The Instagram algorithm will recommend your content to relevant audiences through your hashtags.

You can use 30 maximum hashtags in one post. This means that you need to use 15-20 hashtags in each post. Many experts suggest that you should use 30 hashtags. Although it’s not a crime, make sure the hashtags are relevant to your posts.

You can also use trending music hashtags to increase exposure. However, don’t assume that you’ll receive instant fame after using hashtags, The Instagram algorithm is a complex process and it will take some time to generate engagement on your posts.

Create Extraordinary Visual Content

This is an obvious point as Instagram is a visual-based social media platform. While many people upload only images, Instagram can also be used to upload videos as well as GIFs. These types of content on Instagram will help you to become creative and showcase your work. Try to provide your audiences with some outstanding visual contents such as:

  • Posters
  • Cover art of the song or album
  • Images from a concert or tour bus
  • Merchandise designs
  • Fans wearing the merchandise
  • Images of you singing at a live concert
  • Interactions with other musicians or fans
  • Images of the studio

Influencer Marketing

Connect with different influencers on Instagram and use them to promote your music on Instagram. Influencer marketing is one of the most famous marketing techniques on Instagram. They will help you to boost your brand awareness amongst a massive number of audiences. However, be careful while choosing your influencer as they come in different shapes. Make sure they have enough followers. Apart from that, notice if the audience of the influencer is relevant to your niche or not. The main goal of using influencer marketing is to deliver your music to the right audiences.


These are the top 6 tips to promote your music on Instagram. You don’t need to implement all the tips to achieve success. However, make sure you’re implementing more than one to maximize your efforts. You can also improvise with keywords. Remember that promoting music on Instagram is neither hard nor expensive.


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