Authors who are Creating Ripples in the Literary World with Their Exceptional Writing

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Richa as the mere name itself has originated from the Sanskrit word “RUC”, which means “To Praise”. She is a budding author, and ‘Those Fallen Breadcrumbs’ is her first beautiful fairy-tale. This book is being published by Notion Press.

Her biggest talent is telling stories and pulling the readers out of their comfort zone to her imaginative world. Being a Painter, Author, Poet, Blogger, and above all, the dreamer, she always finds a perfect medium to voice her opinions and connect with the readers.

She has immense love for travel; thus, her soul is always on mountains and beaches, but her body resides in Noida. She is an electronics engineer from BIT Mesra and currently pursuing MBA from IIM( Indian Institute of Management) Raipur.

Richa Kumari went to NASA (Kennedy Space Centre Florida) in 2013 and has brought laurels to India by participating in the robotics competition there. Richa is a Product Manager by profession at a London-based multinational currently. In concurrence to this, she has added a remarkable achievement in her name by winning the title of Mrs. Asia Universe in 2020.


Eddyee Siingh, an ardent and zealous entrepreneur, an excellent Mind coach, motivational speaker and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner has embarked on the journey to pen down his thoughts and bring his stories to the world. Eddyee is also an eminent hypnotherapist.

He has assisted many people in finding latent potential in them and regaining command over uncertain and fragmented areas of life. His efficiency and effectiveness has helped numerous people turn back to life with full vigor and spirit. This avid racer has won many national championships and has made lucrative contributions to the Motorsports industry in India.

Eddyee is very passionate about bringing change to society and upliftment of people. He puts his heart and soul into everything possible to support people in the accomplishment of their goals and turning their dreams into reality.

Eddyee’s latest book “Little Me In Everyone” is already a bestseller. The book explains how every human is born with a “genius”, a guardian spirit allocated at birth. Our whole life is inside our Mind, which is a prism refracting the light of everything around and within us.

Caged in this mind is the ‘Little Me’ helping us, talking to us, questioning us, and nurturing us all along the way. Even when no one believes in us, the ‘Little Me’ does. It evolves in multiple realms, the only sustenance it gets is through introspection and reflection done in the state of awareness.


Gaines is a proud father, author, activist, and entrepreneur. He has founded many initiatives which are successfully running all around the world. Apart from all this, he is also a recording artist and a talented artist. The amount of love that he has received from India especially after the release of his book is unprecedented.

Woke Seed book is based on a story based around a child named Light who visits his Uncle’s place without having plans of doing so. This unplanned trip sees Light making new friends, having more fun, and getting more ideas.


Rishabh Dubey, known by his pen-name ‘Kridious’, is an author and a poet from Lucknow, India, who already has 6 books to his name at the age of 24. His latest two, Krikos: The Vertical Horizon and DEV, have been published by Leadstart Publishing and Ukiyoto Publishing respectively in 2021.

While the former is a hardcore space sci-fi, the latter is a hybrid of sci-fi and fantasy inspired by the Holy Ramayana. Dubey published his first book, The Mangoman (Political Satire, Fantasy), with Patridge Publications in 2016, when he was just 18 years old. He has also launched a semi-biographical series called ‘The Idiosyncrasies of Life’, which has had two books come out so far.

Apart from narrating his own accounts, he has covered various subjects in the aforesaid series like Women Empowerment, LGBTQ+ rights, Child Welfare, Etcetera. The foreword to the second installment of the series, entitled ‘Dualities’, was written by Mr. Deepak S Bhatia, the CEO of Make-A-Wish Foundation of India.

Furthermore, Rishabh has co-founded ‘The Voices of Silence’ initiative with screenwriter Vais Siddiqui to give a cost-free platform to young and aspiring authors of India who seek guidance and mentorship. Lastly, other than being an author, Dubey double times as a corporate professional as well as a musician.


Dr.Harjeet Sra, an award-winning academician from Chandigarh has come out with her debut novel ‘ is forever’ published by Petals Publishers and Distributors, Ludhiana, during the lockdown. It is an enthralling and poignant tale of love, friendship, and sacrifice that trails the soul-stirring and passionate journey of Ruhi, the main protagonist who lives in a small and picturesque hill town along with her two childhood friends.

The book unfolds Ruhi’s struggles and dilemmas in unraveling the mystery of her true soulmate along with intertwined pertinent issues threatening the pristine beauty of her hill town. How she battles against the people trying to convert the hilltown into a concrete jungle with the strong support of her friends is realistically portrayed in the novel.

The engrossing love story with a strong environmental issue at the backdrop has hit the right chords with the readers. The book is receiving rave reviews from young readers and is among the hot new releases on Amazon best sellers.

An Alumnus of DAV College, Jalandhar, Dr.Harjeet Sra did her Ph.D. from Panjab University, Chandigarh. She is presently working as an associate professor in college. She has published many research papers in reputed journals and books.

She has been awarded the ‘Research Excellence Award’ for her Ph.D. work by the Institute of Scholars, Bengaluru, and the ‘Best Teaching Award’ for her contribution to Education and society. She has published her short stories and poems in the Anthologies, ‘Perspectives of Hope’, ‘Fragrance of life’, ‘Lockdown Blues’ and ‘Tales of 2020’ and Poetry and You, Edition III.


Pratik Bharat Palor is a Gold Medalist Chartered Accountant and a National Seventh Rank holder Company Secretary. He has thirteen years of experience as a finance professional in the corporate world. But, that doesn’t make him leave his Hindi roots behind.

He has published eight books so far, of which six are in Hindi. He is known to be a perfectionist both as a writer and as a reviewer of books. He is a proud father of two charming young daughters, Shree & Vallari. He is also a hard-core nationalist and a Marwadi at heart.

He is actively engaged in creative presentations, along with his wife & daughters, to share through his Facebook and Youtube profiles. He calls himself “Sanskriti Ka Lekhak”. So far, he has penned and published nine books, in different genres:

– Pighlaa Darpan ~ Hindi Poetry

– Do Poornank ~ Hindi Short Stories

– Teen Thahake ~ Hindi Short Plays

– B+ve Satat Prerna ~ Bilingual Positive Quotes

– Ramta Jogi ~ Hindi Travelogue

– Being Dissatisfied ~ English Satire

– 80-quettes ~ English Self-Help

– Ujala Darpan ~ Hindi Mix Genre

– Kritrim Aapada ~ Hindi Short Novel


Mrityunjay is the author of a narrative poem book, “Memorable Memoir.  Recently, his book was featured in “The Print India” under the title “8 books that should be on every reading list in 2021”. He got mentioned in Zee 5, ED Times under the title “Top ten Indian authors who inspire the youth the most”.

He belongs to Muria, Bihar. He had done his Mechanical Engineering from KIIT University, Orissa. There he fostered his inclinations in story-composing and film direction. Two of his short movies got perceived in National Film Festivals. After completing his engineering, he wrote a narrative poem book where the story got woven into poetry.

Afterward, the book began getting an eminent reaction from the readers. And, he got Cherry Book Award and Author Pages award for his book under the poem category. He believes that story didn’t create an impact, storytelling does. This is the reason he is more into exploring different avenues regarding diverse narrating thoughts to connect with his readers.

Currently, he is working on his next book which will come soon.

Coming to his personal life, he says that he is grateful that being from a small village also, his parents understand his passion and allowed him to continue it. He says that his nephew Adyant Priyadarsh’s smiles makes him motivated to continue writing after facing a lot of setbacks in self-publishing.

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