Top Cryptocurrency News Today And Blockchain News Sites

Cryptocurrency is a new form of currency that is based on a blockchain – an immutable set of interlinking data. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency based on the blockchain, and was released in 2009. Today, thousands of different cryptocurrencies exist.

Central Banks around the world are incorporating the technology and incorporating CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currencies. Traditional financial markets are incorporating cryptocurrency derivatives trading, major players like PayPal are allowing cryptocurrency trading, and start ups are challenging the status quo daily by releasing cryptocurrency apps.

Cryptocurrency news today moves faster than any other financial market. This is because the global ecosystem of cryptocurrency operates 24/7/365, never taking a day off. 

This is why it is very important to keep up with the best cryptocurrency news sites that post daily breaking news. 

But how do you know that a blockchain news site is trustworthy? 

We did the research and we came up with the 7 best sites for cryptocurrency news today. With any other sites below, you will be able to get accurate and up to date information. From traditional players like CoinDesk to Newcomers like The DeChained, there is a balanced variety of crypto news to pick from.

Here is the list of the best sites for Cryptocurrency News Today

1. Coindesk is a reputable source for blockchain news today. They have been around for a long time and are a trusted source for cryptocurrency news. You can find news, educational content, videos, and a podcast about cryptocurrency. 

2. Cointelegraph is a solid resource for cryptocurrency news. They have daily content and cover all of the breaking news stories. In addition to the news website, cointelegraph also has an online magazine about blockchain.

3. TheDechained is also a strong source for the best cryptocurrency news today. The site covers the entire crypto ecosystem and is easy to understand with the reviews for the best cryptocurrency exchanges and the best cryptocurrency wallets. You can also find educational content for background information about the cryptocurrency and decentralized finance.

4. BlockTelegraph is a good source for blockchain news. The site lists events taking place in the blockchain world and covers a wide variety of industries within the blockchain sector.

5. is a good resource for bitcoin and cryptocurrency news. In addition to news, the site hosts a wallet, casino, a cryptocurrency exchange, and a directory of bitcoin accepting businesses. rose to prominence by backing Bitcoin Cash in the great scaling wars of 2017.

6. Beincrypto is a good site for daily breaking news and financial analysis of the crypto markets. has education content, videos, exchange reviews, and in-depth analysis of both cryptocurrency market.

7. Bitcoinist is a respected resource for bitcoin related news. The site covers the broad crypto ecosystem with daily articles. You can find here educational content, industry content, and some reviews of exchanges and products. 

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