Top Digital Advertising Trends to Watch out for in 2021

The year 2020 has been uncertain for the most part due to the Covid-19 pandemic. From the standpoint of developments in the digital space, it has been a moderate one. While some expected trends happened as planned, others did not.

A lockdown spanning a few months kept most people indoors. As a result, people had to turn to the Internet to do most things online. From official work to communication, there was a massive surge in the usage of the Internet never observed before. Also, there was an exponential rise in eCommerce sales in the lockdown period. 

2020 may not have changed much as far as the approach in digital marketing is concerned. But it has made people more dependent on the Internet than ever before. As a result, a great opportunity knocks on the door of digital marketing companies to make the most out of it. The change in the behavior of Internet users is also likely to shape up new trends. Now that we are in 2021, it is just about the right time to predict the new trends in digital marketing this year.

1. SEO based on video, visual, and image searches

Most people search on Google and other search engines with relevant queries or keywords. But there is another way to find out the requisite information about a query. One can also run a search on Google with images and videos for this purpose. This method is equally useful in yielding additional information about a query.

In the next few months, most users are likely to tweak their method of searching for information on Google.  They may either include image descriptions with alt text or a sitemap with dedicated images for better results. Also, they may use file names with images or HD videos for this purpose.

2. More attention to featured snippets

Snippets are unitary search results with a title, URL, and page description. For its most part, SEO has been all about getting into the front pages of Google search results. But in 2021 and the subsequent years, it will be more about “getting to position zero” than “getting to the number one position”. 

Snippets also contain useful information about a given query just like other search results. But a snippet shows up as a small box that stands out from the other results in search engine result pages (SERPs). Digital marketing companies are likely to make use of snippets for advertisements.

3. Local SEO

While SEO may indicate either broad SEO or local SEO, the latter assumes more importance for the sale of products in a geographical region. In 2021, it is all set to assume greater prominence. Consequently, there will be more investments in this aspect of SEO for better output in connection with conversions.

4. Segmentation of customers

The trend of segregating customers into different categories has been a norm among companies in the digital marketing space for quite some time. However, 2021 will shape up how companies approach this trend concerning consumer behavior. Investments in small marketing campaigns targeting select customers will get more preference than the one featuring all customers. Using an Ad Network to generate additional traffic can be a solution. The rationale behind it would be to promote customer engagement.

For instance, digital marketing firms may segregate customers as small spenders and hefty spenders. Thereafter, they may send relevant newsletters matching customers’ preferences for better results.

5. Interactive content for promoting customer engagement

To increase customer engagement, digital marketing brands will turn to interactive content. Over the years, such content has played a positive role in drawing the attention of customers towards brand-related activities. Polls, giveaways, surveys, and questions promote customer engagement with a brand. They keep users engaged for a long time, thereby helping a brand website stand out in algorithm-based searches.

Interactive content improves the user experience of both potential and existing business prospects of a brand. Thus, digital marketing companies are likely to channel their efforts and resources to make the most of this aspect.

6. Inclusivity

Inclusivity will govern consumer behavior in the future, especially among younger audiences. In the conventional approach, brands segregated a specific group of the target audience for marketing purposes. However, it has become outdated, and now is the time for inclusivity. 

A piece of content depicting inclusivity is likely to form a positive impression and image of a brand in the minds of younger target audiences. Digital marketing companies will likely do their best to use content feature inclusivity without any segregation based on age, race, groups, and genders.

Final thoughts

From the above, it is crystal clear that 2021 will be phenomenal with some path-defining changes for both users and digital marketers. There will be something for both. Together, these trends will add a new dimension to digital advertising trends and make way for new changes in the next few years down the line. 

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