Top Influencer Barbara Bertagni Talks About the Need to Accept and Nurture the Real You

Accepting yourself can be a long and challenging journey, and the bombardment of images of the perfect life on social media can make the journey even more treacherous. Influencer Barbara Bertagni hopes to offer an alternative to the glorified images of people’s lives that we see while scrolling social media sites. Through her Instagram page, using the moniker of Ladybb, Bertagni shares her fashion-forward looks and gives an honest glimpse into her life.

Barbara is a firm believer in self-acceptance and self-compassion. She aims to inspire others rather than influence people. Bertagni’s social media success came to her later in life, and it is through this journey of accepting her age in a medium dominated by youth, she has developed self-acceptance skills. Bertagni explains that self-acceptance is vital to maintaining balance in today’s image-obsessed society, and she believes that we should all practice acts of self-compassion.

The first act of self-care that Bertagni recommends is celebrating your strengths and victories, no matter how small they seem. It is often easy for us to focus on our mistakes and flaws because they appear more glaring. Bertagni advises setting aside time each week to write out a list of your strengths and that week’s achievements. Writing your strengths and successes down is a beautiful way to keep a record that you can return to when you feel defeated.

Bertagni believes that an essential act of self-care is learning to never compare yourself to other people. Through social media, we are given a glimpse into the lives of others, and it is very likely to draw comparisons. Bertagni stresses that social media can only give us a surface view of other people’s lives. She insists that you should never assume that other people live lives better than yours just because of the persona they project online. To truly nurture the real-you, Bertagni says that, “You need to respect your journey, try to think of everything that you have achieved in your life that has brought you to this present moment.”

Bertagni originally studied economics and commerce and didn’t enter the world of social media influencing until 2016. A desire to live her life to the fullest led her to create the Ladybb blog and its accompanying Instagram page. She launched Ladybb to offer a space for women over forty to share and explore their interest in fashion, cosmetics, and self-care. In today’s fast-paced, image-conscious world, it can be challenging to take the time to focus on the real you. But self-exploration is always a journey worth taking.


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