Top Dentist and Owner of Floss Dental Creates New Franchise Model to Shake Up the Industry

The medical field is growing rapidly. It is difficult to track the progress with a definite formula. The same applies to dentistry as well. Dental care has seen many innovations and technologies introduced to help dentists give a better experience to patients. Dr. Mike Tran is one of the top dentists who has found a solution to keep up with this consistently changing world of dental care.

Dr. Mike Tran believes in continuing education to stay at the top of all the new innovations. Today, Dr. Mike Tran is one of the best dentists in Houston. He owns the fastest growing dental brand Floss Dental. The brand has reached new heights within a short span. Now the company is planning to expand the brand nationwide. Soon, they are opening three new offices in Ohio, Georgia, and the U.S Virgin Islands. The brand already has about 12 offices across North Texas. Floss Dental has launched its franchise program to help aspiring dentists achieve success with the able guidance of Dr. Mike Tran.

There a number of benefits of a good franchise compared to an independent business. To begin with, a franchise under a well-established brand already has a proven proces for marketing and operations that has proven successful. Marketing strategies don’t require much brainstorming as the brand already knows what their clients expect from them. Investment risks are less and staff training doesn’t require much expertise or trial and error. These things are already taken care of by the brand. They ensure that every staff is trained to abide by the brand policies. Moreover, a franchise under a popular brand instantly adds value and credibility.

Considering all these factors, Dr. Mike Tran came forward to help other dentists start their journey to success helping numerous people on the way. Dr. Mike believes in constantly improving his skills with knowledge. Being the top dentist in Houston and specializing in veneers, he still enrolls for specific dental courses from experienced dentists. He has even extended a helping hand to other dentists who want to grow with him. Besides the franchise program of Floss Dental, Dr. Mike Tran also conducts specialized dental courses for his franchise and others.

Dr. Mike Tran has taken a long journey from an immigrant in the U.S to the owner of the fastest-growing dental brand. To escape Communist Vietnam, his family migrated to the U.S when Dr. Mike or Michael Tran was a child. After he graduated from Dulles High School in Texas, he studied Business Management to look after his family’s dry cleaning business. To satisfy his passion to help other people he chose to be in the medical field. He realized dentistry was his calling so he enrolled in Howard College of Dentistry and later at Houston Advanced Education in General Dentistry AEGD. His natural understanding of surgery was so good that he was offered to demonstrate Live implant surgery courses at AEGD. After gaining some experience he moved on to start his clinic with Floss Dental.

The brand that started with a small dental office in Magnolia, Texas is now a leading brand. Dr. Mike made it possible with his hard work and dedication. His way of treating patients like family with a little extra care and attention has helped the brand reach new heights.

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