Top 7 Most Profitable Instagram Niches for this Year

instagram niches

Instagram is a leading and fast-growing social media network in the world. If you are looking for ways to capture audiences, gain followers on Instagram, and make some profit, this is your time. With the growing popularity, the impact of being on Instagram is far-reaching. Several businesses have become a big success thanks to the social media app. So, if you wish to gain engagement on Instagram, you can place your bets on a few popular niches.

These niches have been grabbing a lot of attention and are sure to attract engagement on Instagram. However, users can always buy Instagram followers to get ahead and encourage more people to follow and create a positive word.

Here’s a list of the seven most profitable Instagram niches that you can try your hands on.

Health and fitness

One of the areas that have experienced high traffic since the arrival of social media in health and wellness. With people getting more aware and concerned about their health, the fitness industry is booming. With people looking for new tips and tricks to getting fit, Instagram is a great platform to capture gain engagement on Instagram.

You get to promote your products, show results, and in turn, reach a broad audience like never before. With more and more people interested in fitness, Instagram can be an excellent medium for fitness experts to promote their products, services and make money.


As vital as food is in our daily lives, it is viral on social media. People are always looking for a new recipe, a new eatery, or a new style of cuisine to try. The food industry has been positively affected by the arrival of Instagram. Chefs, restaurants, and bloggers get a platform to share their creations, experiences, and services to an audience that they could have never imagined.

So, if you want to share your passion for food with the world, Instagram is your ideal mate. Putting up high-quality pictures and detailed eye-catchy video content is sure to gain engagement on Instagram and help you monetize.


What better way to profit if you can influence people to lead a better life simultaneously? If you can guide people on simple aspects, from arranging their closets to taking care of their indoor plants, you are set to impress the audience. Instagram is full of posts about our lives, opinions, and choices, and it is natural we wish others to follow it.

So, if you can project your life and activities engagingly and interestingly, the lifestyle niche is perfect for you. Share your tips and life stories with your followers to help lead a better life. You can always opt for some best sites to buy Instagram followers to get an audience and see their response.

Fashion and Beauty

Designers and artists are always looking for visual mediums to share their work. It is in this context that a photo-sharing app, like Instagram, becomes vital. The app has helped many designers, bloggers, and artists to showcase their talent and take the industry to a new level. The platform has emerged as a key place for people to explore recent trends, products, explore fashion, and get inspired.

The app will allow you to share your expertise and opinions on beauty and fashion with your followers and collaborate with like-minded individuals and big brands. With an increasing number of people looking for makeup hacks, beauty and fashion tutorials, Instagram is great for beauty and fashion enthusiasts to achieve their dreams.

instagram niches


Travelling has been associated with us since time immemorial and will not change anytime soon. Travelling allows us to explore new places, experience new cultures, and gain insights into many different things. People these days not only want to travel but also want to share their experiences on social media.

By uploading pictures and videos, they can share their experiences with the world. So, if you are a travel enthusiast, Instagram is full of opportunities for you. You can start your travel blog, share it on the app, collaborate with brands, and make some serious money while moving across the globe.


People from different walks of life use Instagram, from your regular millennial to your next-door neighbor, a mother of two. With parents trying to find new ways to connect with their families, they are likely to follow any tip they find inspiring on Instagram. Simply put, parenting tips are gaining momentum on Instagram as a niche to monetize.

If you can advise on parenting to moms and dads, you are not only helping them connect with their kids and make money on Instagram. Celebrating family on social media is so common, but it gets even better if it allows you to gain engagement on Instagram by buying Instagram likes and generate some money.


Making money is always in trend. People are always looking for better and innovative ways to make money, evolve their businesses, develop an idea or make an investment. So, if you can help people find intelligent ways to earn money, be financially independent or help them successfully set up a business, why not spread your knowledge with others?

Instagram can provide you with an additional source of income by helping you reach a wider audience. People are always looking for business tips, tricks, how-tos, and inspiration. Whether you want to share ideas for a startup, marketing tools, and strategies, or valuable tips and tricks on making money, Instagram is the platform for you.

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