Top Benefits of Dedicated Development Team for Business

When deciding on the way to create an application, every business owner and startup initiator looks for the best price-quality match. Outsourcing your software development process may be a solution, however, there is also a need to match your project with the outsourcing model to achieve the highest efficiency. Hiring a dedicated development team is an option for large-scale and ongoing projects, so let’s find out its essence and main benefits.

Dedicated Development Team Model Definition 

A dedicated development team stands for the group of software development professionals who work on your project exclusively. As a rule, this is a large and remote team that is often hired for the large-scale projects created according to Agile methodology. A dedicated development team is one of the software development models you may choose when outsourcing your project creation, in addition to fixed price and time and material models.

  • A fixed-price contract is often used when there is a small or medium project with clear requirements and a predictable outcome. As a rule, such projects are created according to the Waterfall methodology by a small team. 
  • The time and material model is a good choice when project requirements, and/or the cost to create it are difficult to predict. In this case, it is more reasonable to follow the model according to which the customers pays for actually done work and spent resources. For example, such a model is suitable for working with legacy systems that may be teeming with technical pitfalls.
  • A dedicated development team best suits large-scale and flexible projects, providing the product owner with the following benefits. 

Dedicated Development Team Benefits

Outsourced software development teams are often chosen because of the following reasons and advantages. 

  • Access to global talents pool. This is the core benefit of software development outsourcing, regardless of the model. When it comes to dedicated team gathering, you get the opportunity to choose from the global talents pool and get in touch with tech professionals that will perfectly match your project specifics, values, and requirements. 
  • Cost-effective. One more benefit of outsourcing your project creation to the offshore or nearshore dedicated team is the opportunity to save up to 60% of your development budget because of the different costs for the same services in different countries. For example, when the average salary of American programmers is $50-150 per hour, the software developers from Ukraine earn $25-50 per hour, while this figure is nearly $25 per hour in India. Such a significant salary difference allows for creating your project on a budget without sacrificing quality. 
  • Controllable. Dedicated development teams are easy to control with the help of advanced task managers, time trackers, and other tools. What’s more, you as a customer may discuss the process of results reporting with your team. As a rule, the Project Manager is responsible for progress control, taking, and reporting so you may discuss the reporting and communication approach that will work equally well for you and your team. 
  • Project-focused. Dedicated development teams are called dedicated just because they work and completely focus on your project exclusively. That is, you can be sure that your specialists aren’t engaged in creating competitive solutions and aren’t spending their time on other tasks not related to your project. Plus, such an approach allows them to deeply immerse in your project and business specifics, and constantly look for ways to decrease costs but to increase the final product’s value. 
  • Remote. Hiring a remote dedicated development team is one more way to cut your operational costs. It becomes even more relevant in post-pandemic times since there is no need to rent an office. gather your team under the one rood and pay extra for the hiring and onboarding process. Partnering with a dedicated development vendor. you get access to the already formed team with well-established communication and joint work practices. 
  • Adjustable. Dedicated development teams are also easily adjustable according to your project needs. In the case you need to expand the team or access specific talents, your development vendor will help you with this task as well. Thus, your dedicated team is more flexible compared to the in-house one since in the latter case, you will have to either fire the team members who have already done their jobs or look for additional employees on your own. 
  • Easy to get started with. Reliable dedicated development vendors already have well-established teams gathered to effectively share their skills and knowledge. It allows you to get started with your project development almost instantly if the project requirements are quite standard. Even in the case, your software needs very narrow-profile expertise, your software development company will help you with finding the right tech talents shortly. 
  • Suitable for Agile projects. Because of the dedicated product development team flexibility, they make a perfect match with the Agile development methodology. The latter makes the most sense when used for large-scale projects which are going to be launched to the dynamic market, and thus, the project requirements, as well as the requirements to the development team, may change instantly. In this case, outsourcing your software development to a dedicated team is one more way to save your time and money. 
  • When chosen right, dedicated software development teams are pitfalls-free. Software development outsourcing always promises time zone differences, and perhaps different approaches to doing business.  Thus, it is important to find a team with no language barrier, non-crucial time differences, convenient time zone, and location, plus at reasonable costs. For example, Ukrainian software developers have top-notch experience in creating projects for the American and European markets, they share business values of customers from these countries, have no language barriers and convenient time zone overlapping allows for establishing effective communication and control practices. 

Are There Any Disadvantages of a Dedicated Product Development Team? 

Despite all the advantages of a dedicated team, it has some disadvantages and pitfalls. For example, this is the most expensive development approach, but it is justified by the quality of the final product and its perfect market fit. All other possible problems are easy to avoid if you choose the right and reliable vendor who already has experience in application development outsourcing and has expertise in your specific business niche. This company should also have quick access to the talent pool in case your project requires specific skills and knowledge – this allows you to shortly get started with the development process.

For example, SPD Group is a software development outsourcing vendor specializing in AI and ML projects, which can assemble a dedicated team depending on the needs and objectives of your business. In this case, you can be sure of the perfect match of the team’s knowledge and skills with the values ​​and requirements of your project, their strong experience in remote and effective communication, as well as project management and development.


Hiring a remote dedicated development team is an option for medium and large businesses with growth strategies in mind. This is a cost-effective way to create top-notch applications, access the global tech talents pool, stay flexible with your project development, and easily control the progress. To make such an approach work for you, make sure you are going to partner with a reliable software development vendor.

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