Top Entrepreneurs Sharing the Stage at Synergy Global in New York City

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When you look at the latest headlines around business, entrepreneurship, innovation, or psychology, you would be shocked to not see someone like Richard Branson, Malcolm Gladwell, Gary Vaynerchuk, or Simon Sinek mentioned.

They are all leaders within society today as icons of business and success. What you don’t usually see is them all together, involved in the same event. That is until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m excited to inform you that Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Malcolm Gladwell, Simon Sinek, Guy Kawasaki, Jimmy Wales, Ray Kurzweil, Daniel Goleman, Nassim Taleb, Steve Forbes, Robin Wright, and Jack Welch are all speakers at the upcoming Synergy Global Forum in New York City.

Crazy right? Getting the opportunity to see first-hand and hear from these game-changing leaders and innovators would be an amazing experience making Synergy Global a “MUST ATTEND” event. You won’t see a group of speakers like this together anywhere else.

To give you more insight into a few of the speakers, I thought I would highlight a few of my favorites and explain a little more why they are amazing and explain to you their past accomplishments and current areas of focus.

Simon Sinek

simon sinek

Photo Source: Success Magazine

A true visionary in every sense that is inspiring and motivating millions of people around the world. He happens to be an author of four best-selling books, “Leaders Eat Last”, “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”, Together is Better: A Little Book of Inspiration”, and “Find Your Why: A Practical Guide To Discovering Purpose For You and Your Team.”

Sinek is fascinated by the leaders of our biggest organizations today and often studies them to answer his famous “WHY?”. A term he has become famous for after giving his first TED talk in 2009 that has garnered over 31+million views on Youtube and a term he based two of his books off of.

Richard Branson

richard branson


Photo Source: Youtube

The iconic man that started the Virgin brand and built it into the Virgin Group today which is a massive conglomerate of over 400 businesses. Branson is known as a visionary and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time.

Branson is also a well-known philanthropist and someone that lives life to the fullest.

Some of the latest projects Branson is focused on are chartering spacecraft to outer space and building an ultra high-speed jet plane to travel across the Atlantic Ocean faster than ever before. To say that Branson is a big-dreamer and doer is an understatement, he is all of this.

Malcolm Gladwell

malcolm Gladwell

Photo Source: Recode

Gladwell used to be a reporter for the Washington Post which led him into becoming a five-time bestselling author with his books David and Goliath, What the Dog Saw, Outliers, Blink, and The Tipping Point.

He is known for being an eccentric thinker and TIME Magazine recently recognized him as one of the Top 100 most influential people in the world which is quite remarkable.

Gladwell shares the same visionary aspect that Branson does and it seems at times he can see into the future. Through his writing and speaking, he captivates millions of people to step outside their comfort zone and see the world for what it truly is; its beauty.

Getting the opportunity to see and hear from just one of these amazing individuals would be an experience but to see them all is remarkable.

If you are looking for an event to attend this month that will help you expand on your skill set and learn from some of the most intelligent people on the planet, I suggest you look into attending Synergy Global Forum in New York.

Who knows maybe I’ll even see you there.

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