Top 9 Sites to Buy Instagram Followers and The Ones to Avoid

Top 9 Sites to Buy Instagram Followers and The Ones to Avoid

I’ve heard it is unethical, and those who buy followers end up losing the followers after a brief period. I also heard Instagram clamps down on anyone who buys followers. Some people also said bought followers don’t interact or engage with your content. When you buy followers, the followers won’t like, react, comment, or share your content.

For someone who’s trying this for the first time, talks like these should turn me off. But I’m not one to take people’s words for them. I love to do my research and try things for myself.

Personal research on buying Instagram followers

So, I went ahead to buy Instagram followers from multiple providers for my many accounts.

Guess what I discovered?

Indeed, my friends were right, and at the same time, they were wrong. They were right because I lost many of the bought followers on some accounts and got little to no engagements. They were wrong because I got so many engagements on other accounts and didn’t lose a single follower.

So, after my extensive research, one thing became clear: “there are levels to this thing.” Some providers have a way of delivering excellent service, while some are still in the old-school act of giving fake and bot followers.

If you’ve had a friend telling you not to buy followers because of the reasons I stated earlier, I’m guessing it’s because they’ve had a negative experience with a shady provider in the past. I can tell you categorically that there are providers who sell real Instagram followers from actual people. These providers have a network of people who get paid a certain fraction of any amount you pay for the service. 

I will share the names I found in my research with you, which help your Instagram with better metrics. 

Top 9 Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

  1. Stormlikes
  3. Social Viral
  4. Growthoid
  5. Getviral
  6. Viralyft
  7. Buzzoid
  8. Famoid
  9. Venium

Instagram Followers you can buy from



When it comes to delivering excellent Instagram followers service, Stormlikes is an industry leader. It is claimed that the company went into the business having grown tired of ghost followers. So, like you and I, Stormlikes’ owners were fed up with buying followers and seeing them disappear. They were fed up with buying followers who don’t engage.

So, they resorted to creating their platform – a buy Instagram followers channel that delivered strictly real human followers. 

Until now, the company has significantly excelled in delivering real and active followers to clients.

If you want active and “alive” followers that won’t disappear after a few days, I strongly recommend Stormlikes.

Another interesting fact about Stormlikes is they sell targeted followers, too. So, for example, let’s say you’re looking for followers in a specific niche, of a particular age group, and from a particular country/city, Stormlikes can deliver all that. 

The company’s ability to deliver followers with clear-cut demographic details (like age, city, gender, and niche) is a further testament to its followers’ genuineness. website isn’t just about Instagram likes; they sell real, active followers, too. And like the first few brands mentioned, their followers are genuine humans. 

The company boastfully states that you won’t find ghost or bot followers in any of your packages on its websites. And from experience, I can attest to that. 

Their method of operations is based on the concept of exposure and reach. That is, they bring you, followers, by strategically positioning your profile so that only genuine followers come to the profile. Considering the incoming traffic is likely going to feature people interested in your type of content, you can expect high retention of followers – I.e., your followers won’t disappear. 

Like Stormlikes, they also sell targeted followers, which means you can get followers per any specifications you have in mind.

For example, if you’ll like your package to feature men between the ages of 15 and 30 from New York strictly, claims they can get you exactly that.


Social Viral is another excellent option to get Instagram followers. They are one of the oldest names in the industry and are best known for their followers’ interactions (mostly comments). 

When you reach out to buy followers, Social Viral looks at your profile’s theme and then connects you with followers that are inclined toward your type of content. 

Since the followers you’re getting are active people, it’s not surprising to see them engaging with your content. Also, since you’re getting real people to follow you, Instagram will have no reason to even look at your profile, let alone clamp down on it.

In short, buying Instagram followers from Social Viral is a safe play.


Growthoid runs an organic Instagram growth service that’s based on manual operations and exposure. When you hire their service, they give you an account manager.

This account manager is the one that will grow your account for you manually, which means that every client gets their account manager. 

Before the company provides you with Instagram followers, you’ll be asked to provide a list of hashtags, usernames, locations, and other important targets you’ll like to interact with. Usually, this is to make sure Growthoid targets the exact kind of people you’ll want to expose your page to.

Once Growthoid has your demographic preferences, your account manager will now begin interacting with the right users. In the end, Growthoid will use engagement to expose your profile to those that may be interested in the same thing you post.

If after 14 days of signing up, you don’t get the results you desire, Growthoid is happy to refund your money back to you.


As the name implies, GetViral helps you get Viral. And that’s why many people, especially influencers, love it. 

If you’ve picked influencers to work with your brand in the past, I can bet this is where many of them got those high numbers of followers you saw on their profiles.

The fact they’ve been in the game for so long speaks volumes about their service’s integrity and reliability.

Logically speaking, if people had bought followers from them and those followers had disappeared, we would have heard a lot of bad reviews about them, and that would have sent them out of business.

The fact they’re still around till today tells you there’s something good going for the brand. And from my own experience with them, I can only say good things about GetViral.

So, if you’re looking for the best site to buy Instagram followers to get viral, there’s no looking beyond GetViral.

Another exciting thing about GetViral is that they offer similar services for other social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have a presence on these different platforms, it can be a wise idea to consolidate all your promotional marketing efforts under the umbrella of GetViral.


Viralyft is one of the pioneering names in the “Buying Instagram followers” game. As at the time of writing, they’re one of the most spoken names in the industry, and if you’re just getting started with buying Instagram followers, chances are they’re the first name you’ll hear.

Their superb reputation stems from the kinds of followers they deliver, which are strictly high-quality human followers.

I love that so many review websites have written so much about them, which is further proof that they know what they’re doing.


If you are serious about giving your Instagram account a lift, Buzzoid is where you want to buy your followers. They deliver strictly high-quality followers in instant deliveries (no matter the number).

A typical package from Buzzoid usually features video views, likes, and followers. This is to encourage new, organic users to find and follow your account.

Remember that as more people engage with your posts, your posts gradually gain exposure and visibility, resulting in more users finding them.

Furthermore, Buzzoid doesn’t sell fake or spam followers. Hence, the reason so many brands and influencers prefer to use them.

To further prove their followers’ legitimacy, Buzzoid boastfully claims on its website that if anyone has doubts, they should “come and see for themselves”.


Famoid is more than a place to buy followers.

It is a great Instagram management tool. Patronizing Famoid doesn’t have to end with buying real human followers only (of course, that’s what they deal in majorly); you can have Famoid manage everything that concerns your Instagram account growth, from comments to automated posts.

As far as buying followers goes, Famoid makes sure clients get strictly genuine followers for all their purchases. 

The only glitch with Famoid is that the rate of growth is slow. Meaning, you won’t get followers rolling into your account as fast as you would with other providers. But, I guess that’s further proof that they deliver strictly human followers because if you were to gain followers organically in the real world, it doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time.

Finally, the followers you get from Famoid are engaging ones – real humans that comment, like, and share your posts.


Venium has been added to the list because of its jaw-dropping price plans. I mean, you can get as many as 100 real followers for as low as $1.99.

Like the other ones we’ve reviewed so far, Venium’s packages also feature real-time human followers that engage and stay on an account for all time. 

Their delivery is pretty quick regardless of whether you want to buy 100 or 10k followers in one swoop.

It is said that they’re the go-to option for anyone looking for a high-quality purchase on a stringent budget.

Don’t worry; your low budget doesn’t mean you’ll get wishy-washy packages. 


While we’ve discussed a list of reputable providers you can buy from, it’s essential to talk about the ones you need to avoid when shopping for Instagram followers.

As you might expect, there are lots of them. So, listing all their names may not be feasible. However, I can give you some tips you can look out for to identify a not-so-good provider.

The first tip is the retention rate of the provider.

What’s the “retention rate”?

Retention rate is how likely it is for a bought follower to stay on an account for a long time without disappearing. A good provider, like the ones we mentioned earlier, has a near-perfect retention rate. But the not-so-good ones usually have low follower retention.

How can you know when a provider has low or high follower retention? You wonder. Just check their website for anything relating to “follower auto-refill.”

If a provider states on their websites that they offer clients “auto-refill” for any drops noticed on their accounts, know that such a provider is likely to have low follower retention.

Note: “Drops” imply follower disappearance.

Think about it, why would a brand promise to ever refill your account with new followers? The only reason I can think of is that they know at some points some of the bought followers might disappear.

Imagine Coca-Cola telling you that you can always come back for a refill if you find a bottle that’s half-filled. What does that say about the quality of their products?

Not so good!

Another tip is to look out for online reviews. When you check popular online review sites like Sitejabber or Trustpilot, and you can’t find good reviews about a provider, you should know that that provider is most likely not a reputable one.


So, there you have it, the best sites to buy Instagram followers. Feel free to patronize anyone we’ve positively reviewed, but beware of anyone promising you auto-refill.

Wishing you success!

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