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Top 8 Mixing and Mastering Service Providers

Mixing and mastering is a very delicate art which makes your songs listenable. This article may help you to understand what is best for you, so let’s start.

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Which company provides the best mixing and mastering services, believe it or not this is serious question when you want to release your songs/tracks. 

Mixing and mastering is a very delicate art which makes your songs listenable. This article may help you to understand what is best for you, so let’s start.


Abbey Road is a London based mixing and mastering service provider ranked among the best for decades. They have a team of experienced and award winning engineers who are capable of delivering the magical results when it comes to mixing and mastering. They have been working with the big names in the music industry for a long. If you are looking for typical British sound then Abbey Road is the best.


When it comes to costing Abbey Road is overpriced and the range of services starts from $330/song and can go up to $600/song.


  • Wide range of studios equipped with latest high-end instruments which makes your experience world-class and unforgettable.


  • High pricing
  • 3-7 days turnaround time


Metropolis is undoubtedly one of the premium mixing and mastering companies in Europe. They have pretty handsome track record working with the likes of Ed Sheeran , Adele, David Guettta and the list goes on. They have multiple Grammy awards to their name.


Metropolis is an expensive mixing and mastering service provider because of their brand name. Starting price is $110 per song.


  • Metropolis has 3D audio facility
  • Experienced engineers and experts
  • Best for big commercial projects


  • High pricing
  • Not ideal for independent musicians
  • Long turnaround time
  • Delayed response on queries


Major Mixing is a new player in mixing and mastering services industry but the quality of job and the commitment they have shown in these 2 years is remarkable. Major Mixing is already associated with international artists likes of SonReal, Melovin and I am Aisha and given wonderful results.

Team of engineers at Major Mixing has more than 10 years experience and they are giving healthy competition to the market . No wonder if they capture a good market share soon.


Major Mixing offers a wide range of services

  • Mastering – $42
  • Mixing – $84
  • Mixing and Mastering – $93


  • Well equipped studios
  • Experienced team of expert engineers
  • Competitive price
  • 24-72 hours turnaround time
  • 2-5 minutes customer support response time
  • Free revisions


  • No negatives found


Doctor Mix is another well known name in the Mixing and Mastering industry. They have top 3 production houses and a group of producers, sound engineers and DJ’s. They are also equipped with great analog and digital gear. Since 2006 they have been associated with some big names like Brian Adams, Omar and Steave Gudd.


Doctor mix offers packages instead of individual products.

  • Mixing and Mastering – $223
  • Remix and production – $881
  • Mastering only – $45


  • Well known production company
  • Experienced engineers


  • Limited revisions (2 revisions per package)
  • Long turnaround time (7-10) days


Mr. Mix in itself is a unique company in the field of mixing and mastering industry because of its founder Vincent Andre DeLeon whose journey is and inspiration for upcoming musicians and singers. Mr. Mix provides a great quality mixing and mastering and they are associated with well known artists like Eminem, Daddy Yankee and Justin Quiles are few names.


  • Mr. Mix has different prices for different turnaround time for example if mixing down in 3-4
  • weeks the price is $40 and if you want the same in 4-5 days the price is $75.


  • Good quality mixing and mastering
  • Experienced engineer


  • Really long turnaround time around 28 days.


Mike’s mix master in the field for last 17 years and cherishing success working with well known record labels like EMI, RCA and TV network MTV. Despite having such reputation Mike’s Mix Masters are still affordable and specially in pop sound they are great.


As mentioned above Mike’s Mix Masters is affordable and not very expensive.

  • Mastering – $50
  • Mix & Mastering – $175


  • Normal Pricing
  • Experience of working with well known record labels 


  • For individual songs they charge $15 for extra revision


Audio Animals is not only famous for their mixing and mastering among musicians and singers but also in the Hollywood they have done a commendable job. They have credits to their name for Hollywood films like Alladin, Avengers, John Wick and Star Wars. Of course they are one of the best.


Audio Animals have a very competitive pricing for the services they provide if compared to


  • Mastering – $55
  • Stem mastering – $70
  • Mixing – $132


If you want Dolby Atmos, then Audio Animals are the best.


3-7 days turnaround time


ADG is a Canada based company established in 2012. They have mixed and mastered more than 1000 songs in hip hop, EDM and rock genres and given good results.


ADG’s product range is between $79-$149


  • Medium price range
  • Good for hip hop and rock genre
  • 3-4 days turnaround time


  • Services include some hidden charges
  • Weak customer support

Written by Faizan Raza

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